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What is the best major faction to join?

Caesar, NCR, Yes Man, Mr.House or yourself? What is best/easier? I currently prefer Caesar or myself. Also, if it's not too much asked, the Do It Yourself how do you do it? Kill everybody?

gaming_noob4000 provided additional details:

Very sorry, I wasted your time. I sided with the Legion about when you wrote this... thanks anyway.

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crowman answered:

Do-It-Yourself is going with Yes Man. Up to you how you do it but you can kill everyone else if you wish.

None of the factions is particularly difficult, but NCR might be considered easier simply because they have the most widespread coverage of the game area with camps and outposts all over the place, so you'll find plenty of sidequests to do for them. Being in direct opposition to them, the Legion is therefore slightly harder as you'll then have enemies all over the place and the Legion themselves don't have many camps.
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