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How to solve the memory allocation error?

I don't have much to say about Crysis 2 in game experience because this game couldn't be run at all. I tried to run it on 3 separate platforms, Windows XP PRO SP3, Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and Windows Vista 64 bit. None of them couldn't run even after the updates.

It could be the DVD that I have is not good or Crysis 2 itself is the bug. I believe it is the latter.

So far, I tested Crysis 2 on my current systems below:

1. Dell 530 (Windows XP PRO SP3)
2. AMD AM2+, 4 GB RAM Corsair, MSI K9N6PGM2-V2, AMD 3870 512 MB VRAM, ANTEC 550 Watts, (Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit). I installed Windows Vista 64 bit and I patch it with KB940105-x64 but neither of them work either.

I just bought some parts for a new system a week ago, and it was (emphasized) Crysis 2 driven motivation. I used all sort of method to fix the issue above but as of current time, it is not working. I increased my Virtual Memory to 10gb and reinstalled the game without the EA download manager, but it still crashed.

My new system is:

Processor: AMD Phenom II X 6, 1100T, 3.3 GHZ, 9.0 MB total Cache
Mobo: MSI 990 FXA - GD80
Nvidia 560 T2i 1 GB VRAM
16 GB RAM (4x4gb) DDR 3 1333MHZ PNY
Coisair AX 750 Watts Gold PSU
Antec DF-85 casing
Antec Water Cooling unit

I will build it today and gonna check if it works for Crysis 2.

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