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Why can't i hack the money with cheat engine?

Please answer it quickly

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letaljc answered:

You can hack the money with cheat engine : check your money, and then remove a zero (for example if you have 200$ type 20 in value). Then earn or lose money, and then do a next scan (if now you have 220 type 22 in value and next scan. Do it several times and you will have just one adress. Then change it to 99999 or whatever.
It works, that's the way I'm cheating
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munteddragon answered:

Because its cheating
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neopets_30 answered:

If it doesn't work, --I hope i'm not too late-- you can use the +4 Trainer.
Check one of the posts... I think it's "How to get infinite sun" i posted it up there. It might not work because it's too old a version, or because... it's cheating and it gets detected easily.
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neopets_30 answered:
thats the link. to be honest i got it from somebody else on the post, but to use it you open the trainer
AFTER you open the pvz game. Press home for details on the Trainer +4. You need to close the window where it gives you the information before it will work.
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