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How do I get past level 5-9?

Im just about to beat this game but most of the plants gets squashed by a Gargantuar.

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Hattorihanzou....Actually I haven't yet beated 5-9 and the winter melon-pult plant shows up at the last level just after mine. But I'd rather follow geting the spike-rock from "Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies" instead of a spikeweed to easily beat IMP's, cone heads, football and original zombies that comes in the first place. Thnx to you all! (viperesque, PrattaDaBard and Hattorihanzou. I'm not yet closing this question first...) :D

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LordBillyBlue answered:

Level 5-9 was a painstaking stage, but not impossible. Here is my guide for level 5-9:
Plants: (8 in total)
Coffee Bean

First, plant a whole line of Sunflowers and hold off the zombies with cabbage-pults, building them all on the third row to make way for the second line of sunflowers. Then, plant 2-4 rows of pots, filling in rows continuously with both kernel and cabbage pults whenever a tough zombie appears. Eventually fill in two pots with magnet shrooms decisively onto the flat top area, then revive with coffee bean. Then fill in the front line with starfruit, then cover the whole field with pots.

Then finally, he comes. The Gargantuar. One of the most annoying zombies in the game, this f***er is very, very, hard to kill. Using the veritable army of plant-pults at your disposal, keep battering at him, using the occasional doom-shroom to murder the second and final waves, using the pot plants you planted earlier as detonation bases.
Eventually when you do nearly finish the final wave, use a final doom-shroom for mass effect.
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viperesque answered:

Use lots and lots of 'massive' damage one-use plants. It's good to start with a squash, which makes the Gargantuar throw his imp, and then follow up with a jalapeno, which kills both imp and Gargantuar. They come rarely enough in most cases that that will sort you out, just keep sun and pots spare and kill them quickly.
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PrattDaBard answered:

Definitely bring garlic, even if you intend to defend every row separately. It won't stop Gargantuar, but you can use it to patch the hole he makes in your front line (and since it's on a short timer, it's more durable than a walnut/pumpkin barricade in this case). Also, if you're stuck waiting on your insta-kill items to pop up, throw an extra flower pot or two into Garg's path - you might be able to do this several times as he plods forward. If he goes down early, at least you've readied spaces for more growth.

I did gloom shrooms, magnets and garlic on my first run. Had to rebuild a lot (even four frontal magnets didn't suck up ALL the metallic nastiness that came my way), but with the efficiency of the glooms at killing the shambling hordes, that wasn't really a problem. I definitely agree with viperesque's jalapeno finisher -- the looming threat from Gargantuar is heightened by the flood of zombies that follow him.
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hattorihanzou answered:

2 columns of melon-pult (with at least 1 column of winter melon) can get the job done. They deal heavy splash damage, effectively slow and kill Gargantuar(s) before it can pass 2 columns. For tanking I recommend spike-rock (upgrade from spikeweed, bought from Dave's shop), it can take about 6 smash from Gargantuar, the only drawback is very slow cooldown so you need to plant it beforehand. You can also combine with 1 squash or jalapeno (one is just enough).
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hattorihanzou answered:

Sorry about that, I didn't pay attention to the "5-9" part, just the "Gargantuar" :D
Well, in that case, I would say definitely bring some bombs (instant-use massive-damage plants). Some other plants might help include:
-Kernel-pult : they can help slow them down with butter
-Snow Pea : used for the same purpose as above; however they must be planted on the fifth to ninth column (count from the left) or they will be useless
-Chomper : they can't devour Gargantuar as a whole (obviously) but they bite Gargantuar quite fast when he comes in range dealing good damage, work well with Snow Peas
Lastly, forget about the Spikerock, you can't plant them in pot (sorry), though you can use them to hold Gargantuar in Mini-games and Survival.
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kirbysdl answered:

This level is now covered in the general PvZ guide, available on the FAQs tab. The strategy outlined there uses Kernel-pults and Melon-pults exclusively, but as shown here there are many ways to beat it! For more info, see the general guide.

Hint: Don't use Cabbage-pults.
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ChronoSquare answered:

It may not be a direct answer, but here's something to keep in mind: Spikeweeds and Spikerocks are useless on the Roof levels - they need to be planted in soft firm ground that the zombies walk over - everything on the roof needs to be planted in pots, which the zombies eat just as they would eat a lily pad.

It might be hard to build up and deploy in the early levels, but if you can get it the Cob Cannon is the best plant way of dealing with Gargantuars - their attack is exactly the same as a Cherry Bomb, meaning that even one can aid in doing some quick damage to help put the shambling behemoths in KO range of your 'pults. Used with both Jalapenos and Cherry Bombs, and you should be able to 2HKO any Gargantuar that comes onscreen at any time.
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spy2828 answered:

--- 35F: Level 5-10, Conveyor Belt Level --------------------------------------

Reward: Silver Trophy
Plants: Flower Pot Jalapeno
Kernel-pult Ice-shroom

Notes: This is a boss fight against the leader of the Zombies. The level
completion meter at the bottom of the screen tracks the damage dealt
to the boss rather than time elapsed or Zombies spawned.

The boss has several attacks, which will be discussed separately.

First, the boss can place Zombies on the surface of the roof to attack
you as in previous levels. To defend against these, you'll place
plants as normal.

Next, the boss can duck down to generate a fireball or snowball from
his mouth. These projectiles will roll down the roof and destroy
everything in their path, including roof cleaners if you've purchased
them from Crazy Dave. To destroy a snowball, place a Jalapeno on the
same row. To destroy a fireball, place a Ice-Shroom anywhere on
the screen.

If you build on the flat portion of the roof (columns 6-9) the boss
will step on your plants. Especially since you want to have an empty
pot on each row to deal with incoming snowballs, this limits your
building to 4 plants per row. Of course, if you have a surplus of
pots and plants in the seed tray, you can certainly plant on the flat
portion. Even if they fire once, it's better than sitting in your
seed tray doing nothing.

The last attack is a bus that the boss will smash down on your plants,
instantly destroying a 3 column by 2 row area. I haven't found a
defense against this attack, except to spread out your plants out to
minimize losses. It is especially important to spread the high-damage
Melon-Pults far apart so you don't lose many of them at once.

Your only chance to damage the boss comes when he ducks down to spit
out a fireball or snowball. To maximize the damage, once he generates
the projectile use the Jalapeno or Ice-Shroom right away to freeze
or damage him and any Zombies, and also get rid of the projectile. By
freezing the boss, you'll give your plants more time to shoot him.
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spy2828 answered:

I posted how to win level 5.10 in case you pass 5.9
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