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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Victor keeps killing me? Open 4
Technical Help status answers
Activating Console Commands? Open 2
Brotherhood of Steel Self-Destruct Terminal? Open 2
Can i run the came on the following config? Open 2
Can't level up after use trainer? Open 2
Can't run game due to steam errors? Open 1
Can't turn head? Open 4
Cannot use the ~ key? Open 7
Companion glitch prevents starting HH? Open 2
Didn't they fix the crash issue? Open 1
DLC Problems? Open 1
Does this game support Windows LIVE? Open 1
Euclid's C-Finder crash? Open 2
Frequent Stuttering Crashers at Nellis AFB? Open 1
Game crashes when i go through doors? Open 1
Game won't play thanks to random character, help? Open 1
Having preblems whit cheats on pc? Open 2
I am stuck on the Loading Screen, can somebody help? Open 1
Is V.A.T.S. broken? Open 1
Lupa's Brain? Open 1
NCR fail to take back correctional facility? Open 3
No dialog? Open 1
Power armor bug? Open 3
Quest glitch "Youl know when it happends" Cannot speek to ranger grant at the start of the mission, Why? Open 1
Question about Mods? Open 2
Technechal help!!!Badly need help!? Open 2
The more you play the more it becoms unplayable? Open 3
Ultimate Ed. Loading? Open 1
Vit-o-Matic Vigor tester? Open 1
What is the latest version of the game? (1.2, 1.1 etc.) Open 1
Where do I find screenshots?? Open 1
Why do my companions not shoot guns i give them? Open 1
Why does the game crash as soon as i start the game? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me Failed to initialize renderer? Open 1
Why is my audio track out of sync? Open 3
Why the radio music it's so low/quiet, even at max? Open 1
Why won't fallout new vegas show up in steam apps/common? Open 1
Will the game run without heavy lag on these specs? Open 1
Will this game run with an ATI Radeon HD 4500? Open 5
Other Help status answers
*Possible Spoilers* Secret Morse Code, decode any1? Open 1
? I can't download anything from Nexus Mods Open 1
A kid bringing a weird gun? Open 4
Activating the cheats? Open 3
Another faction help NCR during battle on dam? Open 1
Any negative consequences in the story if i cheat on hardcore mode? Open 3
BoH attacking me? Open 2
Boone keep talking to me? Open 1
Camp Forlorn Hope - help injured soldiers outside? Open 3
Can companions use weapon repair kits and/or doctor bags? Open 2
Can i have more than one human companion? Open 3
Can my pc run this on maxed ? Open 2
Character cannot run please help? Open 3
Cheats, not working? Open 4
Companions? Open 1
Console Command Question? Open 2
Console Commands wont work? Open 2
Does companions effect sneak? Open 3
Ed's fate? (major spoilers here, be warned) Open 2
Fallout New Vegas Patch 1.2 ?? Open 1
FNV Great Khan how to ally? Open 1
Gate to strip is locked and |requires key|. Help? Open 2
Harcore? Open 2
How can I know when to use hollow and piercing bullets? Open 3
How do i make Arcade ganon follow me again ? Open 2
How do u take the cheat all mapmarkers off?? Open 2
How do you change radio stations on real radios? Open 1
How do you save Dean Domino? Open 2
How to use cheat code? Open 2
I haven't seen any NEW PERKS for levels 24, 26, 28 or 30 on hardcore mode in FALLOUT NEW VEGAS? Open 1
I lost boone >:(? Open 6
I lost Rex :(? Open 3
Is there a finite amount of ammo to find? Open 3
Is there any arenas? Open 1
Is there any way to remove or disable enemy's health bar? Open 1
Joining Gun Runners? Open 1
Make companions invincible? Open 2
Miranda attacking me? Open 1
Npc control mod? Open 1
Opening the Console? Open 1
problem with magnum44 in VATS mode.any help? Open 1
Problems with Arcade Gannon after finishing Honest Hearts DLC? Open 1
Question with ED-E? Open 1
Random Encounter Music? Open 2
Raul dont wear an armor? Open 1
Resurrecting NPCs? Open 1
Should i help Yes man? Open 1
So about that special reward..? Open 1
Strange Blue Haze in Lucky 38's Presidential Suite? Open 2
Talking with Caesar? Open 1
The console won't open? Open 1
The game won't load, what should I do? Open 4
Ultra-Luxe Penthouse suite? Open 2
Using console codes to change reputation? Open 1
Veronica Glitch? Open 1
What do i do? Open 1
where can I find wins hideout wher I can find vance's 9mm submachine gun ? Open 1
Where is Trudy? Open 2
Why does ~ key not work? Open 4
Why is Ed-e's presence still with me? Open 1
Why isn't my companion doing anything? Open 2
Will Fallout: New Vegas Run? Open 2
Will I be locked out of Legion quests as a female? Open 3
Would my specs run this game fine? Open 4

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