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Where can I find the abandoned BoS bunker key?

Bunker is on the map but need key to enter.

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netsua5 answered:

you need the DLC "Dead Money" and then it opens
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NethaDiamond answered:

You get the key off Elder Macnemera (I think that is his last name) from Hidden Valley, after doing the quest "Still in the Dark" (not too sure if you get the key if you let Hardin take charge).
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Tex619 answered:

Go to the Hidden Valley, get into the bunker that has a very hard lock on it and complete the quests given by Elder McNamara until u get the quest "Still in the dark". Finish this one too and talk to Elder McNamara. The Bunker key is one of the rewards for completion of that quest.
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k0r3riv3th3ad answered:

Find veronica at the 188, she will open it for you, or if you find some dead BoS they will have a password on them, go back to the intercom and say the password
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aestevalis_0 answered:

You can't. Everybody else is confusing the abandoned bunker with the safehouse. The abandoned bunker is most likely part of an expansion pack or they just forgot to include a key for it. If you really want to get in there, you can use the code "unlock" to open it.
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