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Where did ED-E go?

I can't seem to find it anywhere and its marker isn't showing up on my map.

xNightCrestx provided additional details:

I checked both those locations and it's not there and I thought companions could only die in your party if you're playing on hardcore mode (which I'm not)

xNightCrestx provided additional details:

I never got a message saying he died and it wont let me get Rex cuz it says he is still following me, I'll try the "placeatme" script though

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embrezar answered:

You're right, *most* companions can only die in hardcore mode... however, ED-E is the only one that can die in a regular game while following you. However, companions can actually die in a regular game as well if they aren't following you - for example, if you have Boone with you, then tell him to go back to Primm or Lucky 38, he will run off... if you kill him while he's running off, he will die permanently. If you have fast-traveled to a few locations and ED-E hasn't come with you, I'd say that he's dead.

If he is actually dead, you can use console commands to type "player.placeatme 1694e2 1" without the quotes; he should automatically continue acting as your follower, assuming you don't have Rex. I don't know what happens if you have Rex.
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embrezar answered:

It's possible that he died - if ED-E sustains enough damage after he falls unconscious, he will explode, thus permanently killing him. It's extremely easy to kill him if you use an energy weapon and have the "Meltdown" perk... I've had to reload my saved game countless times for that reason. It's also possible that for some reason he left your party; check in the Mojave Express office in Primm and in your Lucky 38 suite to see if he returned to either of those locations for some reason.
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