• Console codes

    To activate the console you will have to change the settings file in the Application Data Folder. Do this by going into:
    My computer/ C:/ Documents and Settings/ User(mines Admin for example)/ Application Data/ Runic Games/ Torchlight.
    Here you will see the "Settings" txt file, click it and at the bottom you will see "Console :0". Change the 0 to a 1 and save the file. Now while in game you will have to hold Shift and hit the ~ key to pull up the console.
    All cheats ARE NOT case sensitive.

    Warning: These cheats will flag your character as a Cheater and will remove the shared stash.

    CLSClears Console History
    Disablepetdisables/enables player's pet
    BeltDisplays a list of all the belts in the game.(to get specific piece follow above examples)
    BootsDisplays a list of all the boots in the game.(to get specific piece follow above examples)
    Chest armorDisplays a list of all the chest armor in the game.(to get specific piece follow above examples)
    FishDisplays a list of all the fish in the game.(to get specific item follow above examples)
    SocketableDisplays a list of all the gems in the game.(to get specific item follow above examples)
    GlovesDisplays a list of all the gloves in the game.(to get specific piece follow above examples)
    HelmetDisplays a list of all the helmets in the game.(Type helmet # to give the helmet designated to that index number)
    PotionDisplays a list of all the potions in the game.(to get specific item follow above examples)
    ScrollDisplays a list of all the scrolls in the game.(to get specific item follow above examples)
    Shoulder ArmorDisplays a list of all the shoulder armor in the game.(to get specific piece follow above examples)
    SpellDisplays a list of all the spells in the game.(to get specific item follow above examples)
    TrinketDisplays a list of all the trinkets in the game.(Type trinket # to get the trinket designated to that number)
    WeaponDisplays a list of all the weapons in the game. You can break it down further by typing "Axe", or "Rifle" and it will list those only. works for all w
    DifficultyDisplays current game difficulty
    NoXPGain no more XP
    Allstats #Gives amount entered in all stats
    Defense #Gives Defense
    Dexterity #Gives Dexterity
    Fame #Gives fame in amount entered
    HelpGives list of all console commands
    Magic #Gives Magic
    Money #gives money in the amount entered
    Skill Name/#Gives skill of the name and # entered.(to get skill list just type "SKILL" without parenthasis.)
    Skillpoints #Gives skillpoints
    Statpoints #Gives statpoints in amount entered
    Strength #Gives strength
    Item Index#,countGives you item and quantity entered.(example: Axe 16,5 /this will give me the Axe in the 15th index slot and it will produce 5 of them.)
    AscendGoes down a floor
    DescendGoes up a floor
    Identifyallidentifies all items in the inventory.(as of right now doesnt work for items in pet inventory)
    Levelupincreases XP to next level
    KIllallKills all Monsters
    Questslists all quests
    Playernotargetmakes monsters not target the player
    AlwayscritPlayer always gets critical hits
    ReloadReloads textures
    Resetpetlevelreset pets level to 1
    Resetskillsreset players skills
    ResetstatsReset players statpoints
    ResetplayerlevelResets players level to 1
    ResetplayerResets players level, skills, and stats
    Restartlevelrestarts the current level
    RoomReturns the room the player is currently in
    Questcompleteset quest to complete
    Questactivesets a quest to active
    Cameradistance #Sets Camera distance(WARNING: Number endered is the Multiplier for the distance)
    Setdifficulty #Sets game difficulty
    Setpetlevel #Sets pet level to number entered
    FPSShows Framerate and other info
    SpeedToggles additional speed for the character
    GodspeedToggles both God and Speed mode
    CombatlogToggles combat log
    GodToggles Godmode
    AIFreezeToggles moster AI

    Contributed By: Doobie1371.


  • Item Duplication

    When you are in a trade window with a NPC simply drag any item from the shop on top of any item in your inventory. This item will now take the place of the shop item on your cursor. Finally, just drag the duplicated item onto an empty slot in your inventory. All duplicated armor/weapons/accessories will be unidentified and jewels/runes/etc. will not be included in the duplicated item. The best shop items to use for this glitch are identify scrolls since they are cheap.

    Contributed By: Pruflus.


  • Steam Achievements

    Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Lich to ScratchDefeat the Overseer
    AnglerCatch 50 fish
    Beast of BurdenFill your pet's inventory
    Beast Slayer IDefeat ordrak on easy or normal
    Beast Slayer IIDefeat ordrak on hard
    Beast Slayer IIIDefeat ordrak on very hard
    Big and Green and Dead all OverDefeat krag
    Bum LuckHave an item disenchanted on the first enchantment attempt
    Cash for TrashSell 10,000 items to vendors
    Deep DelverReach the 50th floor of a dungeon
    Deep PocketsHave 100,000 gold in your inventory
    Down the HatchComplete 50 hatch quests
    EnchantedSuccessfully enchant one item 5 times
    Enchantment OverloadSuccessfully enchant one item 10 times
    Epic StrikeDo at least 10,000 damage to an enemy in a single strike
    Fetch a Fair PriceSend your pet to town
    Fisher KingCatch 1000 fish
    FishermanCatch 100 fish
    Gambling AddictGamble 50 times
    Gambling EnthusiastGamble 20 times
    Gambling FiendGamble 100 times
    GibbedBlow 25 enemies to pieces with critical strikes
    Hardcore ChampionDefeat ordrak on hard hardcore
    Hardcore GodDefeat ordrak on very hard hardcore
    Hardcore HeroDefeat ordrak on normal hardcore
    Hardcore VictorDefeat ordrak on easy hardcore
    Hat TrickBeat the game with all three classes
    Ironman VictoryDefeat ordrak without buying anything
    Ka-Chunk!Pull 100 levers
    Line of KingsRetire over 300 levels worth of characters
    Lucky GamblerGamble a unique item
    Master SmasherSmash 1500 Breakables
    Mod Maniac5 mods installed at the same time
    Mod Squad1 game mod installed
    Modpocalypse10 mods used at the same time
    Noble LineageRetire two characters
    Only a Master of EvilDefeat alric
    Over the BrinkDefeat brink
    Passing the TorchRetire a character
    Pension PlanAchieve player level 65
    Perfect VictoryDefeat ordrak with no deaths
    Pet TrainerEquip a spell on your pet
    Potion WhizDrink 5,000 potions
    Price of LoyaltyUse 50 potions on your pet
    Purple People DefeaterDefeat medea
    QuestorComplete 200 Quests
    RichCollect 250,000 gold
    Shape-ShifterChange your pet by feeding it fish
    Sir Mixes-a-lotSuccessfully create 25 items using the transmuter
    Sorcelator's ServantTransform your pet into a Mimic
    Speed KingDefeat ordrak in less than 5 hours
    SuperstarAchieve maximum fame
    Supreme SlayerKill 50,000 monsters
    Swift ExecutionDefeat ordrak in 8 hours or less
    The Adventure BeginsFind the entrance to the mine
    The Horse WhispererAchieved enlightenment by speaking with the horse 100 times
    The Long HaulAchieve player level 100
    The Need for GreedSuffer 20 disenchants from the enchanter
    TormentedDie 500 times
    TransmogrifierPermanently transform your pet
    Tree HuggerDefeat the root golem
    Trolling for PunishmentKill 25 champion trolls
    True DelverReach level 100
    Universally UnderstoodComplete 25 gar quests
    Wabam!Kill 5000 Monsters
    WalkaboutTake 25,000 steps
    When this Town's a Rockin'Defeat the ember colossus

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

Area/Level Hints

  • Bonus Dungeon

    In the first level of the main dungeon in Very Hard difficulty, rush all the way to Brink. You'll find him battlling a translucid beast. Kill the beast to gain access to a Phase Portal that takes you to a new level with lots of overpowered enemies to face (similar to the cow level in Diablo II).

    Contributed By: omegaari.

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