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What kind of math is involved with adding enhancements?

Basic information about item enchanting.

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Topic says it all but, basically, I've added a lot of enhancements to a bow and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just lucky to got so many or if there is a huge limit to how many you can add.

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I don't think theres a limit but there's a chance that the enchanter will remove them all instead of adding more.

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Yes, dont forget about to risks. He had removed all enhancements from my gun and it didnt be the same even after doing more than 10 enhancements to it.

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I have been able to enchant weapons to 1000-some DPS w/many attached enchantments before the next enchantment will be likely reset ALL the enchantments. I dont know what happens if you retire a 1000 DPS weapon yet, but I dont want to try, enchanting weapons costs a HELL of a lot of money (considering you will fail to enchant it a lot of times, too).

Armor on the other hand, I have no clue what the limit is. I usually stop enchanting the piece of armor once there is a long list of enchantments on it.

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