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Does this game have bobbleheads, or some other item that permanately boosts your special attributes?

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cardician answered:

No bobbleheads. This game has magazines which permanently boost your skills by +3 (+4 with the Comprehension perk) and implants which you can get from a doctor just outside the north gate of Freeside. The implants raise one SPECIAL skill +1 for 4,000 caps and there are a couple of other implants for 8,000 and 12,000 caps that offer more DT and health regeneration. However, you cannot get all of these implants which is based on your endurance. So 5 points of endurance means you can get 5 implants.
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sz_agent answered:

No it does not. Instead it has Snowglobes as the collectible item, which can be kept or sold to someone in New Vegas.
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dadawg_77 answered:

Snowglobes replace the bobbleheads in New Vegas. However if you have the PC version there is a mod which adds bobblsheads to the game.
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CloudSentai answered:

Bobbleheads in New Vegas! ->

It adds and adapts Bobbleheads for use in New Vegas. Original Locations, and the stats have been altered slightly to compensate for things like not having "Big Guns" anymore.
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fffinatic answered:

My guess is you are looking to max stats. In that case you will need high endurance at least (lvl 7) for the implants and high intelligence(+9) for the skill ups. Also you should take the +1 agi perk at the beginning. Besides that take the Educated perk at lvl 4 and the Comprehension perk at lvl 6. That and intense trainings should get you close to max as you can possibly get.
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