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My respec mod wont work...?

My respec mod wont work, could someone give me specific instructions to working it?

pure295 provided additional details:

I did that, and the game detects a mod, but I cant seem to find it anywhere. Do I have to make another save after applying the mod for it to work?


Darkfyre answered:

- Download the mod.
- Unpack the file.
- Move the entire RespecMod folder (the entire folder, not just the content of the folder) to the mods directory ("[your username]/appdata/Roaming/runic games/torchlight/mods" on Vista, dunno about other systems).
- Play the game.

If you've already made a character, you'll be able to tell the installation worked when you start up the game, because it'll tell you that your character was made using a different version than the mod you are using. That's not a problem in this case, you'll be able to play just fine. You do need to wait until the potion-selling guy refreshes his stock before you see the respec potion.
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Nicky_bangzats answered:

@pure: Can't seem to find it anywhere? You mean how to actually respec?

After following the instructions by Darkfyre, the mod is now installed, you will see red text telling you that there is a new mod installed. Once you enter the game, go to the potion merchant and you'll see a "respec potion" or something. Buy it, it's 15000 or something. If you don't see it, run around town for 30 seconds, leave, and come back, the potion merchant will restock and you'll see the respec potion.

If you're early in the game and 15000 gold seems expensive, try an alternate mod that makes potions that convert 1 points of Strength to Magic, Dexterity to Defense, etc.
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GreatSkeeve answered:

Yes, it's not a button you push to respec, you have to buy the potion from the vendor.
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les_alanos answered:

it should look like mods/RespecMod, and in there is a folder called media and a readme file.
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