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Asked: 4 years ago

Cardan dead ?

I dont know y....but its seem cardan is dead in my game. i tried to sleep many hours, and he still lying on the floor. then when i tried to search his body, his face on the inventory is red. red means dead rite ? how could he died ? i cant proceed with main quest/game bcoz of this guy.

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The things...i already in pripyat mission. so far away. i notice he died at first, but i didnt care bcoz i didnt know that he will effect my future mission. aihh....

Additional details - 4 years ago

i replay the game....but this time..... Lt. Kirillov in pripyat suddenly died....kahkahkahkahkah. lot of bugs in this game....

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He probably died due to some buggy emission? It's pretty rare so check if you have another save file where he didn't die.

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I'm not sure he affects the main plot. *Spoiler* You won't be able to assemble the Gauss Rifle, but that's all there is to it. That's not the main plot, but a sidequest *End Spoiler. Damn drunk deserved to die anyway :)

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The only way Cardan should go hostile is if you start killing everything that moves (including using a sniper rifle to shoot people in the no-weapon zone in the boat through the open door when another stalker goes through). I've never had him die for any reason, including emissions - his room is emission-proof (you can even do repairs and upgrades during emissions with him). Other than a glitch, all I can think of are mutants somehow getting into the ship and killing him.

Long story made short: reload from a save where he's alive and start again. Some upgrades you can only get from him, and not just the Gauss rifle upgrades.

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Honestly. I would say that this isn't a bug, I'm sure if you don't help him find his friends he drinks himself to death. I would say find his buddies before you go to Pripyat, or the area for that matter.

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jhonel83 is right , he probably killed him self with so much drinking xD

well don't shoot with the gauss .......

you're bad dude.,...... .-.

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