Question from MrHindiakoemo

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i turn a zombie in single player?

How??? please tell meh!

Additional details - 5 years ago

I mean how do i be a zombie in single player

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From: Casey_Tatum 5 years ago

You cant. you have to play versus

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If you mean the riot cops, if you shove, there's a chance they'll spin around and fall. Other wise, position yourself between the cop and your allies, hopefully they'll do the rest.

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Yup. Casey_Tatum is right.

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Yeah Casey is right. But seriously thats kinda noobish dude...

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In left 4 dead there were some console commands that would let you play as the infected in single player.I have tried it out and it worked great . Im pretty sure that there would be some commands in left 4 dead 2 that would let you play as the infected in a single player game. Go to google and search left 4 dead 2 versus with bots maybe it would help

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