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"The Book of Unwritten Tales"

Walkthrough based on the German retail version of the game

by The Madman 13h

Version 1.1 from 30-07-2011, file size 46.6 kb

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CONTENTS							       Shortcut

Introduction								[int]
Version									[ver]
Controls								[con]
Chapter I								[c01]
Chapter II								[c02]
Chapter III								[c03]
Chapter IV								[c04]
Chapter V								[c05]

Introduction			PLEASE READ THIS			[int]

Among all the adventures from the last two years this one really stands out.
It is not only beautifully made concerning graphics and music (unlike games
like Jack Keane or Ceville) but it is also a humorous homage to the adventure
and rpg genres without trying to be funny at all costs and failing in the end
like the last two episodes of Simon the Sorcerer, for example.

If you are like me you hate spoilers. This guide is 99% spoiler-free (I can't
stop you from scrolling down and reading stuff). Feel free to talk to
everybody about everything and examine every single object you can find,
however; I will only tell you what to do to progress the storyline but if you
want to take in all of its details you might want to spend a few extra minutes
and listen to the various people you'll meet. I suggest you ALWAYS talk to
everybody about everything. Sometimes new dialogue choices open up later on.
Additionally, some dialogue is plain hilarious and might give you a good laugh
or two depending on your sense of humor. Also you should always try to
inspect every object on the screen as much as is possible, meaning until the
lens icon vanishes or the description form your character is repeated.

One IMPORTANT note: This guide is based on the German version. I cannot
guarantee that my translation of objects and locations matches the official
English release. I hope, however, that your own and my vocabulary are large
enough to make you understand what I mean.

Version									[ver]

1.1 from 30-07-2011, file size 46.6 kb
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1.0 from 04-11-09, file size 47.0 kb:
Initial upload of the complete guide.

Controls								[con]

Click on objects or walk around using the LEFT mouse button. If you just want
to examine an object, click the RIGHT mouse button. Hold down the SPACE bar to
see all usable things on the screen. This game is not hard, and space makes it
even easier. Double-clicking on an entrance (door icon) will in most cases make
area transition faster.

To use or pick up an item you always have to examine it first via the
magnifying lens before the cursor changes to a hand or wrench. Most objects
can be examined twice until the lens icon vanishes. When the description
repeats itself and the lens icon does not vanish you can usually manipulate the
object now or later.

Combine or use objects by left-clicking them in your inventory on the bottom of
the screen and click on the second object with which you want to use the first
one. You can successfully combine/use objects if the small golden triangle
changes its color to red.

You will play as various different characters in different parts of the story.
Sometimes you can change between two or more characters by using the icons in
the upper left corner. The non-active characters are grayed out. To move
objects from one character to another just pick it up in the inventory and
"use" it with the character you want to have it.

Chapter I - The Prologue						[c01]


You start the game as Ivo. The tutorial is quite self-explanatory. Click right
of Ivo, then inspect the rope. Use (the cursor changes to a wrench) the rope.
Click on the cage twice to engage into a conversation with the gremlin,
MacGuffin. Suggest to free him.

Examine the rope that's holding the cage and the wooden plank on the dragon's
back on the top left side of the screen. Tell MacGuffin you cannot free the
cage empty-handed and follow that conversation thread. You'll get a whip. Do
the Indy Jones and use the whip on the wooden plank to get to the upper screen.

Examine the box right next to Ivo to get a fish hook with a cord. Take the flag
on the other side of Ivo and combine both newly gained items to a fishing rod.
Use it to get the sword on the left side of the screen. Get down again and tell
MacGuffin about what you heard from the warlock. Inform MacG about the sword.
Cut the rope with the it.


Another playable character is introduced: Wilbur. Take the crowbar that's
lying next  to the cellarerr. Use it to open the box on the right side of
the screen. Read the manual for the X-100 robot. Go to the left and enter the

Take the junk from the barrel next to the entrance and the net lying on the
sack. You also want the kitchen waste lying directly under the window. The
coffee pot is the last item you can pick up. If you try to take the cooking
pot in the lower left corner of the screen a green slime will prevent you from
doing so. Leave the kitchen.

Examine the rat hole to get a piece of the rat's fur. Put this and the kitchen
wastes into the X-100 robot and watch. Feed the junk to the robot, too, as you
might have to use it again in the near future. Tell the cellarer about your
success and ask him to leave. Go to the right and enter the next screen.

Now we have to do the Frodo, eh? Anyway, take the sparkling icicle and combine
it with the coffee pot. Next, pick up the rolled up canvas cover a little to
the right of the spinning satellite dish. Enter the gnome house. Try to pick
up the strange round object lying on the floor to activate Nemo.

On the left are four levers of which only the two on the right are usable. Pull
the right-most lever to open the kitchen. Examine the flour mill twice to be
able to pick up a handful of barley. Take the blue flask (kitchen cleaner)and
the knife box from the desk and open the closet. In there you'll find a vial
with super fertilizer.

Pull the second lever from the right to open Wilbur's room. Nothing but a
tennis racket and a backpack in there. Combine the racket with the net and
catch Nemo with your creation. Go down.

The code is "nuclear first strike". Take the silver rope lying in the
foreground and combine it with the canvas cover and the backpack to get a
parachute. Pick up the toolbox and the arm extension. On the far left is a
bench vise that is perfectly suitable for Nemo. Speak to your grandpa again
and ask him about the equipment that is needed for the operation. Before
leaving the gnome house, combine the extension with the kitchen cleaner.

Re-enter the tavern and go into the kitchen. Put the coffee pot onto the oven
and pick it up once the icicle is molten. After that use the extension on the
cooking pot. Take the now empty pot. Leave the kitchen.

Take a look at the map hanging above the cellarer and ask him if you can have
it. This is an adventure game so it's not that easy, of course. So it's time
to take drastic measures: Use the scissors on his beard and put the hair into
the X-100 robot. You can finally take the map off the wall and return to your
gran... uh, the Colonel. Tell him you got the helmet, map, and 'chute.

Use the toolbox on Nemo to get the cogwheel. Time to enter the tavern again
and ask the cellarer about dwarven stout. He will brew some for you, and you
already have two of three ingredients, namely the water (in the coffee pot)
and the barley. Ask where to find hop. Examine the rat hole once again.

Leave and enter the gnome house. Use the hop with the flower pot on the left
of the room and pour the fertilizer over it. Pluck some hop and hand all three
ingredients over to the cellarer. Bring the ale and the cogwheel to the


Let's see what Ivo is doing in the meantime. Lots to do here, so why not start
using the crank on the well. Next to the fireplace there is an old watering pot
hanging on the wall. Take it, lift the flowering pot on the stack of logs to get
a flint, and finally grab a few logs. The watering can fits nicely to the loose
rope hanging over the well. Fill the fireplace with the logs and hang the now
filled can to the hook. This will make a cozy fire in a minutes.

Now enter the house. On the backside of the chimney there is a silver shield
just waiting to be picked up. Put it into the frame on the left wall with the
mirror shards, thus building a replacement mirror. Take a peek into the washing
trough on the floor, just to the left of the chimney. The color red will become
important in a short time.

The right side of the house contains another toolbox which you should open, and
a big wooden crate that wants to be opened. Use the sieve from the toolbox with
the sand to unearth small key. The corresponding box is standing next to the
desk. Search through it twice to get a piece of paper and a small stone
thingie. While you're at it, sift through the pile of documents on the desk to
get a few papers. The book on the center of the desk is MacGuffin's diary. Read
his latest entry, then click on the book again to read the first one.

The stone disk from the wooden box fits perfectly onto the stone pillar next to
the big crate. Whoa, a coffee machine. "Talk" to it... believe, you want to.
Time to leave the house.

Grind the coffee beans with the stone mill and use the documents on the 
fireplace. Light them with the flint and push the hook with the watering can
over the fire. After a moment take the can with the boiling water and get back
into the house again.

Put the coffee powder into the can and examine the coffee machine again. Pour
the coffee into the cup and wait. Take the stairs down.

There is a wooden staff leaning on a pillar and a hedge trimmer sitting on a
crate. Take note of the attachment in front of the crate and the painting on
the stone plate on the left side. Leave the house then.

You can open the little door above the entrance using the wooden staff. To the
far left is a bush that's in need of some serious trimming. A gravestone will
appear. Remember the name written on it and re-enter the house.

You wanted to open the sarcophagus the whole time, didn't you? OK, now you may.
Here we have one strange fellow... and not the last one in this game. After the
short chit-chat open the sarcophagus again. Ask the mummy for the gem that has
to be put in the head of that wooden staff of yours and tell it, Mortimer sent
you. The answers to the questions are: 1. red; 2. Kinski; 3. 234. Chose the
second dialogue option afterwards to get the diamond. If you like to have some
hilarious and mind-boggling dialogue with the mummy speak with it about the
rest of the topics.

Enter the cellar and attach the gem to the staff. Put the staff into the
attachment and take a close look at that little stone figurine with the mirror
on the left side of the room. Turn it thrice until the light beam hits the
gem. Finally pick up the book.

Chapter II - In The City						[c02]


Meanwhile, Wilbur has arrived at the city. Talk to the guard and follow him
into the city. Take a note of the magic school that is closed for some time
now. Leave this part of the city to the right.

Meet Bartholomew the guard again. He won't let you enter the upper city
without a magic diploma. So back again to the lower city it is. Enter the

Do you remember that hilarious pen & paper rpg group from Simon the Sorcerer?
Well, here you have the "modern" version with two addicts playing World of
Warc... ah, pardon me, Businesscraft. One is the "wizzard" (Rincewind,
anyone?) from the school, the other one Jorge the merchant. A few items to get
here: a saw is lying in a box behind the magician and a jar is standing on the
shelf behind the door. Enter server's room.

Let me introduce you to... Server, the friendly tech monkey from your favorite
mmorpg. Time to mess around with "the" Server. Use the saw on the stool in the
left corner. Next, mess around with the wooden box standing next to Server.
This was funny so do it one more time. Quickly click on Server's stool while
he is busy.

Aw, those addicts just wrote a ticket. OK, time to test their nerves. Leave the
tavern and visit the guard again. Ask him about the food, where it is coming
from and whether he is allowed to help himself to a few bananas. Blackmail him
by threatening to tell the players.

Leave the city through the front gate. Lift the small stone to the right of the
road sign. Collect a few bugs with your jar. Now return to Server. Use both the
banana and the bugs on him in the order you desire. Finally, two more addicts

Time to enter the magic school. Tell Markus you need to see the archmage and ask
him how to get a magic diploma. Question about where to get the things needed
to apply for a diploma and he will give you a postcard that acts as a map for
fast travelling. Take the crystal ball from the desk and rummage through the
box in the lower left part of the screen. This will net you three flasks. Leave
the school.

Watch the fight and talk to the merchant about his situation. You will get the
"quest" to kill the king of thieves. You can also try to buy something. No
magic wand is suitable for Wilbur, and the mage-weave is quite expensive. Time
to get the stuff for the diploma.

Leave the city and go to the left. Examine both cages on the right side. One
will get you a feather, the other is supposed to contain an invisible squirrel.

Talk to the carnie now. Ask him about his gold which will open up the option
to play the wheel of fortune. Wilbur will lose. Let him now foretell your
future. He is obviously a charlatan. Ask him about the cages, especially the
squirrel. He will leave his seat to examine it. This is your chance to swap his
crystal ball with the one you have.

Now for some serious fortune-telling. You want to win at the wheel of fortune.
To succeed, you need to know the three colors that will be picked. Make him
predict your future again. The only answers are a yes or no, no speeches here.
Plus, after five questions he will wake up from his trance. This all you have
to understand. Ask him again to foretell the future, another time without
useful answers. Now to get to business, ask him the (hopefully) last time to
predict the future.

You want to ask for the first color, using two questions. These are all random.
Ask him whether [color1] or [color2] will be picked. If he nods, you know it is
one of them, so your next question should be about one of the two colors. The
result will tell you which of the two colors it is. If he said no to the first
question, ask him about [color3] in your second question. A nod means this is
the right color, shaking the heads means it is the remaining color. Onto round
two. Repeat the first two steps, getting the second color.

Now comes the tricky part as there is only one question left. Once again, ask
him about "[color1] or [color2]". A nod gives you a 50:50 chance it is either
one of them, a shake means it is one of the remaining ones, [color3] or
[color4]. I played this game quite a few times and in most, not all cases the
third color was different from the first two. Just try until you get the gold
but remember to always ask about your future before playing another round.
Good luck.

Return to the city. Server has left his room so you can go there and grab the
ink pot from the shelf. Leave the tavern. In front of the building there is a
small entrance to the sewers but even Wilbur is too big. Try the three potions
in any order you like. The last one will always be a shrink potion. Use it
again in front of the sewer entrance. Ah, still not small enough. Talk to
Jorge the merchant about the sewers. He has a magic ring to solve your problem
but will not give it away freely. Argument against him that you need it to kill
the rat.

Try the ring out, then return to the sewer entrance. Use both the potion and
the ring and finally enter. Ready for some fighting action Monkey Island style?
Darn, your adversary knows all the answers. You'll make a deal with the rat.
Before you leave pick up some green molding slime.

Remember that yummy sandwich the guard was eating? That should suffice for a
rat family. However, he won't part with it. Instead, he suggest to play a game
for it, something like Magic the Gathering. Wilbur loses with his bad cards, so
leave the area to find better ones.

Tell the rat king about your problem. After that go to the mage. You can give
him the gold and tell him none of the wands worked. He will also give you his
old trading card deck. The rat king should call for you so answer him. He will
give you the other half of the über-card. Repair the card with the help of the
sticky tape.

Bartholomew will not accept the repaired card. Backtrack to the mage who will
give you a book with the official game rules. Return to the guard one again
and hand him his a--*chew*. Time to fulfill your part of the deal but do not
shrink Wilbur as this will have an impact on the sandwich, too. Instead shove
it through the sewer gate and shrink yourself afterwards. Ask him to find a
wand and a pattern for a mage's robe for you.

Give the king's mask to Jorge in exchange for the mageweave. Use the postcard
twice to leave and reenter the city. A white flag will hang at the sewer
entrance. You will get a pattern and a wand. Click on the pattern in your
inventory. Time to re-visit Markus the mage.

He will tell you about your next task; ask him for details about each one.
Check the bookshelf for a potion recipe. Examine the container with potion
ingredients to the left of the shelf. With the press you can get slime extract
from the slime you already have. You have to fill in the slime and then use the
press to get the extract. Take a flask, then open the little box to the right
of the press. Open the brown pot for some peppermint. Good, that's 50 % of the
ingredients we need. Leave.

Ask the rat king for help again. Travel to the carnie. A carrot will be hanging
at the hamster cage. Help the fat rodent with his diet and steal the carrot.
The carnie will show you a magic trick if you bring him a hat and a rabbit.

Time to get introduced to the death swamp. In the left armpit of the half
sunken tree grows one of your ingredients. Venture further into the swamp.

As you enter the next screen just on the entrance, near the floor, you will
find a few ghost mushrooms, another needed item for the potion. Take the rope.
See that hat up there? Ask the skeleton about it, and have a chat about the
book of the dead while you're at it.

Leave. You will see a skeleton in the murky water. Examine it to get worms.
After that go back to the city, the outside, to be exact. Tie the rope to the
small tree and finally place the carrot on your trap. Muhar, show that rabbit
who's boss. Enter the city.

A white flag should indicate the rat king has found something for you. Click
on the gate twice. You should have everything to brew the potion so enter
the magic school. Before you can use them you have to pulverize the stag
beetle horns with the mortar on Markus' desk.

Use the cooking pot. Throw the purple mushrooms into the pot and whirl around
your cursor clockwise until the liquid turns green. Next is the slime extract
but this time turn counter-clockwise until the liquid is glowing pink. Put in
the red stuff, wait for the bubbles, then whirl clockwise as fast as you can
(don't worry, the game is quite generous measuring the right speed). Add the
stag beetle horn powder and, when the liquid is blue the third time, the bone
worms. time for the maggots. After that whirl around clockwise four times. Be
sure not to be too fast. When the liquid changes color, change the direction
and do two counter-clockwise turns. The color will change once again,
indicating you have to go clockwise again, three times now. Last ist the
peppermint. Just whirl around clockwise until the liquid is golden. Congrats
on your fist potion.

Leave to see the merchant pack his stuff. Demand your second reward or else he
won't be your friend anymore. Fireworks, how nice. Let's play Death a trick.

Return to the swamp and enter the ship wreckage. Everybody knows that fireworks
in an oven make a good joke so do just that. While Death is busy use the ink
pot or the feather on the book of the dead. Tell Death about the new entry.

Leave the wreckage and enter the mystic mirror. Now that was easy as pie, hm?
Return to Death and tell him you tricked him. Seems there is only one solution
to Death's problem: You have to live again.

After your successful reanimation you should apologize to Death. Suggest he
change his job, maybe become a contract killer. Wilbur needs to find somebody
with a truckload of gold. Back to the carnie, it is. He actually wants to
invest in Death's business idea.

Wander back to the swamp and to the far right to tell him. When he suggest to
enter the grave let him have the honor to be the first. This will get you the

Now you can deliver both the hat and the rabbit to the carnie. Once again he
proves to be a charlatan but oh well... Maybe this will be enough for the mage
so go back and deliver the potion and the amulet and show your trick. After
that go to the guard who will let you pass because of the diploma.

Take the net. The rope is out of your reach for now as you are not allowed to
pick it up. Wait for Ma'Zaz to turn around to Nate and argue with him to
quickly pick it up. Talk to Nate afterwards, the prisoner in the cage.

Return to the magic school. Your mentor is gone but he left a note on his desk.
The glasses will come in handy soon. Leave and go to the right where
Bartholomew is arguing with Ivo. Introduce yourself to her. Enter the gate to
the upper city.

Knot the rope around the beam, enabling Ivo to circumvent the stubborn guard.


From now on you can change between Ivo and Wilbur with the icons in the upper
left corner.

Use your new wonder goggles on the open book floating in front of the balcony.
Change to IVO.

On the bookshelf there are a few papers that Wilbur cannot reach. Take them.
Examine the gremlin's book. Back to WILBUR.

Take a look at the huge map on the wall. Try to find the location in the
encyclopedia. Give the huge map a second try. A little to the left is
Seefels or Searock. Straight to the north you will find what is now Krun'Pak.
Mark it. Now you have to follow Ivo's directions, always marking the current
destination. Go up from your current location until you reach the mountains.
Mark them. From there go straight to the right a little, then in a straight
line to the road, which is a punctuated line. Follow it up until it crosses
the river. Go to the right until where the river leads into the sea. A little
down the coast you will find the bay. From there you have to go to the north-
east. It is the right one of the two islands.

Leave for the harbor. Wilbur is no fighter but Ivo is. Give her the strength
potion and change to IVO.

Ma'Zaz refuses to release Nate so challenge her. Suggest a round of arm
wrestling. You lose obviously. Dope yourself with the strength potion and ask
for another round.

As WILBUR get back to where you used the rope to help Ivo. Take it, then go to
where the orc woman is usually standing. Put the net on the plank and throw the
rope over the beam above the plank. Now use the rope with the net. Click on the
rope again and use it with the transport cargo, thus completing your trap.

As IVO try to push the cargo bag. Try to make a deal with Nate. He is hesitant
so try to lure him by suggesting you are up to something super secret.

Chapter III - Inside The Sunken Temple					[c03]


There are some items to pick up: a branch lying to the left of Wilbur, a fish
skeleton near the water edge, the rope and the bucket next to it. Talk to
Nate/captain Bonnet on the upper edge of the screen for a jar. Build a fishing
rod from the branch, the fishbone, and the rope. There is a dry patch of earth
begging for water. Pour some from the bucket over it to get worms for your
fishing session.

Go fishing in the sea. Ask Tcheep-Tcheep the bird for help with the bee hive.
Quickly grab some honey. See the fire fairies floating in the upper left area?
Use the honey on the ledge beneath them to lure them into the jar.

Now there are four small alcoves in which you have to put creatures from fire,
water, air, and earth. Fire=the jar with the fairy; water=the bucket with the
fish; earth=the earthworms. To fill the last alcove talk to the bird again.


The others are trapped so let's stay with IVO for a while (plus, she is a far
prettier sight, no?). Venture deeper into the temple to find a machete next to
a skeleton. Go back to the temple entrance and cut the roots on the ceiling
with the machete. Leave the ruin.

In the alcoves you will find a jar and a bucket. Attach the latter object to
fishing rod and head back to where you found the machete. Catch a light
jellyfish with the jar and put it into the bucket. Let the bucket down to
Wilbur. The code Wilbur gave you can be used on the four stone rings a little
to the left. The symbols are not easy to figure out. The headless fish has a
crescent form. To the left of it is a star. The third symbol looks more like
a leaf, with a star to the right of it. When you're done, press the button on
the right pillar.

Change to WILBUR. Go to the left and examine the roots on the ceiling. Ask
Nate to help you get up by "activating" them. Get onto the left platform and
let Nate help you up again.

Now swich to NATE. Step onto the left platform.

Change back to WILBUR and step onto the right platform.

As NATE open the hatch on the left wall. Now it's time to change floors again:
Nate has to go down, Wilbur wants to go up.

WILBUR can crawl through the hatch and get to Ivo's level, but that's not all.
The ladder goes up one story so follow it upwards. Pick up the stone tablet
lying at your feet. Go down using the ladder and give the tablet to Ivo.

IVO's turn: Examine the tablet and use the left code with the four stone
rings. Nate can now use the platforms without Wilbur's help.

Punch in the code from the middle row. This will release the wheel on Nate's

Change to WILBUR. Get down one level and crawl through the hatch and then the
now open hole between the platforms.

NATE has to go to the leftmost room and turn the wheel.

Now IVO can use the right code on the stone rings. Once NATE is up on the same
level as the others, walk IVO into the inner temple room. Insert the gemstones
into the sockets to the left and right of the already attached stone. Have NATE
touch the left stone, WILBUR the right one, and IVO the center stone. Now that
you know the trick it's your choice which of the fellows to send into the next
room. Nate is stronger than the others while Wilbur is smaller. Ivo is athletic
and sexy which is enough for me to chose her :-). Your decision.


Next to a skeleton there is a paddle which you should pick up. The metal bar is
too heavy for Ivo or Wilbur but Nate can take it. The small stones near the
door to the engine room long for a cozy place in your pants/inventory. Search
the bowl in the left corner of the room and find a stone disk and sardines in a
can. Now to enter the engine room: IVO can just climb through the opening above
the door; NATE has to use the metal bar on the door; WILBUR points his wand at
the door. If you play with IVO you have to open the door with the wheel to the
left of it to be able to leave.

Open the lower drawer for another stone disk. Pick up the cylinder from the
floor. Notice the two large stone disks on the shaft. Put the bigger one of the
two you have in your pockets onto the other ones, then the smallest one on top
so you get a little pyramid.

Push the button in the center of this machine. You now have to turn each wheel.
A red light means the current symbol is wrong, a yellow indicates you are near
the wright symbol, and the green shows if you have picked the right one. Once
you hit the right combination the machine starts to work. Hit the huge button
on the left side of the machine.

Leave the room and go back to the temple entrance. Take the fishing rod
standing near the stone rings and go back to the engine room. Open the drawer
and pour oil from the can onto the floor in front of the drawer. The paddle
fits perfectly into the rotating device in the center of the machine. Finally
try to put the cylinder into the opening on the far right side of the machine.
Interesting stuff.

Leave and throw stones at Munkus the warlock. Once he is down use the cylinder
again, finishing him off. See what he wanted to sacrifice in the bowl. While
you are leaving the temple, don't forget to take the two crystals you inserted

The others are guarded by a fearsome troll. Use the mirror on it. Go back
outside. The troll lost his club. Give the other two fellows a sign to distract
the troll. Use the fishing rod on the club, then repeat the game with the


Feel around to find a strange looking jug, something liquid, and a box. Open
it to get dried jellyfish. Fill the jug with the smelling liquid, then combine
it with the jellyfish.

With IVO use the barrel to cross the acid. The chest is stuck so take a board
from the broken barrel and get back to Wilbur. Give him the board and cross
the acid again.

Now WILBUR can cross the acid lake with the help of the barrel and the paddle.
Pick up the gramophone. Jump into the hole on the left side. Now comes a nice
homage to the killer clown in gov'nor Marley's mansion (Monkey Island). Just
sit back and wait. Attach the gramophone part on the metal horn and row back
to Ivo. Show her the lid for the barrel. Once back on the other side, give the
rope to Ivo.

Change to IVO and use the rope on the chest. Now pull. Search the chest for
another thing that can be given to the Wilbur.

WILBUR will attach it to the horn. Now take a deep breath and blow it.

Chapter IV - The Wild Lands						[c04]


Is that THE corpse bride crying there? Nah, but still listen to her story. Rip
a leather strap from out of the sarcophagus behind her and leave.

On the left side there is some sort of table with yellow paint, a thread, and a
can with glue for you to take into possession. The ghostly harlequin will tell
you his story, and that dude with the skull, Gulliver, informs you that he is
using a replacement body. OK... time to get fresh air.

The first thing you might note outside is the impaled head. Guess where the
rest of the body is... yep, lemme introduce you to Esther. If you ask her
about her body she will confirm that Gulliver is currently using it. Beneath
her on the pink present boxes lies a map of the area. To the right of the
screen, near the gate to the crypt, you can find red stones, and at the base
of the tree mushrooms are waiting to be plucked. To the left you will find a
pink crusader who is not that informative but his dialogue is worth a laugh.
When he turns his head away, open his chest and find a true paladin's weapon.
Leave to the left. In the background there is a tipi.

Pluck a feather from the headdress hanging on the wall. Take the bellows from
the floor. It is apparently broken but can be fixed with the leather strap
and the glue. There is a small bronze bowl for you to take, and you can open
the chest in front of the tauren to find makeup. Before you leave, pulverize
the red stones in the mortar.

Now off to the right, visiting the orc encampment. The boards to the left of
the white machine, blue flowers near the gate, and a wanted poster for Hogger
(hehe) are waiting to be picked up. Try to open the gate and learn about Wilbur
and the fighting championship.

Enter the crypt again. Gulliver has a nice idea how to turn you into a warrior.
The harlequin has another quest for you so get it. In the rear part of the
crypt have a chat with the drowned lady. If you have never written a love
letter before, here's your chance. Combine the poster with the feather and get
creative. But remember you are writing to a sensitive lady in deepest sorrow.
Take these options: 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd. Show your masterpiece to her, then
go to the next room. There is a candle dropping wax. Get some onto the letter,
then head back to the corpse bride. The knight statue on the sarcophagus has a
signet ring that you can use. Second try with the lady. After that use the red
powder with the small lake of tears and mix it with the yellow paint.

Leave the crypt for the outside area. That paladin has a nasty habit of
spitting onto the ground. Catch some of his sputum with the bronze bowl. Start
a conversation with the paladin and bring him to say "zombie" until the bowl is
filled. Then retake it.

The tauren shaman might help you with the stubborn paladin. Tell him that he
won't listen. Now crunch the blue petals in the mortar and mix them with red
and after that with yellow. You should now have orange, lilac, and green in
your inventory.

Talk to the paladin about his hair. In the backroom of the crypt there is an
urn standing on the left side. Take this and give all the stuff you have to the
tauren. Back to the paladin. Once you have taken control over his body enter
the crypt. When you are back into your own body, it's time to take the impaled
head. Enter the crypt again.

Time to take a look at the map. There is an ogre cave in the upper left corner
that wants to be discovered.

Re-enter the mine. If an imp sees you, you will be thrown out of the mine again
so watch your step. At the second intersection go right. You should find a
room with a box of dynamite (take some) and a green-lit table with a small key
you want to pick up. Go back to the first intersection and go to the right.

Take the teddy. Don't worry, these imps are quite busy. Place the teddy on the
right chair to make some mischief. Your way through the door is clear. Unlock
the chest with the key you found recently. Combine the magnetic stone with the

Go back to the second intersection and take the left tunnel. Two imps are
working there. Watch the movements of the right one, and when he is going
back to the wall quickly take the water sack. Back to the first intersection.
To the left is a water basin where you can fill the sack.

Back at the second intersection go up a bit. Throw the sack at the torch. Now
the imp cannot see you anymore. Take the torch an relight it at the fireplace
where you found the water sack. Go back into the now dark tunnel. A pile of
rubbish is blocking the way. Bring that tnt to use and light it with the torch
after that. Now the tunnel is filled with thick smoke.

At the left side is a trolley with a wooden shaft nearby. Take it. Leave
through exit in the northeast corner. Look down and use the magnet on the
helmet. Leave the mine and take the helmet with you.

Travel to the ogre cave in the upper left corner of your map. Take a closer
look at the food plate next to the fireplace, then talk to the ogre. After
that go to the left and put the boards over the crevice to make a simple trap.
Talk to the left head, Grump. Suggest you make a cocktail for Zloff.

You are now free to roam around so pick up the bluish hose and the sack in the
dark corner. Open the cupboard, too, and take the glass standing above it. The
umbrella belongs into the glass, and the apples make a fine base for schnapps.

Venture to the orc camp. There is a machine lying on the junk pile that will
squeeze the apples. Take the apple juice and go to the tauren in his tipi.
Agree to get him some magic mushrooms. Fasten the hose at the cooking pot and
pour the apple juice into the pot. Repeat the distillation process twice to
get the booze to fell an ogre. The alcohol into the glass, and you're done.

The harlequin inside the crypt might know where to find ghost mushrooms. Or
not. At least Gulliver can tell you what they look like. Create your own
ones by painting the white mushrooms purple and then sprinkle them with a touch
of green. Give the mushrooms to Esther for a finish. Ah, by the way, Gulliver
is searching for a lung, remember? The bellows will do. Say that you were not
successful in finding a heart for him. Wow, that is love...

Follow the lovebirds outside and ask what is next. Time to deliver the
mushrooms to the tauren. He will give you a piece of paper that'll help you
summon lightning in return.

Go back to Esther and Gulliver. Position yourself near to the tree and the
antenna before clicking on the dance pattern. Time for some DDR action. Use
the arrow keys on your keyboard and try not to make more than two mistakes.

Head back to the ogres. Use the pompon with the thread, then give the cocktail
to Zloff. Now lure Grump with the pompon to clear the way to the shield. Next,
activate your map and travel to the volcano on the right side.

Make a deal with the dragon to get the sword. To the right of the furnace
stands a small stone bowl. At the anvil is a hammer and tongs. Take all three
items. At the left side, next to the exit, is a pile of stones. Take one, place
it on the anvil, and crack it open with the hammer.

Remember where you found the helmet, deep inside the mine? Off you go. Talk to
the imp in front of the altar. Once he is gone pick up the dragon skull and
steal a few nuggets from the altar.

Fast travel to the dragon. Plug the skull to the opening of that lava device,
then open the hatch. Put the nuggets into the stone bowl and then the bowl
into the furnace. To get it out use the tongs. To the left of the furnace is a
coin press. Make use of it. You will finally get a gold coin to trade with the
dragon. Combine the head of a pickax with the shaft, then travel back into the

Go to that part of the mine where you blow up the pile of rubble. Mine the
copper vein on the left wall, then return to the dragon cave. Do what you did
with the gold nuggets: fill the stone bowl with the copper, put it into the
furnace, get it with the tongs, et voila. Cool the copper in the water-filled
trough next to the anvil. Finally you got to forge the copper on the anvil.
After that reforge the sword. Let the dragon help you. Insult her intelligence
and that dragons like her should not make aren't suited for monster training.
Finally, ask her for help.

Time to venture back to the orc camp. Talk to the guard above the gate and
present your fearsome set.


Yeah, finally we get to play as the critter. I love that dude... thing. Pick
up the bar underneath Ivo and some clothing from the skeleton hanging to her
right. Combine both items, then leave to the left.

There is a troll snoring, with a rubber chicken hanging on the wall next to
him. In the left part of the area an stovepipe is leaning against a wall.
Push it, then turn it until the left end is as far in the hole as possible.
Leave the area via the steps on the far right side.

Next to the black guard is a velvet cushion lying that you can swallow. In the
foreground is a chest with a princess' crown on top. Next to it stands a barrel
you should examine thrice to get a picture. On the far left are some
cannonballs you can mess around with but to no avail just yet. To the right of
it you find a black liquid that you can sink your improvised torch into.

Get down again and place the cushion on the board that was hit by the first
cannonball. Go back to the stairs leading up but do not leave the area yet.
Light the torch on the small fire next to the stairs, then give the troll's
pants some serious burning. You are now free to pick up the keys.

Go up to the tower and push another cannonball over the edge. Hop down and give
the cannonball another push. If you did everything right it will roll through
the pipe and land near Ivo. Go back to her. Pass on all your stuff to her.

Switch to IVO. Let her pick up the cannonball. Talk to the thing behind in the
cell with the small lock in front of it. The torch behind the chains where Ivo
and the critter were hanging opens the red telephone booth, while the other
torch next to the door on the left side seems to be nothing. Place the picture
behind the window in the door, then use the rubber chicken and the cannonball
on the torture device.

Change to CRITTER, leave the room, and speak to the troll. Leave again, hop up
the stairs, and hide in that pink vase in the foreground.

Now IVO can leave the torture chamber, too. You should have noticed by now that
Ivo is considerably stronger than the critter so you can now pick up the hammer
the troll left. Ignite the banner hanging over the stairs.

CRITTER can now nab one of the documents lying on that skull table next to
Mortroga. Go into hiding again. Once the coast is clear, get out of the vase
and reunite with Ivo.... or not. Instead, go back into the torture chamber. If
you give the frost spell to Ivo she will reveal that she was apparently
skipping school when "Magick for Evles" was being taught. However, critter can
actually use the spell. Try it on the bars to MacGuffin's cell.

Let IVO shatter the frozen bars with the hammer. Ask MacGuffin about the
lockpick he mentioned. Unlock the chest with the crown behind Mortroga's throne
with it and bring the coins to MacG. Take a second try with the torch next to
the exit. A book is revealed that you should show to MacG.


See that tree there? Snap off the lone branch. Take a mental note of the
termite mound in the left corner before you leave the screen to the right.
There is an old friend I bet you didn't expect to find here. Enter the tent
in the center.

A skeleton is hanging near the entrance that you should thoroughly inspect. Now
you have everything to construct an arrow. Go back to the orcs. Time for your
first task. Talk to the chieftain.

OK, that went just as expected, no? This is why I told you to remember the
termite mound. "Talk" to it. Reenter the tent and go to where the hooded dude
was standing. There is a board from 1784... interesting. Take it to the
termites. Let them wreak havoc on the "dwarf", then throw it again. After that
follow the orcs to the next area.

Backtrack to the left part of the camp. The hooded guy is standing near the
gate and can help you find a bow. Talk to Jorge next. Apparently he cannot
help you. Tell hood-man about it. Leave the area and immediately re-enter.
Now that you are properly armed go back to where the orcs are waiting.

Nate will need to cheat again. Have you noticed the four items hanging around
that can be manipulated? Start with the blue shield near the entrance to the
tent and click it thrice. The arrow will be deflected by the shield and hit the
wok pan a little above and to the right of the target. Turn it as far to the
left as possible. Behind Ma'Zaz are a pan and a turtle shell. Turn the pan
twice and the shell only once.

Return to your hooded friend. Play Jorge's game, then return to the orcs. Place
the magnet behind the target and challenge Ma'Zaz again. Follow them.


Look into the basket and find some wool. Leave the tent and take the magnet
from behind the target. Combine it with the wool. Ask the chieftain about the
circle in his tent. Open the box he gave you. Read the manual twice.

You can find the required wire in the left area in the form of an antenna on
one of the tents. Here the magnet comes into play. Combine the wire with the
mithril foil. Enter the tent again and put on your helmet. Go back to where
the termites are. They can help you. Bring them into the tent.

Chapter V - The Wild Lands Again					[c05]


Confused? Bet you are. Rummage through the pile of junk. Enter the camp and
take the "measuring tape".

Your next destination is the dragon cave inside the volcano and take the 98
copper pots. Then venture to the crypt. The harlequin might know where to find
the board from 1784. Examine the three graves on the cemetery, then return to
the harlequin.

Enter the tipi and throw the measuring tape into the cooking pot. The tauren
will help you with the bone bow.

Head back to the camp and place the measuring band behind the chieftain. The
board from 1784 needs to be put onto the cushion in the tent. Go to where the
first competition takes place.

Leave to the left, then enter the camp again. Have a talk with the merchant
and offer the copper pots. Deliver the firewater to the tauren shaman.

Next stop: the ogre. Look into the precipice and identify yourself as Ma'Zaz.
Talk to the ogre again. Search the cupboard in the cave and find a new bow
string. Fill the balloon over the smoldering fire.

Time to give the bow to the other Nate. Watch the contest, then talk to the
merchant. This ring is perfect for the task of rescuing the ogre. Throw it
down to them. Enter the orc encampment.


Put your one and only item into the small chest.


Leave the room. Take the stairs to the right.

Be sure to watch the credits to the end.