Question from arfi1234

Asked: 4 years ago

Why does this game keep telling me no permissions to run left4dead2?

I have been add game to the steam but when i launch the game after scene "no permissions to run left4dead2" please help me!!!!!!

Additional details - 4 years ago

So you want tell me turn off the firewall before running the game.
but still wont i have been run as administrator but when launch the game after scene steam is not running(i have been running a steam how could it be..)

Accepted Answer

From: podge16 4 years ago

Right click l4d on your desktop and run as adminstrator that may solve your problem it also could be a conflict with your firewall i had that problem with my firewall closing the game
also try
right click l4d2 in steam
local files
verify cache of local files

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