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Save Location Help?

Does anybody knows where the game keeps the save data, because i want to copy my saves to my friend


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Wesker1984 answered:

In your UserData folder (C:\\Program Files\Popcap Games\Plants vs Zombies\UserData by default on XP and C:\\Gamedata\Popcap Games\Plants vs Zombies\UserData by default on Vista (hidden)) you'll find User1.dat, User2.dat etc and the game saves too, you can copy these and NOT Userdata.dat and you'll be fine and not overwrite your friend's as long as you rename your UserNumber to his/her next available slot.
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Icy_Maipulator answered:

In the "Plant's vs Zombies" game folder (wherever you installed it), there is a "userdata" folder. I believe you can just copy that. I'm not entirely sure though.
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Icy_Maipulator answered:

I'll confirm my own post. I tried it, and it worked. Just copy your "userdata" folder and you're good to go. Note: if your friend wants to keep his data, then you should refrain from overwriting.
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firebolt223 answered:

This is where my save files are kept, C:\ProgramData\Steam\PlantsVsZombies\userdata That's on vista and I got the game through steam.
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Wesker1984 answered:

Yes sorry about that, on vista mine is C:\\ProgramData\Popcap Games\Plants vs Zombies\UserData, if you got your copy from Steam replace Popcap Games with Steam.
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