• Cheat Codes

    Press ~ key during gameplay to open the console menu. Then enter in the code.

    Add # of sunset sarsaparilla blue star bottle capsplayer.additem 00103b1c
    add # special pointsaddspecialpoints #
    Add Debug MegaPistol (Most powerful pistol.)player.additem 001465A6 1
    Add Perksplayer.addperk (perkcode)
    Advance one leveladvlevel
    All mapmarkerstmm 1
    Bottle capsplayer.additem 000000F (number of caps)
    change all face optionsShowPlasticSurgeonMenu
    change all hair optionsShowBarberMenu
    Change faction reputationSetReputation [Faction ID] [0/1] [1-100]
    changes leve to #, doesn't affect anything else.player.setlevel #
    Changes sexSexChange
    Closes All MenusCloseAllMenus
    Create gamesave with desired titleSave [what you want the save to be called]
    Debug-like filter/modetcg
    Gives x karma points(use negative values for negative karma)RewardKarma x
    God modetgm
    HP cheatplayer.modav health #
    Increase the Gamespeed of all NPCs & the User (Default is 4)setgs fmoverunmult #
    Increases maximum carry weight by number specifiedplayer.modav carryweight #
    Infinite healthtdm
    Kill every NPC in areakillall
    Kill selected NPC or enemykill
    No clippingtcl
    Opens door without unlocking it.activate
    Perfect VATS AimingSetGS fVATSHitChanceMult 100
    Player can wear power armorsetpccanusepowerarmor 1
    Player health and Limb Health will be restoredplayer.resethealth
    Quits game fast.QQQ
    Remove Perkplayer.removeperk [Perk ID]
    Removes all items of selected NPCremoveallitems
    Repair items.player.srm
    Restore health and limb healthplayer.reset health
    Resurrect selected dead NPC or enemyresurrect
    Save and quitsaq
    Set ownership of selected itemSet Ownership
    Set S.P.E.C.I.A.L. levelsetspecialpoints [number 1-10]
    Set skill levelmodpcs [skill name] [number 1-100]
    Set the scale of a NPC ( 1 = normal)setscale 1
    Set the scale of yourself ( 1 = normal )player.setscale 1
    Sets ownership to a item(must select item first)setownership
    Sets player jump height (default is 64)setgs fJumpHeightMin #
    Sets skill level to #. Max 100. this sets all skill bonuses but those from gear, tag skills, or attributes.player.setav <SKILL> #
    Sets your currently equipped weapon's condition to 100.player.setweaponhealthperc 100
    Teleports player to quest targetmovetoqt
    Toggle detectiontDetect
    Toggle Free Camera Modetfc
    Toggle gorebDisableAllGore=0/1
    Toggle leavestlv
    Toggles fog of war in local maptfow
    Toggles Grass displaytg
    Unlocks any selected physical lock (doors, chests, etc) and terminals.unlock
    Unlocks door, safe or computers.(must click the objet first, may cause glitches)Unlock


  • Infinite XP Glitch

    First you will need a high speech skill, and an intelligence level of 8 or higher. 1.Go to The Camp Mcarran Terminal Building Inside Camp Mcarran. 2.Talk to the guy at the end of the building at the far end, left corner. He's the leader and gives you multiple quests. 3.Accept the interrogation quest, and go meet the lady upstairs to start the quest. 4.When you get in the room to talk to Sirus, pick the Intelligence Option first, followed by the Speech option, followed by the Intelligence (8) option. Any of the 3 Intelligence (8) options work. 5.After that, hit the Speech option (which should now be grayed out) and cycle through the Intelligence (8) options more. You will gain 50 exp every time you cycle through the options.

    Contributed By: Who_Knows_.


  • Steam Achievements

    Ain't That a Kick in the HeadComplete Ain't That a Kick in the Head.
    All or NothingComplete All or Nothing.
    Arizona KillerComplete arizona killer.
    Artful PocketerPick 50 pockets.
    Assemble Your CrewRecruit Dean Domino, Christine and Dog.
    Blast MasteryCause 10,000 damage with energy weapons.
    Caravan MasterWin 30 games of Caravan.
    Cash OutConfront Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.
    Come Fly With MeComplete come fly with me.
    CraftyCraft 20 items.
    Desert SurvivalistHeal 10,000 points of damage with food.
    Double DownPlay 10 hands of Blackjack.
    Eureka!Complete eureka!
    For the RepublicComplete For the Republic.
    G.I. BluesComplete g.i. blues.
    Globe TrotterDiscover all snow globes.
    Hack the MojaveHack 25 terminals.
    HardcorePlay the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode.
    Having a BallComplete the Sierra Madre Gala Event.
    In a Foreign LandScout the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs.
    Jury RiggerRepair 30 items.
    Know When to Fold ThemWin 3 games of Caravan.
    Lead DealerCause 10,000 damage with Guns.
    Little WheelPlay 10 spins of Roulette.
    Love the BombCause 10,000 damage with Explosives.
    Master of the MojaveDiscover 125 locations.
    May my Hand Forget its SkillEvacuate Zion.
    Mod MasterInstall 20 weapon mods.
    New KidReached 10th level.
    New Vegas SamuraiCause 10,000 damage with melee weapons.
    No Gods, No MastersComplete no gods, no masters
    No Tumbler FumblerPick 25 locks.
    O Daughter of BabylonCrush the White Legs.
    Ol' Buddy Ol' PalRecruit any companion.
    Old-Tyme BrawlerCause 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.
    One Armed BanditPlay 10 spins of Slots.
    Outstanding OratorMake 50 Speech challenges.
    Render Unto CaesarComplete render unto caesar.
    Restore Our FortunesResupply Daniel and the Sorrows.
    Return to SenderComplete Return to Sender.
    Ring-a-Ding-DingComplete ring-a-ding-ding.
    Safety Deposit BoxTrap Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault.
    Sierra Souvenir AficionadoCollect 500 Sierra Madre Chips.
    Stim-ply AmazingHeal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpaks.
    Talent PoolComplete talent pool.
    That Lucky Old SunComplete that lucky old sun.
    The BossReach 30th level.
    The Courier Who Broke the BankGet banned from all the Strip's casinos.
    The House Always WinsComplete the house always wins.
    The Legend of the StarComplete The Legend of the Star.
    The Whole Gang's HereRecruit all companions.
    They Went That-a-WayComplete they went that-a-way.
    Up and ComerReach 20th level.
    Veni, Vidi, ViciComplete veni, vidi, vici.
    Volare!Complete volare!
    Walker of the MojaveDiscover 50 locations.
    When We Remembered ZionArrive at Zion.
    Wild CardComplete wild card.
    You Run Barter TownSell 10,000 caps worth of goods.
    You'll Know It When It HappensComplete you'll know it when it happens.

    Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.

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