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Resurrecting NPCs?

An NPC died, and I tried using the Resurrect console command to bring him back. However, I just get an error saying that I need to specify a target. I tried targetting the NPC, opening the loot screen for the NPC, and tried all combinations of spaces, underscores, and quotation marks I could think of to try to manually specify the NPC. How do I use the resurrect command properly?

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embrezar answered:

You need to press ~ to bring up the console and click on the NPC's corpse. It should show information about the corpse at the top of the screen - for example, the one I just clicked on says " "Roulette Dealer" (00161506)." If you're sure you have the correct corpse selected, simply type "resurrect" into the console and the NPC should immediately come back to life.
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