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Answered Questions

Plot Help status answers
Is the code "tohot" a code at all? Answered 7
Whats a wisdom tree? Answered 1
Whats a zen garden? Answered 5
Other Help status answers
(Can I get upgraded plants?) Answered 2
Android Profile Save Location? Answered 1
Animated GIFs for plants? Answered 1
Are these plants invincible? Answered 1
Can a Gargantuar destroy a Spikeweed or Spikerock? Answered 1
Could you tell me every plant and its image(in a word) and cost of sun? Answered 3
Cryptozombologist? Answered 3
Does the snail keep collecting coins? Answered 4
Does the tree give more wisdom after 50? What happens at what heights? Answered 1
Fastest way to get money? Answered 1
Help . . . ? Answered 5
How do i get the tree of wizdom with out finishing the game? Answered 4
How do I see the zombie music video again? Answered 2
How do you grow the Tree of Wisdom? Answered 1
How to convert to Steam Mode? Answered 1
Immortal Achievement? Answered 2
Is this available on the Nintendo DS? Answered 6
Konami code? Answered 2
On PC with non-steam version where can you see achievements? Answered 1
One save? Answered 1
Question about Endless? Answered 2
Restore pc? Answered 1
Save Location Help? Answered 5
Save Location on Windows 7? Answered 1
Steam Community page? Answered 1
What good are acheivements? Answered 3
What is important about plants being happy and glowing? Answered 5
What's the final boss cheat? Answered 14
When do you get a Zen Garden? Answered 1
Where is the Hex Editor program? Answered 3
Where to see the achievment? Answered 1
Why can't i hack the money with cheat engine? Answered 4
Will this game work on Steam? Answered 1
Zen Gardening For Fun and Profit? Answered 1

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