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What are the benefits for siding with each faction?

So I'm at a point in the game where I need to decide whether I side with the NCR or Caesar's Legion. I'm wondering what kinds of items and rewards I'll have access to depending on which side I choose.

I want to know things like:
Do faction specific shops sell particular kinds of weapons? Like do NCR shops have a better selection of Guns than Legion shops or are they about the same?
Do the quest rewards for either faction work better for any particular play-style?

I'm asking because I'm currently playing a character specializing in Guns, and I'm leaning towards siding with the Legion. I was thinking that going with the Legion might be a better idea, since I can scavenge Guns from dead NCR, but if NCR shops sell better Guns than what you get from killing NCR soldiers, then I would actually be worse off.

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Nekoplayer answered:

NCR-Armor,Supply shack,Weapons,Ammo,NCR emergancy radio(Allows you to call in a NCR trooper/ranger or call in a supply drop every 24 hours)

BoS-Teach you power armor training, Allow you access to there supply shack, Access to shop(they sell strong weapons so its good to be friendly with them),Free Energy ammo (Great if you have an energy build going on)

FoA-Follower suit(+10 science and medcine),Supply shack,Free Medcine every 24 hours

Legion-Supply Shack,Unqiue weapons, Free healing powder(1-10),Free legion money(250+ coins), Free ammos

Gun runners-Just Like taolan said you get access to factory and more weapons and crafts and plus a discount

Powder Gang-Same thing like Taolan Exposive crafts and free exposives

Goodspings-(If you help Ringo)Discount at Bar/Discount at weapon/armor(If you help the powder gangers)

Freeside-Kings's members will give you free items For example stimpack, 11 caps, a maize

Ultra-luxe, The Tops, Gomorrah-I beleive only for quest

Silver Rush-Helping them gives you a Van Graff energy weapon and Van Graff Armor

King's-Allow you to wear there suits, No more thugs bothering you, and you can change your hair style

Novac-If you do Boone's quest and killed the right person you get a free room

Boomers-Access to Shop and help on the last battle

Khans-Learn an unarmed move, Access to armory
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LevanX answered:

Well as far as i know, There arent really benefits for siding with a faction it's more like wich side you want to take control.
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johndmes answered:

Game doesn't work that way, in terms of faction standing. Which of the three major factions you side with (NCR, Legion, House) or yourself determine which of the endings you get. The minor factons don't really have anything specific to them, with one exception: Brotherhood of Steel. Do endough forthem, and you get access to Power Armor.
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MN121MN answered:

Well, from what I know if you have good standing with NCR you get some kind of radio that can call for backup from NCR...
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Taolan8472 answered:

Taken from johndmes - NCR, Legion, House effect your ending.

Secondary factions also give you certain things.

BOS - Power Armor Training and access to a vendor who sometimes carries it.

Powder Gang - Free access to all their cache sites without the unintelligible karma hit of stealing their dynamite. Once sites are exhausted and you have all their dynamite-related scematics (time bomb, long fuse dynamite, powder charge) feel free to continue in any quest lines negatively effecting your powder ganger standing.

Gun Runners - Eventually you gain access to their factory and a selection of more powerful weapons, as well as schematics and a unique or two. As well as a discount at their vendors.

Other Factions - Towns give you discounts and special dialogue options for being "Liked" and "Idolised". Other factions give you various rewards, I haven't taken the time to get idolized with all of them yet.
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peisheng123 answered:

As far as I know, siding with a faction (any) DO have benefits. Ranging from special dialogues and reaction to more quests and equiptment rewards.
To be more specific, the three major faction (NCR, Legion, House) affects how the game ends.
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SnipeStar answered:

What unique weapons do you get from the legion? can they be gotten/taken by any other means or is to side with them the only way?
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fuzzball01 answered:

Not exactly an answer to your question, but maybe a helpful bit of info-

If you put on faction armor, your faction rep is reset until you take it off. If you keep the same set of faction armor and keep upping your rep with whoever you want, you can max out their opinion of you, and take off the armor when you want to do something mean to them. I have a set of ranger armor with max rep for everybody but legion, and when I talk to them I just switch to a different armor so they don't get all pissy and attack me.
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brando21 answered:

Another nifty minor faction addition: the remnants. ie, remnants of the enclave. to enlist their help you will need to have a man named arcade gannon as a follower. they will give you the finest power armor in the game and aid in the final battle. search arcade gannon or remnants power armor in answers for my clarity.
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