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Book of Legends
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
  002a. Washington
  002b. Prague
  002c. Paris
  002d. Venice
  002e. China
  002f. London
  002g. Washington
003.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Book of 
Legends". In this game, Charleston and Zoey work together 
on a worldwide quest, in order to find Excalibur.

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Potomac River

The game starts with Zoe at the Potomac River. Press the 
start button on the left side of the boat to learn that it 
is out of fuel.

Pick up the funnel and the two gas cans. Use the funnel on 
the boat engine, then use the two gas cans on the funnel. 
Press the start panel to get the boat moving.

Now you need to find the paper, scissors and marker. The 
paper is on the boat floor, the scissors are on the seat, 
and the marker is on the ledge above the seat.

Move the throttle to the left, until the transparent piece 
of paper matches up with the scenery. It's not too 
difficult to find the match, because it is of the 
Washington Monument.

Pick up the binoculars and use them on the middle of the 
paper to see the White House.

Oval Office

Click on the portrait of George Washington to find a hidden 
safe. There are three indentations on the front of the desk 
here; you want to find the three wooden panels which go 
into these indentations. Charleston immediately determines 
that they are the three-eighths the clue refers to.

Put the panels in the proper indentations. A hidden 
compartment with a key opens up. Use the key on the safe 
behind the portrait of Washington. This reveals a five 
dollar bill, with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it.

Lincoln Memorial

Press the curtain button (at the base of a pillar on the 
left) to shut the curtain, so Zoe can have privacy. Then, 
click on the mason symbol which is on the pedestal below 
Lincoln's feet.

You need to clean it up. Take the water from the top of the 
metal scaffolding, and use it on the bucket in the 
lower/left. Take the detergent by the yellow cone in the 
bottom/right, and use the detergent on the bucket.

Take the rag, hanging left of the red toolbox. Use it on 
the bucket, then use it on the symbol below Lincoln.

Time to rebuild the symbol. Take the compass (from a pillar 
on the left), the G (on the letters above Lincoln) and the 
angle (by the ladder on the right). Use these items on the 

The clue is Lincoln's eyes. Press the curtain button again 
to learn that Lincoln is looking at the...

Washington Memorial

Click on the fire hydrant on the left. Get the shears from 
the right, and use it on the branches by the fire hydrant 
three times. Get the rake which is left of the fire 
hydrant, and use it on the fire hydrant area.

Examine the fire hydrant to get a key. Use it on the panel 
at the bottom of the screen. This gives you a clue, leading 

Capitol Building

This is straightforward. Click on all five lights in this 
scene. Get the stand (from the right side of the screen) 
and put it on the stand (in the middle of the screen). Get 
the gavel (from the lower/left corner) and use it on the 
stand three times.

A secret compartment opens. Click on it for a blueprint 

The Library of Congress

Click on the statue of Baphomet, behind the stand. This 
causes Zoe to notice a plaque fragment in the lower/right.

Pick up the plaque, then find the other three parts to it. 
It's a plaque of Baphomet. Use it on the statue. Then, set 
both light controls to "off".

A book appears, leading our heroes to Prague.

Odd Jobs

Before Zoe can fly to Prague, she needs to get money for a 
plane ticket. In order to get money, she needs to work some 
jobs. Each location you've been to has two jobs for her to 

There are five types of jobs, in total.

1. From the List: The most common job, in which you find 
all the objects on the list.

2. Same: Find the same object, multiple times. For example, 
the Oval Office has a job in which you find eight 

3. Take Photos: Similar to same, you want to find the same 
object, multiple times. Unlike same, most of the screen is 
blurred out, due to the camera.

4. Put It Back: The screen is split in half. Move things 
around on the left half of the screen, so it matches the 
right have of the screen.

5. Clean Up and Fix: Solve a short puzzle in the area.

The jobs in Washington DC are these:

Oval Office 1: Find From a List
Oval Office 2: Find the Same
Lincoln Memorial 1: Find From a List
Lincoln Memorial 2: Take Photos
Washington Memorial 1: Find From a List
Washington Memorial 2: Clean and Fix
Capitol Building 1: Put It Back
Capitol Building 2: Find Same
Library of Congress 1: Find From a List
Library of Congress 2: Find From a List


Prague Orloj

The clue mentions the freemasons, which were mentioned by 
the Lincoln Memorial. Find all seven of the Mason symbols 
on this screen.

Zoe concludes that since there were seven symbols, 7:00 is 
the right time. Click on the long hand of the clock 
multiple times, until it reaches the 7 on the left.

This opens up a secret compartment, with a plaque for St. 
Vitus Cathedral.

Saint Vitus

The riddle contains seven letters which are capitalized, 
when they should not be. All those letters are on this 
screen: B, A, P, H, O, M, E, T. Click on them all.

Putting the letters together, Zoe gets "Baphomet", who was 
mentioned in the Library of Congress. Pull the red carpet 
(in the lower/left) aside, then click on the letters on 
"Baphomet" in order.

The unused letters on the floor spell out "bridge", so 
that's our next location.

Charles Bridge

Click on the telescope here to ensure that it is broken. 
Then, find the four telescope pieces and use them on the 

The telescope costs 10 coins to use. Click on all ten of 
them, then use the coins on the telescope. Click on the 
telescope to see through it. Zoe sees a picture of Gollum, 
from Golden Lane.

Golden Lane

This is straightforward. Find all seven parts of the golden 
mask. It is an Egyptian mask, so Zoe decides to visit the 
nearby museum with a famous Egyptian exhibit.

National Museum

A mask, just like the one Zoe found, is here. The mask in 
the museum has seven keyholes. Find all seven keys and use 
them on the mask. The mask opens up. Behind it is the Arch 
of Triumph, located in Paris, France.

Odd Jobs

Prague Orloj 1: Find From a List
Prague Orloj 2: Find Same
Saint Vitus 1: Find From a List
Saint Vitus 2: Find Same
Charles Bridge 1: Find Same
Charles Bridge 2: Find From a List
Golden Lane 1: Find From a List
Golden Lane 2: Clean and Fix
National Museum 1: Take Photos
National Museum 2: Put it Back


Arc of Triumph

We need some red lights here. Click on the electrical box 
in the lower/left. It's locked.

Find the lever and square bar, to make a lock opener. Use 
it on the electrical box to open it. Click on the 
electrical box again to turn off all the lights.

There are four lamps on the screen, as well as four red 
light bulbs. Find the four red bulbs, and use them on the 
four lamps. Click on the electrical box again to turn the 
lights on. A Da Vinci painting which is in the Louvre 

Louvre Gardens

We need to drain the pool here. Click on the red box on the 
ground, which is the service box. The key to the box is by 
the statue, so pick up the key, then use it on the box.

The valve is broken. Find the wrench, the valve and the 
handle. Use them one the red box to fix the valve and drain 
the pool. Look inside for a statue of the Virgin Mary. In 
France, she is better known as "Notre Dame".

Notre Dame

This place is undergoing repairs at the moment, which is 
unfortunate because we need to have light shining. Find the 
knife, then use it on the largest sheet (against the back 

A tile is highlighted by the sun. Take the pickaxe from the 
left wall, then use it on the tile. Examine it to find a 
picture of the Paris Pantheon.

The Pantheon

The Foucault pendulum is here. We want to draw a picture 
with it. First, find all four pieces of paper. Use them on 
the pendulum.

Then, find duck tape, a paint, and a brush. Use them all on 
the pendulum; Zoe will tape the brush to the pendulum. 
There is paint on the brush, so it draws a design on the 
papers below the pendulum.

The design is in this room, below the statue on the right. 
Click on it to find a hidden compartment. Inside is a model 
of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

The building to the right has five circles above the 
doorway. There are five yellow suns on this screen. Click 
on all the suns and use them on the circles.

A compartment opens, containing a gondola. Now you need to 
find three statues of saints. Find them all. Each statue 
has a word on its base, and when you put them in the right 
order (combined with the gondola), it is clear that the 
next location is Venice.

Odd Jobs

Arc of Triumph 1: Find Same
Arc of Triumph 2: Find From a List
Louvre Gardens 1: Take Photos
Louvre Gardens 2: Find From a List
Notre Dame 1: Find From a List
Notre Dame 2: Take Photos
Paris Pantheon 1: Take Photos
Paris Pantheon 2: Put It Back
Eiffel Tower 1: Find From a List
Eiffel Tower 2: Find Same

002d. Venice

Rio della Verona

The clue mentions the free mason's symbol. There are eight 
symbols similar to the free mason symbol on this screen. 
Find them all and click on them.

Only one symbol is authentic. There is a lever (which looks 
like a flag pole) above it. Take the gondolier's pole, the 
rope and the hook. Zoe puts them all together. Use the 
device on the lever to pull it.

A small bell rings, and the bell tower at Piazza San Marco 
respondes. Zoe decides to investigate in this bell tower.

Bell Tower

The clue mentions Leo, Cancer and Scorpio. Those are all 
Zodiac signs, and on the ground here is a selection of 
Zodiac signs. Click on the three for Leo (lion), Cancer 
(crab) and Scorpio (scorpion).

Next, find the three statuettes of saints, and put them on 
the three Zodiac signs. Saint Michael (the angel) goes on 
Scorpio, Saint Peregrine (with a wounded leg) goes on Leo, 
and Saint Mary Magdalene (holding a skull in her arms) goes 
on Cancer.

Putting the saints in place opens a hidden compartment with 
a key. Take the key and use it to open the gate guarding 
the bell mechanism (on the right).

Find the crank (on the bench) and use it on the bell 
mechanism. A building in the distance will blink its 
lights, in response to the bell ringing. Click on that 
building to learn it is the Venice Library.

Venice Library

The clue mentions free masons, roses and suns. What do you 
know? There are many mason symbols, roses and suns on this 
screen! Find six suns, five roses and four mason symbols.

On the floor are three concentric circles, with numbers. 
The clue says to press roses, masons and sun. Press five 
(for roses) on the outer ring, four (for masons) in the 
middle ring, and six (for suns) in the inner ring. A hidden 
staircase leading to catacombs opens.

Venice Catacombs

It's dark in here! Take the torch (from the lower/right) 
and put it in the holder (in the middle). Take the matches 
from the upper/left, then use them on the torch to light 

Pick up the four rings here, and attach them to the four 
chains. Each chain is underneath a symbol, such as diamond, 
triangle, circle, and square. According to the exit door, 
you must pull the rings in this order: diamond, circle, 
triangle, square.

The exit door opens, leading you to the Basilica of Saint 
Mark (also called Marcus or Marco, depending on which 
language you're speaking).

Basilica San Marco

The three statues here have been defaced. Find the cross, 
baby Jesus and sword. Give the baby to the Virgin Mary (on 
the left), the cross to Jesus (in the middle) and the sword 
to Saint George (on the right).

Repairing the statues causes a panel on the left to open. 
Find the four keys and put them in the panel. The panel 
opens up. Check inside the panel for a small plaque in 
Chinese which reads "The Forbidden City".

Odd Jobs

Rio della Verona 1: Find Same
Rio della Verona 2: Find From a List
Bell Tower 1: Take Photos
Bell Tower 2: Find From a List 90
Venice Library 1: Find From a List
Venice Library 2: Find Same
Venice Catacombs 1: Find Same
Venice Catacombs 2: Find From a List
Basilica San Marco 1: Take Photos
Basilica San Marco 2: Find From a List

002e. China

Dragon Pavilion

The clue mentions a dragon's twin, but there is only one 
dragon here. Find all four parts of the dragon. These are 
all designs, painted on various places.

On the left, there is a pagoda with a dragon outline on 
top. Put the four dragon pieces there. A rock opens up. 
Look inside to find a scroll with the word "Empress" 
written on it.

Empress Rooms

The clue here is straightforward. Make some tea!

Find the teapot and put it on the warmer. Then find the 
five leaves and put them in the teapot. Find the spoon and 
put it in the teapot, too.

Find the teacup and use it on the teapot. Use the teacup on 
the Buddha statue on the left. This opens the cabinet below 
Buddha. Take the white lotus inside. Charleston discovers 
that White Lotus is a school of martial arts here.

White Lotus School

You must master seven weapons here. Pick up each weapon and 
use it on the practice dummy, in the middle of the room. 
Every time you use a weapon, the dummy rises from the floor 
a bit.

Once you've used all seven weapons on the dummy, examine 
the bottom of it. Inside is a statuette of an Emperor.

Emperor's Hall

The lampions need to be lit, but they're high up in the 
air. Find the pole, yarn and candleholder. Zoe puts them 
together and gets a makeshift lighting pole. Light the pole 
on the steaming pot, then use it to light the lampions.

The letters are not very clear. Take the carpet (on the 
right, behind the Buddha statue), then use the carpet on 
the wall so the symbols from the lampions are more 
distinct. Charles tells you that they mean "Tower of 

Odd Jobs

Unlike the other locations, there is only one job per place 
in China.

Dragon Pavilion: Find From a List
Empress Rooms: Find From a List
White Lotus School: Find From a List
Emperor's Hall: Find From a List

002f. London

Tower of London

The throne seems to be missing some parts. There is a 
display of what the throne should look like, but it's not 
working. Find the power connector (right of the display) 
and use it on the cord.

Open up the display on the left. It needs a bulb. Take the 
bulb from the lower/right part of the screen and use it on 
the display. Press the switch to turn it on.

Find the missing items: three gems, a gold wreath, a crown 
and a pillow. Use them all on the throne; the gems are on 
the bottom, the crown on top, the pillow on the seat and 
the wreath on the back. You want to make the throne match 
the display in the lower/left.

A secret compartment opens under the throne. Examine it to 
find a crown. British kings are crowned at Westminster 
Abbey, so that's our next location.

Westminster Abbey

According to the clue (and the picture in the book), Zoe 
needs to make a stained glass window design, like the one 
on the left. Find all three pieces of stained glass, then 
find lead solder and a blowtorch.

Put the stained glass design on the window. This lights up 
a compartment on the floor. Open it to find a clue about 
four quills. Find all four quills and click on them to open 
a secret passageway to Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace

Find the candle and put it in the candleholder on the wall. 
Take the matches (on a painting on the wall) and use them 
on the candle to light it.

Light from the candle hits the mirror. Click on all the 
mirrors here to adjust them, so the light reflects off of 
them. The light ends up on a pedestal. Click the pedestal. 
Zoe presses a button on it.

A secret compartment on the wall opens. Zoe sure does find 
a lot of secret compartments, doesn't she? Look inside for 
a watch clue, which mentions Little Ben's brother. That 
must be Big Ben!

Under Big Ben

The picture in the Book of Legends mentions light, so find 
all four torches here and put them in the four torch 
holders. The torches light up themselves and open a keyhole 
on the floor.

Find the key, which is behind a box on the left. Use it on 
the keyhole to open the door to the Mason's Parliament. 
Find all three documents in this area, which were part of a 
speech in the Parliament.

Get the coal from the lower/right and get the file near the 
wooden box. Zoe uses them to get charcoal on the paper, so 
she can read the letters. It contains a clue, leading to 
the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Odd Jobs

Tower of London 1: Take Photos
Tower of London 2: Put It Back
Westminster Abbey 1: Clean and Fix
Westminster Abbey 2: Take Photos
Buckingham Palace 1: Find From a List
Buckingham Palace 2: Take Photos
Under Big Ben 1: Find From a List
Under Big Ben 1: Find Same

002g. Washington

Our heroes go to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. The 
clue mentions a sword, and our heroes have a feeling that 
this sword is Excalibur. They're at the end of the quest!

First, find the wisest of Greeks. That would be Athena, the 
Greek goddess of wisdom. Click on her statue, which is in 
the middle of the screen. The statue is locked under a 
glass cage.

Examine the base of the display case, which has a code 
keypad. Click on the security jacket to find the code: 
846715. Enter that on the keypad and press "enter".

Now to find the missing parts of the statue. Find the 
armor, shield, spear and head, and put them all on the 

The statue will open up, revealing Excalibur. Take it, and 
the ending of the game will play.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).