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Asked: 4 years ago

Is Versus Mode can play in offline mode?

Is versus mode can play in offline mode plz answer

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Its a person vs person game what do you think?
short answer: no

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Well some time ago you could play as infected vs the survivors with some console commands im not sure if this works still try searching a bit

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you can, type the following in the console:

sv_cheats 1
sb_unstick 1
sb_max_team_switches (any number)
sb_all_bot_team 111111111

that's all I'm not sure in the sb_all_bot_team 1111111111111 but it goes something like that.

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Type also after the name of the map versus like one below:

map c5m1_waterfront versus

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Don't play stages with scavenge ending(the one which you need some gas can to finish a campaign) 'cuz the bot will only roam around the map and not taking gas cans.

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You also need to update your left 4 dead 2 cuz sometimes the codes don't work on un updated L4D2.

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Do NOT use ss_map (watever map) Versus, it does not work. You will be able to play for a little bit, but then some thing like "unfair amount of players on one team" and then the Server you made crashes.

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