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Asked: 4 years ago

Sprint Jump?

I cannot find a solution to Sprint / Jump across the fallen Catwalk in WMD 2. Three days I have been trying, I get lucky 1 in every 100 tries and then get sent back for failing to keepup with my teammates, and have to start all over. When do I sprint/jump? I keep falling, why is it so precise?

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You tap the sprint button and hold up, then you push jump. You can move back slightly so that you have some momentum. I'm not sure why you're having problems with this as it is a very simple task.

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same case with me
Hudson just won't jump

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No specific button to do jump right?
We only need to sprint across

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Don't bring a heavy weapon
you must be using something like a handgun to do that
my friend just told me and it works!

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Just hold the sprint button but jump with enough momentum.The timing is important.After the jump just follow your teammates and do not fall from the hill.

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I can sprint, jump, and make to the other side but sprint fails to keep sprinting! Have to keep hitting the shift button. It only works for a second and stops. Ultimately I never can keep up with the team :-(

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