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Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops          =+
Name: Multiplayer FAQ                  =+
Plattform: Xbox 360                    =+
Release: April 4th, 2011               =+
Written by: Acdcfantony                =+
E-mail:    =+
Version: 1.1                           =+
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Table Of Contents
*How to use the table of contents: To find the section you want to skip ahead
to, press ctrl+f (apple+f on macs) and type in the section number. This will
bring you to where you want to be, even though I recommend that you read the
whole thing.

                          ||   TABLE OF CONTENTS  ||            
   ||            Name                 ||           Section #               ||
    ||  Version History               ||             0001                 ||
    ||  Introduction                  ||             0002                 ||
    ||  Multiplayer Game Types        ||             0003                 ||
    ||                                ||                                  ||
    ||    - Team Deathmatch           ||             TDM                  ||
    ||    - Mercenary Team Deathmatch ||             MTDM                 ||
    ||    - Free For All              ||             FFA                  ||
    ||    - Domination                ||             DOM                  ||
    ||    - Ground War                ||             GRNW                 ||
    ||    - Demolition                ||             DEMO                 ||
    ||    - Sabotage                  ||             SABO                 ||
    ||    - Headquarters              ||             HQ                   ||
    ||    - Capture The Flag          ||             CTF                  ||
    ||    - Search and Destroy        ||             SND                  ||
    ||    - Team Tactical             ||             TTAC                 ||
    ||  Perks                         ||             0004                 ||
    ||                                ||                                  ||
    ||  - Blue Perks (Tier 1)         ||             PRK1                 ||
    ||  - Orange Perks (Tier 2)       ||             PRK2                 ||
    ||  - Green Perks (Tier 3)        ||             PRK3                 ||
    ||  Killstreaks                   ||             0005                 ||
    ||                                ||                                  ||
    ||  - Spy Plane                   ||             KILL1                ||
    ||  - RC-XD                       ||             KILL2                ||
    ||  - Counter Spy Plane           ||             KILL3                ||
    ||  - Sam Turret                  ||             KILL4                ||
    ||  - Care Package                ||             KILL5                ||
    ||  - Napalm Strike               ||             KILL6                ||
    ||  - Sentry Gun                  ||             KILL7                ||
    ||  - Mortar Team                 ||             KILL8                ||
    ||  - Attack Helicopter           ||             KILL9                ||
    ||  - Valkyrie Rockets            ||             KILL10               ||
    ||  - Blackbird                   ||             KILL11               ||
    ||  - Rolling Thunder             ||             KILL12               ||
    ||  - Chopper Gunner              ||             KILL13               ||
    ||  - Attack Dogs                 ||             KILL14               ||
    ||  - Gunship                     ||             KILL15               ||
    ||  Weapons                       ||             0006                 ||
    ||                                ||                                  ||
    ||  - Assault Rifles              ||             ARS                  ||
    ||  - Submachine Guns             ||             SMGS                 ||
    ||  - Light Machine Guns          ||             LMGS                 ||
    ||  - Shotguns                    ||             SHGS                 ||
    ||  - Sniper Rifles               ||             SRS                  ||
    ||                                ||                                  ||
    ||  - Secondary Launchers         ||             LNCH                 ||
    ||  - Secondary Pistols           ||             PIST                 ||
    ||  - Secondary Specials          ||             SPEC                 ||
    ||                                ||                                  ||
    ||  Conclusion, Credits, Copyright||             0009                 ||
                                                                     || 0001 ||
Version History
You are currently viewing version 1.1 of this FAQ.

December 8th, 2010 - Started writing the guide. Some more research has to be
done, but I have a pretty good idea of how this guide is going to look.

Unknown Date - Found the guide on my memory stick and decided to finally
finish it up and post it on Gamefaqs. A lot more work has to be done, but the
most important information is now in the guide.

April 4th, 2011 - Finally found some time to finish up the guide. Added Sniper
Rifles and Secondaries to the guide, which were the only missing sections.

                                                                     || 0002 ||
Hello all and welcome to my COD: Black Ops Multiplayer FAQ! I will be covering
most aspects of the multiplayer feature in Black Ops (called BO from here on
out). I hope you enjoy reading this and find much useful information. If
you're looking for something in particular, don't forget to use the search
feature used in this guide (scroll up to the table of contents). That's all I
have to say, so continue on!

                                                                     || 0003 ||
Multiplayer Game Types
If you see any false information, please send me and e-mail and let me know.
E-mail is at the top of the page. This section will let you know what each
game mode consists of.

\                           \              
 \ Team Deathmatch - TDM     \

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Score Limit: 7500 points, 100 points per kill.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective: The objective of Team Deathmatch is simple: Get as many kills as
possible while trying to not get killed yourself. You can win one of two ways.
The first is to accumulate a team total of 75 kills (7500 points). The second
way is to be the team with the highest total kills by the end of the 10 minute
time limit. Remember that every time a enemy player kills you, you give the
other team 100 points. If you really want to help your team out, get kills and
don't get killed. In other words, maintain a positive Kill/Death ratio (more
kills than deaths).

General Tips: When playing Team Deathmatch, you must remember that the player
spawns will move according to the proximity of enemies. In other words, if you
try to rush an enemy spawn, it will change to a safer location. This also
means that if you stay in one area for too long, you will most likely have the
entire enemy spawning close to you. This will only apply if your team is on the
move though.

It's a good idea to check your corners, and windows/roofs/ledges above you
when you change positions. If you get killed, resist heading back to the same
location to get a revenge kill unless you are absolutely sure you'll get him.
If he kills you again, just stay away from that area. As always, remember to
communicate with your team and call out enemy locations. Every kill is
crucial if you want the win.

\                                  \              
 \ Mercenary Team Deathmatch - MTDM \

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Score Limit: 7500 points, 100 point per kill.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective: Mercenary Team Deathmatch is the same as regular Team Deathmatch,
except parties are not allowed in the mercenary version. This just means you
will not likely encounter organized teams. The general tips are the same as
regular Team Deathmatch, so scroll up for more information.

\                           \              
 \ Free-for-all - FFA        \

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Score Limit: 1500 points, 50 points per kill.

Amount of Players: 8 (no teams)

Objective: The objective of Free-for-all is to get 30 kills before anyone else.
Your deaths are not as game-affecting in this game type, unless you keep
getting killed by the same person. You get 50 point per kill and must
accumulate 1500 point before anyone else. To get 1500 points, you need a total
of 30 kills.

General Tips: As I've said, your deaths in this game are not as critical, for
the lack of a better word, as in Team Deathmatch. The reason for this is that
your deaths are shared between 7 players, and not a whole team. This being
said, I still avoid death as much as possible. If you don't die, you will be
able to get your killstreaks to help you get the win.

The best tip that I can give you, if you want to assure a win, is to hold down
a easily defended area. I don't mean finding a room with one entrance and
camping it, although that is a good tactic, I mean to control a whole section
of the map. And example of this would be the large hangar in WMD, which has
three possible points of entry. Place a claymore or motion sensor near one
entrance (the alley beside the hangar is best on this map) and then watch the
other entrances carefully.

\                           \              
 \ Domination - DOM          \

Time Limit: None

Score Limit: 200

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective: The objective of Domination is to be the first team with 200 points.
Every few seconds, you will gain points depending on how many flags your team
currently has captured. If you have only one flag captured and the enemy team
has two captured, they will gain 2 points for every point your team gets. What
you want to do in Domination is to always have 2 flags captured and defended
for your team.

General Tips: First of all, Domination is an objective game. I know it's fun
to get loads and loads of kills, but your main objective here is to capture
and defend flags. What you want it to always have two flags captured. Once you
get two, defend then to the best of your ability. Make sure to communicate
with your team to let them know when a flag is being taken, and if you have a
area secured or not.

I know it's tempting to cap all three flags, but this will make the spawns
change and the enemies will start to spawn near the least-defended flag. They
will probably be able to taken it, and you will have to adjust you defence
accordingly. It's much better to just capture two flags and "camp them for the
whole game. I like placing myself in a strategic place between our two flags
and just run over to whichever flag needs defending.

\                           \              
 \ Ground War - GRNW         \

Time Limit: 10 minutes

Score Limit: 10,000 point for Team Deathmatch and 200 point for Domination.

Amount of Players: 16 (8 per team)

Objective: Ground War consists of 16 player games of either Team Deathmatch or
Domination. The strategies stay the same, except you will find it a bit more
difficult due to the larger amount of action. To get tips about Ground War,
just scroll up to the Domination and Team Deathmatch sections.

\                           \              
 \ Demolition - Demo         \

Time Limit: 2:30 starting time + additional 2:30 once one target is destroyed.
Keep in mind that if no target is destroyed within the initial 2:30, the
attacking team loses the round. Total of 2 rounds + tie-breaker if needed.

Score Limit: Both bomb sites (A and B) must be destroyed for the attackers to
win. If time runs out, the defending team wins.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective. In Demolition, you have two teams: attackers and defenders. The
attacking team must destroy both bomb sites in order to win the round. The
defending team must prevent the attacking team from destroying the objectives.
Once time runs out, as long as at least one bomb site survives, the defending
team wins. If both team wins a round (scores tied at 1-1 after 2 rounds) both
team will have to play a tie-breaking round. The team who had the highest total
amount of kills after both rounds will be defending while the team with the
lowest total amount of kills will attack. Whoever wins this round wins the

General Tips: To be successful at Demolition, you must play the objective. When
you're on the attacking team, attack! Rush the bomb sites with team mates and
plant the bomb. Stay at that bomb site until it blows, killing anyone who get's
near. Once that site is blown, move to the next and do the same thing. If you
try to plant a bomb site without your team mates, you will most likely lose.
Communicate with your team and organize yourselves to all attack at once, from
different angles.

When on the defending team, you can do one of two things:

1- Separate your forces and defend both bomb sites
2- Defend one point with your whole team.

When I play with friends, we will most likely choose the most easily defended
bomb site and just "camp" it the whole round. Don't let the enemies settle
around the bomb site, because you will most likely have to waste precious
seconds taking them out. If you do this, I can guarantee you will win most of
the games you play. If the attacking team actually gets the bomb planted,
defuse it! Don't rely on team mates to do it, do it yourself.

\                           \              
 \ Sabotage - SABO           \

Time Limit: 20 minutes + 1:30 Sudden Death, if needed.

Score Limit: Once a bomb site is destroyed, the game is over.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective: The objective of the game is to grab the neutral bomb and destroy
the other team's bomb site. You must also prevent the enemy team from planting
the bomb on your bomb site. The bomb carrier will be marked by a red marker
with the word "Kill" on it. This will update the bomb carrier's enemies of his
position every 2 seconds. This means that if you have the bomb, your enemies
will know your general position. Keep this in mind when approaching your

General Tips: The best way to win in Sabotage is to grab the bomb right off
and rush the enemies' bomb site and plant it as fast as you can. If you can do
this, you will most likely win the rounds, as long as your team helps defend
the bomb site once it's planted. I highly recommend using a fast class
(I'm talking Lightweight, Marathon) on this game mode. WIth will allow you to
move quickly to plant the bomb, and to catch up to your enemy if they have the

You should always have at least one person watching your bomb with until your
team plants the bomb. This is a last resort guy who can kill someone trying to
plant the bomb on your site. This person should help defend the bomb once you
plant it.

If the 20 minute time limit is expired and no bomb sites have been destroyed,
you will enter Sudden Death. You have the same objectives, but respawning will
be deactivated. This means that once you die, you won't reappear. Once
everyone on either team is dead, or if a bomb site is destroyed, the game will
end. Keep in mind that you only have a minute and thirty seconds to get either
things done, so do it quickly.

\                           \              
 \ Headquarters - HQ         \

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Score Limit: 250 points. 5 point for a capture and 5 points every 5 seconds
until the headquarter is destroyed.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective. In Headquarters, the objective is to capture the neutral
Headquarter (same as King of the Hill). You receive 5 points for capturing a
point and then a additional 5 points every 5 seconds that your team "owns"
the headquarter. Once that is destroyed by the enemy team, a new location will
be chosen. The first team with a grand total of 250 points or the team with
the most points when the 15 minute time limit expires wins.

General Tips: Basically in Headquarters you want to rush the location with you
whole team and defend it. Even it it's not online yet, you will want to have
it secure for when it does come online. Capture it when you want, and set up
a defensive perimeter around it. Places claymores or motion sensors around it
to help your task. The location marker should flash, or blink, when the enemy
is destroying it. Make sure to clear them out before they succeed.

If the enemy team capture the point, desert it as fast as you can. Circle the
area around the point to make sure it's clear, and then head over/into the
building to destroy it. As with every other game mode, team work and
communication is crucial, so make sure you have a mic.

\                           \              
 \ Capture The Flag - CTF    \

Time Limit: 10 minutes per round. 2 rounds + 5 minute overtime if needed

Score Limit: 3 capture per round. Need to win 2 rounds to win the game. In
overtime, you only need one flag capture.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective: The objective is to capture flags. To do so, you must run over to
the enemy flag and run over it. You now have the enemy flag. You must then
go back to your flag and run over that. Once you do that, the flag is captured.
If the enemy has your flag, an you have their flag, you will not be able to
capture it. Your team must hunt down the enemy that has your flag and return
it. Keep in mind that the enemy team is probably hunting you too. Once you get
three captures, that end the round. You must win two round to win. After two
rounds, if the game is tied at one round a piece (1-1), you will go to
overtime. You have the same objectives, but you only need one capture to win
the round.

General Tips: To win in capture the flag, you must do two things:

1- Prevent the enemy from capturing your flag
2- Capture the enemy flag.

I won't give tips on how to defend or capture, since it's pretty obvious, but
I will give you some tips on what perks to use. I highly recommend using Ghost.
The reason for this is that if you have the flag and the enemy team uses a spy
plane, you will be marked on the enemy's radar. This means they will see a
red marker with the word "KILL" on it. However, if you have ghost, they won't
see this. You should use Marathon, for the running energy. I always have
the Spy Plane on during CTF matches, since it makes it a whole lot easier to
hunt down people with your flag.

\                           \              
 \ Search and Destroy - SND  \

Time Limit: 2:30 per round

Score Limit: First team that wins 4 rounds wins the game.

Amount of Players: 12 (6 per team)

Objective: You can do one of two things to win a round.

1- Eleminate all opposing Players (no respawning in Search).
2- Plant/defuse the bomb, depending on if your on the attacking or defendind

General Tips: In a game of Search, the worst thing you can do is die. Since
you don't respawn, once you're dead, you're done for the round. What I would
do is be aggresive when on the attacking team. If you're on an organized team,
rush a bomb site and plant the bomb. The enemy will then be forced to come to
you, and not the other round. You could also rush their spawn and surprise
them, but if you don't have a good tactic to do so you will most likely end
up dead. When on the defending team, defend! Choose a bomb site and watch it.
If your team all go to A, watch B. What you don't want to do is rush the enemy
team and get killed. Also, if you have time to, always examine the bodies
of the people you kill. If one of them dropped the bomb, watch it. Your
enemies will have to come to you to get the bomb.
\                           \              
 \ Team Tactical - TTAC      \

Time Limit: Depends on the game mode.

Score Limit: Depends on the game mode.

Amount of Players: 8 (4 per team)

What is Team Tactical?: This section is different, because Team Tactical is
a unique game mode. It is mostly used by people in a party of 4, to play a
more tactical game. The teams are smaller so teamwork is crucial. Team Tact
offers these game modes:

- Team Deathmatch
- Domination
- Demolition
- Capture the Flag
- Search and Destroy

I only recommend playing this if you have a party of 4, since that's most
likely what you will be facing. To see game objectives, and other information,
scroll up to the game mode you are searching for.

                                                                     || 0004 ||
Here's a list of all perk, categorized by the Tier. In this section I will give
you information about what the base+pro perks do, and how to obtain the pro
version of every perk. I'm looking for a way to organize this section better,
but that will come in a future update.

\                           \              
 \ Blue Perks (Tier 1) - PRK1\


Base: Faster movement
Pro: No fall damage


(1) Knife and enemy 15 times
(2) Escape death 5 times after being hurt
(3) Get 10 offence medals by killing enemies near their objective

1- This challenge is not that difficult. All you have to do is play normally,
but when you find an enemy with his back turned, run up and knife him instead
of shooting.

2- For this challenge, you will be required to give up kills. Find an enemy,
let him shoot you then run away. Keep in mind that if that person is using
a sniper rifle or something like a G11, he/she will probably kill you. You can
also just play a game like CTF normally and just keep running if your shot and
hope for the best.

3- Again, this can easily be done by playing an objective type game like CTF
or headquarters and killing enemies close to your objective (the point that
they have to defend).


Base: Replenish ammo and lethal equipment
Pro: Start with extra mags and replenish tactical grenades


(1) Resupply 150 times
(2) Get 5 grenade kills with re-supplied grenades
(3) Get 5 kills without dying 5 times

1- All you have to do here is kill 150 enemies and then walk over their bodies.
You will most likely complete this challenge while attempting to finish the
other two challenges for this perk, so don't worry about it.

2- At the start of your life, throw away your grenade. Then, find a scavenger
pack anywhere. You can then use that grenade you complete this challenge. I
find I get more kills with semtex grenades on a objective game like Domination.
Just wait until the enemy is capturing one of your flag and throw your
re-supplied grenade on it. Hopefully whoever is capturing the flag does not
use Flak Jacket.

3- I can't really give you tips for this challenge; it's all up to you. Do
whatever it takes to get 5 kills in a row, whether it's camping or running and
gunning. This can be done on any game type really.


Base: Remain hidden from enemy Spy Planes.
Pro: Remain hidden from enemy aircraft, infrared scope, sentry guns and no
red name appears above your head when the enemy looks at you.


(1) Get 20 kills while your team has a Spy Plane activated
(2) Shoot down 30 enemy killstreaks (Spy Plane, Chopper Gunner, etc…)
(3) Destroy 1 enemy Sentry Gun

1- All you have to do is play something like TDM and use a Spy Plane as your
killstreak. Get 3 kills, call it in and hunt down red dots. Once that is done,
rince and repeat.

2- This is always the challenge I personally take the longest in completing.
Use a launcher, like the Strela-3, and shoot down any Spy Planes or other
enemy killstreak out of the air. Remember that you can shoot down Care Package
aircraft and you CANNOT shoot down Blackbirds.

3- I heard it's hard to do this last challenge, but I never have trouble with
it. Run a class with hacker on it, and go play Headquarters. If you can't find
a Sentry Gun at all, then use the Sentry Gun killstreak yourself. The trick to
this is to call it in and hope an enemy gets it (you'll hear a distinct sound).
Then you must wait for him to place it, and then destroy it.


Base: Take less explosive damage
Pro: Survive fire and reset fuses on thrown back grenades

Note: With Flak Jacket pro, fire damage is reduced to something like 5%.
However, the initial strike from a Napalm Strike contains explosives, which
will kill you even if you have Flak Jacket pro.


(1) Survive 10 explosives
(2) Plant/Defuse 10 bombs (Demolition, Sabotage, Search and Destroy)
(3) Throw back 5 grenades

1- Just play normally on any objective games, where players tend to spam
grenades on flags and such. Easiest game mode would be on Domination. Just try
to capture one of their flags, and you will most likely receive a grenade…or

2- Play Demolition and actively plant/defuse bombs. For the record, I easily
complete challenge #1 doing this.

3- One of the hardest challenges in Black Ops. I've heard people say to just
get a friend to help you, but I don't think that's a good idea. Just play
normally on objective type games and hope that the opponents you face are using
frag grenades and are not cooking them too much. Also, keep in mind that the
grenade does not actually have to leave your hand; you just have to pick it up.


Base: Killstreaks require 1 less kill to obtain (Spy Plane takes 2 kills,
instead of 3, etc…)
Pro: Re-roll the contents of your Care Package (double-tap X to get something


(1) Share 10 Care Packages
(2) Get 7 killstreaks in one match using Hardline
(3) Get a 7-kill killstreak without dying

1- Use the Sam Turret, Care Package and Sentry Gun killstreaks. When you get
them, call them in and just leave them. Your team will eventually pick them up.

2- Put on the lowest killstreaks that you have available, and play normally.
You will eventually complete this challenge.

3- Do whatever you have to do to get 7 kills without dying. You can camp
objectives or just play something like TDM. This challenge is all up to you.

\                             \              
 \ Orange Perks (Tier 2) - PRK2\


Base: Bullet damage is not reduced after passing through objects(FMJ)
Pro: Extra damage to killstreaks (aircraft, sentry guns, sam turrets) and less
"flinch" when shot at.


(1) Kill 10 enemies by shooting through objects
(2) Shoot 200 bullets into aircraft
(3) Destroy 1 enemy equipment by shooting it through a wall

1- This challenge can be done in any game mode. Find an enemy that is
preferably in a window, or behind any cover, and instead of shooting at
their exposed body parts (sounds dirty), shoot them through the cover. You can
also use the Blackbird to see when an enemy is behind a wall and just shoot at
him through it.

2- Wait for an enemy to call in any kind of flying killstreak and shoot at it.
Remember, Care Package, SAM Turret and Sentry Gun Aircraft CAN be shot at for
this challenge. Best to do this with a silenced weapon, so you decrease your
chances of getting shot while staring at the sky.

3- Use a class with both Hardened and Hacker. Find an equipment and shoot it
through the wall.


Base: Longer hold breath
Pro: Faster weapon switch.


(1) Obtain 50 kills with your secondary weapon
(2) Obtain 50 One Shot One Kill medals.
(3) Get 30 headshots.

1- Use either a good handgun (akimbo pythons, full-auto CZ75) or a launcher
like the RPG and get kills with it.

2- Use a sniper rifle (you can use any, but the L96A1 is the best) and kill
people. Try to aim for the head, this will help you out on the third

3- You can get headshots for this challenge with any weapon, but the sniper
rifles would be the best to do this. Just look for targets that are not moving
and aim for the head. Take your time and aim, because you will most likely only
have time for one shot. I also highly recommend using the variable zoom
attachment on your weapon, to help with the long shots.


Base: Increased accuracy when firing from the hip.
Pro: Aim down your sights faster after sprinting and recover faster after


(1) Get 2 knife kills in 5 seconds
(2) Get 100 kills after sprinting
(3) Get 150 hip fire kills (don't aim down your sights)

1- Equip the Ballistic Knife (if you have it, it's not needed if you don't) and
flank the enemy. Hopefully you will find a small group of them with their backs
turned. Knife them quickly. This can be done in any game mode, but Domination
and Headquarters would be easiest, since you can find multiple players trying
to capture an objective at once.

2- Make a class with Steady Aim and Marathon and run around on a game type like
TDM. It's not too difficult to get, but you will be at a disadvantage against
players that are not sprinting.

3- Quite a simple challenge, but you will find that it takes awhile to get.
You can use any weapon for this challenge, although I usually do it with an
MP5K or AK74u. What you want to do is to resists the temptation to look down
your sights while shooting someone, and just hip-fire them. If you do this in
conjunction with challenge #2, it won't take too long.


Base: Faster weapon reload.
Pro: Aim down your sights faster with every weapon except Sniper Rifles.


(1) Get 150 while aiming down the sight of your weapon
(2) Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of reloading your weapon 30 times
(3) Reload and finish off an enemy you wounded 10 times

1- Quite a straightforward challenge. Just play any game type and kill enemies
while looking down your sights.

2- For this challenge, try to not reload every time you kill an enemy. Wait
until you find another enemy and then reload. Kill them afterwards.

3- You can complete this challenge while trying for challenge #2. Put a few
rounds into your enemy, and the take cover. Reload, pop back out of cover and
hopefully you won't get killed before you kill them.


Base: Ability to use two attachments on your primary weapon, instead of one
Pro: Start with one extra tactical and lethal equipment(except Smoke Grenades)

Note: Some attachments cannot be used at the same time as others. For example,
you can't have a weapon with both a sight and the masterkey.


(1) Get 150 kills with a weapon with 2 attachments
(2) Obtain 10 kills with grenades (semtex or frag)
(3) Obtain one multi kill with a frag or semtex grenade (2+ kills with one

1- Quite an easy challenge. Just play normally with a weapon with two

2- The easiest way to obtain this is to play an objective game like Domination
or Headquarters. When the enemy starts "capping" an objective (the objective
marker will start to blink), throw a grenade into/onto it.

3- Keep in mind that you DO NOT need a triple+ kill. All you need is to kill
two enemies or more with a grenade. Do the same thing that challenge #2 and
you should get this in no time. Another way to do this is to chuck grenades
into the enemy spawn at the start of a game (over the hill in Cracked, or over
the busses on Nuketown).

\                            \              
 \ Green Perks (Tier 3) - PRK3\


Base: Protects you against Nova Gas.
Pro: Reduces the effects of Flash+Concussion grenades. Enemies affected by
a Flash or Concussion grenades will appear on the radar.


(1) Kill 20 enemies under the effects of a flash grenade
(2) Kill 20 enemies under the effects of a concussion grenade
(3) Kill 20 enemies under the effects of nova gas

1, 2 and 3- All three challenges can be done the same way. Play an objective
game like Domination or Headquarters. When an enemy tries to capture an
objective, throw a flash, concussion or nova gas (depends which challenge
you're doing) and when if goes off, run up and kill everyone there.


Base: Longer sprint duration
Pro: Unlimited Sprint


(1) Sprint 26 miles
(2) Get the First Blood medal 10 times
(3) Capture 15 flags in CTF

Note: All this perk's challenges can be done in Capture the Flag. I highly
suggest you do them in this game mode.

1- The only thing you can do here is run. So…run! I highly suggest just
playing the objective (capturing flags) on Capture the Flag, or Domination.

2- At the beginning of a match, run straight towards the enemy spawn. Either
grenade it or find them with guns blazing. That's pretty much all you can do.

3- Play Capture the Flag very aggressively. Use an SMG and just rush their
flag, grab it and run it back to your flag. I also suggest using Tactical
Insertions to get back to their flag quicker after dying.


Base: Move a little quieter, but your footsteps are still audible.
Pro: Hear enemy footsteps louder and your footsteps become totally silent.


(1) Get 150 kills with a silenced weapon
(2) Stab 5 enemies in the back
(3) Plant the bomb 10 times (Demolition, Sabotage, Search and Destroy).

1- Equip any weapon with a suppressor and kill people with it. Can be done
in any game type.

2- The only tip I can give you is to check typical camping spots and kill
people looking out windows or doorways. You can also knife people easily when
they are capping an objective and looking the other way.

3- Play any of the three bomb-based objective games aggressively. Grab the
bomb and plant it as fast as you can.


Base: Fall on the ground and pull out a pistol before dying.
Pro: Same as the base perk except you survive longer and friendlies can
revive you


(1) Get 10 kills in second chance
(2) Kill the enemy who downed you 5 times
(3) Get 1 headshot while in second chance

1- Just play normally with Second Chance on and try your best to get kills
while in Second Chance.

2- Same as the first challenge, except here you have to kill the person who
initially put you in Second Chance. This is a bit difficult to do, but not
impossible. It's all up to luck.

3- What can I say? Aim for the head and hope for the best. Don't take too long
to aim though, since it will only take one more round to kill you.


Base: Detect enemy equipment (such as claymores and C4), Sentry Guns and SAM
Pro: Sabotage enemy equipment (make an enemy claymore yours, or steal their
Sentry Gun, for example), booby trap care packages and makes you invisible to
motion sensors.


(1) Destroy 10 enemy equipment
(2) Get 25 kills with claymore or C4
(3) Get 25 kills within the radius of your motion sensor or radar jammer.

1- Play normally, but when you see equipment (they flash red), destroy them.
It's best to shoot Motion Sensors from a distance, since you will be detected
if you get too close.

2- What I like to do for this is place claymores in places that I know get a
lot of traffic, like the round house in Array or middle building on Summit.
Try to hide it behind walls, and even if the lasers are hard to spot, I would
still hide those behind the walls too. Another great way to do this is to
place claymores on the flags in Capture the Flag and even Domination.

3- If you don't like to camp, you won't like this challenge. Find a little
room, like that second-floor room on WMD, and place your motion sensor near.
Kill any red blips that appear. Best done in Team Deathmatch or Free-for-all.
You can do the same with the Jammer, but it's easier with the Motion Sensor
because it will show you the enemies' position.

                                                                     || 0005 ||
Here's a list of the killstreaks in Black Ops, along with their price, kills
required to obtain and a little description of what they do and how useful
they are.

\                           \              
 \ Spy Plane - KILL1         \

Cost: Default(none)

Kills Required: 3

Description: The Spy Plane shows you the position of anyone on the opposing
team who is not using Ghost or Ghost Pro. It lasts for 40 seconds. It can be
shot down by one missile.

\                           \              
 \ RC-XD - KILL2             \

Cost: 1200

Killstreak Required: 3

Description: The RC-XD is a little remote-controlled car strapped with
explosives. Once you call it in, you can take up to 30 seconds to find an
enemy before it blows up on it's own. The blast radius is about the size of a
frag grenade. I highly suggest blowing this thing up right at your enemies'
feet, because if they are using Flak Jacket, they may survive the explosion if
you detonate prematurely (that's what she said). By the way, your left trigger
acts as a boost and the right trigger detonates the explosion. To my
experience, it only takes one bullet to blow it up.

\                           \              
 \ Counter Spy Plane - KILL3 \

Cost: 1600

Killstreak Required: 4

Description: The country spy plane scrambles the opposing team's radar for
30 seconds. It can be shot down with one missile. This is the Blackbird's only
counter, so use it wisely.

\                           \              
 \ Sam Turret - KILL4        \

Cost: 1600

Killstreak Required: 4

Description: This killstreak is pretty useful if you don't want enemy
killstreaks to stay in the air for a long time. It will shoot at any flying
killstreak except the Blackbird (which cannot be shot down). The only drawback
is that it's easily destroyed and Hacker users will see it highlighted in red.

\                           \              
 \ Care Package - KILL5      \

Cost: Free(default)

Killstreak Required: 5

Description: The Care Package will be dropped but a helicopter, which can be
shot down. If it's shot down, you won't get your reward. You can get ammo or
any killstreak reward in Care Packages. Be wary though, enemies can steal and
booby trap your Care Packages.

\                           \              
 \ Napalm Strike - KILL6     \

Cost: 2400

Killstreak Required: 5

Description: The Napalm Strike is sort of like a precision airstrike, except
this drops napalm, which ignites when it contacts air. The fire will kill you
if you get close, unless you have Flak Jacket Pro. The initial strike actually
contains explosives, so even if you have Flak Jacket Pro, you may still die
in the initial strike. The flames will stay on the ground for about 12 seconds.

\                           \              
 \ Sentry Gun - KILL7        \

Cost: 3200

Killstreak Required: 6

Description: The Sentry Gun is a turret that will shoot anyone within it's
range who is not using Ghost Pro. It is easily knife from behind, but it's
almost impossible for your enemies to approach from the front. You will notice
it's a kill magnet. You can place that in front of a objective and watch it
rack up kills for you. A really great, but underrated, killstreak.

\                           \              
 \ Mortar Team - KILL8       \

Cost: 3200

Killstreak Required: 6

Description: The Mortar Team killstreaks allow you to designate three areas
which are bombed with 2 mortar rounds a piece (total of 6 mortar rounds).
Incredibly deadly if used with a Spy Plane or Blackbird.

\                           \              
 \ Attack Helicopter - KILL9 \

Cost: Free (default)

Killstreak Required: 7

Description: A helicopter that hovers in the area that you designate. It will
shoots at anyone who does not use Ghost Pro. This helicopter actually has a
flare (first missile fired at it will always miss). It's a decent killstreak,
although it will miss a lot of targets. Great for open maps like Jungle.

\                           \              
 \ Valkyrie Rockets - KILL10 \

Cost: 4000

Killstreak Required: 7

Description: A little like the Predator Missile in MW2, except this is shot
from the ground. It's pretty much like a RPG shot, except you control it. It
has a certain amount of fuel (20 seconds worth) and if you don't detonate it
before that, you lose it. It's hard to get used to, but if you do it right it
can be very useful.

\                           \              
 \ Blackbird - KILL11        \

Cost: 4500

Killstreak Required: 8

Description: This is the ultimate Spy Plane. This will show you the location
of EVERY player on the opposing team, and which direction they are facing.
You can anticipate where an enemy is going and wait for him to come around the
corner. The best thing about this is that it cannot be shot down. The only way
to counter is it by using a counter spy plane.

\                           \              
 \ Rolling Thunder - KILL12  \

Cost: 4500

Killstreak Required: 8

Description: This is Black Op's equivalent to MW2's Stealth Bomber. It drops
a huge amount of explosive in the area that you designate. If you use it with
a Spy Plane or Blackbird, you can easily pull off multikills with this sucker.

\                           \              
 \ Chopper Gunner - KILL13   \

Cost: 5000

Killstreak Required: 9

Description. You become the gunner of a chopper. It will circle the map for
60 seconds. Anyone who is not using Ghost Pro will have a red diamond around
them. Very easy to get huge amounts of kills with this. It has a flare, so the
first missile shot at it will always miss. You will also hear a sound when
someone is locking a missile onto you.

\                           \              
 \ Attack Dogs - KILL14      \

Cost: 6000

Killstreak Required: 11

Description: When you call this in, a total of 4 dogs will come onto the map
and they will begin to seek out enemies. One bite is all they need to deal
to an enemy to kill them. However, dogs can be killed if they are knifed or
shot. You can have a total of 8 dogs come onto the map. If all 8 are killed,
no more will come.

\                           \              
 \ Gunship - KILL15          \

Cost: 6000

Killstreak Required: 11

Description: This killstreak is a lot like the Chopper Gunner except you get
to pilot it, and you also can shoot a cannon. The missiles are shot with the
left trigger, and the mounted machine gun is shot with the right trigger. This
also has one flare, so the first missle shot at it will always miss.

                                                                     || 0006 ||
I've made a list of all the weapons along with information that I think you
should know. I also added my opinion of the weapon at the end. Keep in mind
that this is not extremely detailed. I just wanted to give you guys the basic
information about each weapon.

\                           \              
 \ Assault Rifles - ARS      \

Weapon: M16
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Gun Type: 3-round Burst
Available attachments: Ext. Mags., Dual Mag, ACOG Sight, Red Dot Sight, Reflex
Sight, Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

This weapon is great statistically, but it's sometimes hard to use. It's not
a guaranteed 3 round burst, so you sometimes have to hit your enemy with a few
bursts before they drop. The iron sights are not terrible, but I think that
they really obstruct my view. That being said, this is a great weapon with
a red dot sight.

Weapon: Enfield
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Gun Type: Automatic
Attachments: Ext. Mags., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

The Enfield is a decent weapon, with all around good stats. The iron sight
is not bad, and the range of the weapon is great. The reason most don't really
use it is that many other weapons are simply better. I'm not saying that this
weapon can't get the job done, but some weapons do the job better.

Weapon: M14
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 20/60
Gun Type: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Grip,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

If you don't mind spamming your right trigger, the M14 is a great weapon. It's
recoil is a bit high, but that's easily dealt with by attaching the Grip. If
you aim good enough, it's a two shot kill. However, you will most likely lose
a lot of close-range fights, so try to stay away from those kind of encounters.
This weapon is best used to take down opponents at long range, as the only
thing that can compete with you would be a sniper.

Weapon: FAMAS
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Gun Type: Automatic
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

The FAMAS is one of the most used AR in BO, and for a good reason. It's damage
is not as high as most of the weapons in it's class, but it has a very high
rate of fire. This compensates for it's lack of power, but also adds a lot of
recoil. You will find long-range fights difficult if you spray. It's hip
fire is also great.

Weapon: Galil
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 35/105
Gun Type: Automatic
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex SIght,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

The Galil is a mighty weapon. It has next to no recoil, and will kill people in
the blink of an eye. The problem that I encountered was that, since there is no
recoil, I would just spray at targets that are far away. I would still get
them, but would just burn through ammo. That's not a problem with the weapon
though, just me. Overall, it's a great weapon.

Weapon: AUG
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Gun Type: Automatic
Attachments: Ext.Mag., Dual Mage, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, SUppressor.

The AUG is the twin brother of the FAMAS; the damage and fire rates are the
same. The only real difference is the iron sights and the look of the AUG. It
all comes down to preference between these two weapons.

Weapon: Fn FAL
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 20/60
Gun Type: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

The FAL is like a super-M14. It has next to no recoil and can take down an
enemy in two hits. It's great for maps like Array, which will force you to
take out long range targets. There is one thing that I would like to note
though. Apparently Treyarch added a feature that will lock up the FAL if your
trigger finger is too fast (their way to deal with modded controllers). I've
had this happen to me a couple of times, so try to not shoot it too quickly.
It's better to take time and aim anyways.

Weapon: AK47
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Gun Type: Automatic
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

Personally, the AK is my favourite AR. This baby has a lot of fire power and
has very controllable recoil. It won't jump around everywhere, it will just
have a bit of vertical recoil. This makes it very easy to pop-fire targets
at a long range. Don't try going full-auto on long range targets though,
because you will have trouble killing them.

Weapon: Commando
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Gun Type: Automatic
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Masterkey, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Infrared Scope, Suppressor.

The Commando is a great choice for an Assault Rifle. It has a little bit of
horizontal recoil, along with vertical recoil of course, but as stated before,
that's easy to deal with by firing in bursts. Using the Commando, I was
sometimes surprised by how quick I was taking down targets. As soon as they
are in your sights, they are dead.

Weapon: G11
Cost: 2000 (must have bought all other ARs to unlock this)
Clip Size: 48/144
Gun Type: 3-round Burst
Attachments: Low Power Scope, Variable Zoom

The G11 is a great weapon, but it lacks in the attachment sector. You only have
a choice between 2 "scopes", which are not that great for close quarter
combat. I tend to just use it with it's iron sights. Other that that, it's a
fun weapon to use. It's fire rate is faster that a G11 (almost sounds full
auto). This is a great weapon to use if you're looking for accuracy.

\                           \              
 \ Submachine Guns - SMGS    \
*Note: All SMGs are automatic.

Weapon: MP5K
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Suppressor,
Rapid Fire.

Personally, this SMG is my favourite. Although it has more recoil than the
AK74u, it has just as much power. If you surprise your opponent in close
quarters, you will have a great chance at coming out victorious. At long range,
it is best if you burst fire this to make sure your hitting your target.
Another thing that I like about this weapon is it's hip fire. On most targets
I don't even bother looking down my sights, since I know the MP5K will do the
job. All in all, this is a great SMG.

Weapon: Skorpion
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 20/60
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Grip, Suppressor, Dual Wield

The skorpion is a great weapon to use in close quarters, but you definitely
want to avoid long range gun fights. Even when bursting, you will most likely
lose. At close range though, it's a whole different story. This thing has
power. That being said, there are better alternatives to the skorpion.

Weapon: MAC11
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 20/60
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Red Dot Sight Reflex Sight, Grip, Suppressor, Rapid
Fire, Dual Wield

Honestly, I don't really care for the MAC11. It's ugly and it doesn't have
many advantages over the other SMGS. That being said, you will kill people
just as fast with this as, say, the MP5K. It's all boils down to which you
enjoy using more.

Weapon: AK74u
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Grip, Suppressor, Grenade Launcher, Rapic Fire

The AK74u is the most used SMG in Black Ops, and for a good reason. It deals
a large amount of damage AND can kill targets at a long range with ease.
Think of it as a AK47 with high mobolity.

Weapon: Uzi
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 32/96
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Grip,
Suppressor, Rapid Fire.

Uzi fans are not going to like this. I hate the Uzi. I think it's lacking in
both the fire power and range factors, and it has a huge amount of recoil. All
I can tell you is to try it out, and if you don't like it, don't use it. If
you do like, then, use it!

Weapon: PM63
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 20/60
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Grip, Rapid Fire, Dual Wield

The PM63 is a decent submachine gun. At is absolutely deadly at close range,
and can pull off long range shots if fire in bursts. The downfall of this
weapon is it's lack of ammo. Since it's fire rate is high, you will blow
through your 80 rounds real quick. The only way to remedy this is to use

Weapon: MPL
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 32/96
Attachments: Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Grip, Rapid
Fire, Suppressor.

The MPL is a great weapon to use on small map like Nuketown or Grid, but
you'll have trouble shooting targets at a long range. The iron sights are
weird to use at first, and make long range kills harder, but you'll get used
to them. Or you can just use a sight. The damage is also quite high
(comparable to the PM63).

Weapon: Spectre
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Grip, Rapid
Fire, Suppressor

The Spectre is a great alternative to the MAC11 or PM63. It has decent range
and a surprisingly low amount of recoil. I thought the iron sights on this
took up too much space though. If you are aiming down your sights, you will
sometimes find it difficult to spot targets.

Weapon: Kiparis
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/60
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Suppressor,
Rapid Fire, Dual Wield

The Kiparis is pretty ordinary for a "special" weapon. To unolock it, you have
to buy all of the other SMGs. The thing is, it's not better than the others.
The iron sights are nice and don't take much space at all. The range, as with
most other SMGs, is not great. This is pretty much an expensive PM63/Spectre.

\                           \              
 \ Light Machine Guns - LMGS \
*Note: All LMGS are automatic

Weapon: HK21
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Infrared

The HK21 is a great SMG. The power is awesome and the recoil is very
manageable if you burst fire. If you have play Modern Warfare 2, this weapon
is the equivalent of the RPD.

Weapon: RPK
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 40/120
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Infrared Scope.

The RPK felt a lot like the HK21, but with a little more power. As with every
LMG, you must watch out when going full auto because it's not going to be
accurate. Your best option is to burst on targets that are not too near and
to go full-auto on close range enemies.

Weapon: M60
Cost: 200
Clip Size: 100/100
Attachments: Ext. Mag., Grip, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight,
Infrared Scope.

The M60 is by far my favourite LMG. Most of the time it will take out enemies
with 2 rounds. It's huge clip means that you won't have to reload for a very
long time, unless you're trigger happy, in which case Sleight of Hand is
advised. No kick whatsoever when used with a grip.

Weapon: Stoner63
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 30/90
Attachments: Ext. Mag., ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex Sight, Infrared

The Stoner's damage is great, but the recoil and accuracy are not. I found
myself using a lot of ammo with this. Other than that, it's a great LMG.
You will find yourself getting many double and triple sprays with this, since
it does not take a lot of hits to get a kill.

\                       \              
 \  Shotguns   - SHGS    \

Weapon: Olympia
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 2/18
Action: Double-barrel
Attachments: None!

This weapon is great fun to use. It will kill most enemies in 1 shot, although
if they are too far, you may need a second shot or you may even miss. I highly
suggest staying in areas where close-range shots are easy to pull off (I'm
talking about buildings). I also recommend using Sleight of Hand, since you
will find yourself in situations where a quick reload is needed.

Weapon: Stakeout
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 4/12
Action: Pump Action
Attachments: Grip

This weapon remind me of the SPAS-12 in MW2, with less range. Since the
Stakeout is a Pump Action shotgun, you will find yourself in many dangerous
situations if you shoot someone and have to pump again to shoot off another
round (or three).

Weapon: Spas-12
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 8/24
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Suppressor

Although this is not nearly as good as the MW2 spas, this weapon can really
hold it's own. As with all shotguns, you will have to be sure to pick your
battles wisely. Having a quick trigger finger is a great advantage while
using this, since it's semi-automatic. Use of Sleight of Hand highly advised.

Weapon: HS10
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 4/12
Action: Semi- Auto
Attachments: Dual Wield

This is an okay shotgun to use, but the tiny clip size and slow reloads may
become troublesome. This is a great weapon to use with the Dual Wield
attachment. Scavenger and Sleight of Hand are strongly advised.

\                           \              
 \ Sniper Rifles - SRS       \

Weapon: Dragunov
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 10/30
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Ext. Mags., ACOG Scope, Infrared Scope, Suppressor, Variable Zoom

The Dragunov is a hard sniper rifle to use. First off, it's extremely hard to
get a 1-hit kill with this, since you must hit your targets in the chest and
higher to kill with one round. The default scope is also hard to use, since
it does not use the cross that we are all use to. I do not recommend using this
weapon at all.

Weapon: WA2000
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 6/18
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Ext. Mags., ACOG Scope, Infrared Scope, Suppressor, Variable Zoom

The stats on this weapon are the same as the Dragunov, but I was getting more
1-hit kills with this. My reasoning behind this is that the Dragunov's scope
is too busy. It has a bunch of markers that you will never use. The WA2000's
scope is the cross that we are all used to. The WA2000 is a semi-auto rifle
with little recoil, so it's easy to spray targets down. Even if this rifle is
better than the Dragunov, I still do not recommend using it.

Weapon: L96A1
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 5/15
Action: Bolt Action
Attachments: Ext. Mags., ACOG Scope, Infrared Scope, Suppressor, Variable Zoom

Commonly compared to MW2's Intervention, and for good reason. This weapon is a
1-hit kill anywhere on the body except for the legs (even the arms!). The fire
rate is decent, but your shots will not come as fast as with a semi-auto rifle.
For this reason, precision aiming is key. If you are going to snipe in Black
Ops, you should be using this.

Weapon: PSG1
Cost: 2000
Clip Size: 5/15
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Ext. Mags., ACOG Scope, Infrared Scope, Suppressor, Variable Zoom

The PSG1 may not be as good as the L96A1, but it still holds it's own. Although
it's not always a 1-hit kill in the genital region of your enemies (70 damage
with a 1.1x damage multiplier), you will still down targets with one shot. If
you do get a hitmarker, you can quickly pull off another shot, since this
weapon is a semi-auto rifle. If the L96A1's fire rate isn't good enough for
you, use this instead.

\                                 \              
 \ Secondary Launchers - LNCH      \

Weapon: M72 LAW
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 1/0
Action: Free Fire/ Lock On
Attachments: None

Launcher than can either be used to shoot down air support or enemies. Not
recommended for anything other than shooting down aircraft, since it's slow to
pull out and will not always kill your target, even if it lands beside them.
Flak Jacket users won't even flinch.

Weapon: RPG-7
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 1/1
Action: Free fire only
Attachments: None

The RPG fires an unguided missile that has limited range (it moves off course
a lot on far targets). I personally do not recommend this, since Flak Jacket
negates it completely, but it is effective and removing campers from their
tents, if you know what I mean.

Weapon: Strela-3
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 1/1
Action: Lock-on only
Attachments: None

Not much to say about the strela. It's the best option for shooting down
aircraft, since it has two rockets, instead of the LAW's one rocket. It
can only be used to shoot down aircraft.

Weapon: China Lake
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 2/0
Action: Pump-action grenade launcher
Attachments: None

The China Lake is a pump-action grenade launcher. It shoots relatively slow,
and is also slow to reload. The grenades will not ignite if you shoot them
too slow to yourself. If you shoot someone with a grenade and hit them
directly, the grenade will not ignite, but it will kill you target.

\                                 \              
 \ Secondary Pistols - PIST        \

Weapon: ASP
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 7/21
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Dual Wield

The ASP is very accurate and reloads very quickly, even without SoH. The iron
sights are very easy to use. As with all pistols, it's a great weapon to whip
out and finish off a damaged target. In my opinion, the ASP is also the
best dual-wield pistol you can use.

Weapon: M1911
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 7/21
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Upgraded Iron Sight, Ext. Mags., Dual Wield, Supprossor

The most accurate of the pistols, in my opinion. Very comparable to the ASP.

Weapon: Makarov
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 8/24
Action: Semi-Auto
Attachments: Upgraded Iron Sight, Ext. Mags., Dual Wield, Suppressor

It's an ASP with a bigger mag.

Weapon: Python
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 6/12
Action: Semi-Auto Revolver
Attachments: ACOG Scope, Snub Nose, Speed Reloader, Dual Wield

The Python is a two shot kill! I always use the Speed Reloader with this, since
it takes for ever to reload. Great for finishing enemies, or even taking them
out when your primary is empty.

Weapon: CZ75
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 12/36
Action: Semi-Auto OR Full-Auto (see below)
Attachments: Upgraded Iron Sight, Ext. Mags., Dual Wield, Suppressor,

The CZ75 is only unlocked once you buy all other weapons in it's class. With
any attachment other than Full-auto, the CZ75 is pretty much a M1911 with
a larger clip. Using the Full-Auto attachment reduces the weapon's damage by
10, but it will show extremely quickly. Great for people with slow

\                                 \              
 \ Secondary Specials - SPEC       \

Cost: 2000
Ammo: 1/1
Action: Knife Melee + 2 knife shots

The Ballistic Knife is a bit like Mw2's tactical knife attachment, but with
blades that can be shot into your opponent. This weapon speeds up your knife
melee, and also gives it a little more range (character seems to lunge more).
You also have two shots that will will your enemies on impact. However, they
are very hard to use since they more slowly and will drop slowly.

Weapon: Crossbow
Cost: 2000
Ammo: 1/1
Action: Single Shot (x2) with explosive tips.

The crossbow shoots an arrow that will stick to any surface (including people).
It will then blow, a little like a semtex grenade. If you stick a Flak Jacket
user with one, they will die.

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