Question from gambit30a

Where is the shimmering ember?

Which level is it found on?

gambit30a provided additional details:

The deathlace ember is on the 5th floor, where is the shimmering ember?

gambit30a provided additional details:

After lots of backtracking I found the shimmering ember in the estherian ruins - floor 12 (orange).

gambit30a provided additional details:

Primal Ember - Level 18

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Bisected8 answered:

It's in one of the three Jungle-like areas BTW.
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Lightofday999 answered:

The Shimmering Ember is found on the 5th floor, the first floor of the crypts/tombs.
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Bisected8 answered:

I believe it is placed randomly in the dungeon (since the dungeons are randomly generated). Just follow it through and search every room. You'll find it eventually.
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DOOMbuger answered:

Its at the ruins level 12(orange) near the fountain
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yonz_coolz answered:

Actually, there are many shimmering ember, but with a many different kinds... you have to obtain them based on the quest you're take.. the quest description will help you... either way to find the location is to explore the dungeon because the ember will taken different place for every game/character.. but still in the same level..
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