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Plot Help status answers
Are Virgil and Whitaker brothers? Open 2
Ending? Answered 1
What does CEDA stand for? Answered 1
Whats the story? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
An annoying game crash, can you help me? Answered 5
Any diffrence between the piracy,original and DLC ? Open 2
Can sobody help me with this lag? Open 1
Cheats ????? Open 1
Client DLL? Open 1
Console ????? Open 1
Decryption problem, Help! Please? Answered 3
Do you have to have a steam account if you buy the game from a retailer? Answered 7
Does Versus match server shutdown count as a loss? Unanswered 0
Game closes out after intro movie. Says I need administrative authority? Open 2
Game lags and puts an overlay on the screen? Answered 1
How can I reduce the lag while playing on Steam? Open 1
How can I still use the keyboard if I play with a controller? Answered 1
How do i fix a blank screen? Open 4
How do I turn cheats on? Answered 2
How to create a game more than 4 players(in campaign)? Open 1
How to look up and down with analog? Open 2
How to use cheats on steam (online)? Open 3
I have a problem with my L4D2 Add-On Support. Can anyone help me? Answered 1
I'm having a problem with certain sounds not playing. Does anyone know how to fix it? Unanswered 0
Input not supported? Open 3
Internet speed for online gaming? Answered 2
Is it possible to use an external controller for this game? Open 3
Joining VS mode games in Spectator mode - can't switch teams. Help? Open 3
Joystick problems? Open 1
L4D2 + Steam Microphone? Answered 1
L4D2 brightness too dark? Open 1
Menu controls????????? Open 1
Online Gaming? Answered 1
Rebuild audiocache? Answered 1
Run Map - Help?! Open 1
The L4D2 demo won't load up when i double click it? Answered 2
The zombies head do not fly off!! Help!! ??? Answered 6
Want to know if this game will run on my labtop? Open 2
What are good video settings for running left 4 dead 2? i have great ping but bad fps Open 1
Where's my achivements? Answered 2
Why can't I see falling rain in the Hard Rain campaign? Answered 1
Why does left 4 dead 2 lag so much on my PC??? Open 14
Why does my game crash? Open 1
Why does the game do not have single player? Open 5
Why does the game don't feature single and scavenge mode and features campaign? Open 3
Why does the game just immediately go to "left 4 dead 2 has stopped working?" Answered 1
Why does the game keep giving no logon errors in single player mode? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me "could not read blah blah blah"? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me Engine Error 436/ -infected: UTIL_SetModel: not precached error.mdl? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me failed to load the launcher DLL? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me something like...? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me Steam is not running.? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me...? Answered 4
Why does the game sometimes stop or does not respond and sometimes lags? Open 1
Why does the game stop loading(the one with left 4 dead 2 logo)when I have steam working? Answered 1
Why is multicore rendering greyed out in the video options? Open 1
Why my STEAM getting weird? Open 1
Will a ATI Radeon HD 4290 GPU work with Left 4 Dead 2? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
2-player Versus? Open 1
Ability to see Infected or Special Infected aura cheat? Answered 2
Achievement Campaign Question? Answered 4
Are there different Mutations for the Xbox360 compared to the PC? Open 1
Campaign/Single player achievements? Open 1
Can I play this single-player? Answered 1
Can my computer run this game? Answered 2
Can you play as the witch? Answered 1
Caricter {- (misspelled) voice option? Answered 1
Cheats aren't working in single player? Answered 2
Cheats not working on single player? Open 4
Concert posters? Open 1
Console? Answered 1
Developers Console? Answered 2
Do you have to pay to play online? Answered 1
Error? Open 1
GET ON THE BOAT!!?(voicespam help) Answered 2
How can i download this game on my pc? Open 2
How can i use the infected?? Answered 1
How can i using STEAM? Answered 1
How come the AWP Sniper, the Scout Sniper, and the Rifle was cut from the game? Answered 2
How do i kick player? Answered 1
How do I load plugin's for L4D2? Open 1
How do I make custom background menu for L4D2? Open 1
How do i turn a zombie in single player? Answered 5
How do i turn on the subtitles in the gam? Open 3
How do you create a versus game? Open 3
How do you get the CL0WND achievement? Answered 3
How do you see your feet? Open 3
How To Change Characters? Open 3
How to change my name? Answered 2
How to change Steam to non Steam? Answered 1
How to fix lagging on l4d2? Answered 1
How to get a combat knife in the console? Answered 1
How to make the dialogues appaer? Open 1
How to play as Tank? Answered 3
I bought the retail version of L4d2 and there was 2 discs with it? Open 1
I can't seem to find "Still Alive" on the jukebox. Where is it? Answered 1
I saw some videos on youtube where people messed with the characters? Answered 2
If you use cheats can you still get the achievments like in the 1st game? Open 2
In the DLC "The Passing" are the A.I. Infected good? Open 1
Infected Choice? Answered 1
Infected Selection Mods? Answered 4
Is my game really Left 4 Dead 2? Answered 1
Is there a haggard? Answered 11
Is there something wrong with my laptop? Open 3
Is there tank in this game? Answered 3
Is Versus Mode can play in offline mode? Open 7
Left 4 Dead 2 non steam properties? Answered 1
Left 4 Dead 3? Open 2
Multiplayer and console? Answered 1
Multiplayer? Open 2
Mutation problem? Answered 1
Muting people? Open 1
Non steam l4d2 problem? Answered 1
Offline? Answered 1
On expert, if the server crashes mid campaign, does it still count towards the achievement? Answered 2
Posters? Open 1
Problems with my E button? Open 1
Program Help? Open 1
Realism? Answered 1
Replacing the saferoom/end map music - how do I do it? Open 1
Rescue closet 2 ? Answered 2
Roachelle's official photo? Answered 2
Single player/Campaign specific achievements? Open 1
Skins, mods, maps? Open 1
Subtitles? Answered 2
System Requierments? Open 1
Tattoos? Open 1
Tracking List Problems? Open 2
VIRGIL WHATSUP BROTHER!!(voicespam help)? Open 2
Voice commands? Answered 1
What are the controls for the game? Answered 1
What is Add-Ons Campaign ? Answered 1
What is the command to set SI spawn times in single player versus? Open 1
What types of special infected, and uncommon infected are there? Answered 4
What's on the second disk of Left for dead 2 for the Pc? Open 1
When i open my consle it wont let me input sv_cheats 1 it says start own listen server? plz help:(. Open 1
Where i can get rzr-init.exe? Open 2
Why does this game keep telling me no permissions to run left4dead2? Answered 1
Why i can't play left 4 dead 2? Open 1
Why is my Left 4 Dead 2 not showing my mods and skins? Unanswered 0
Why isn't my menu background changing? Open 1
Would you recommend playing the first game to get an idea on how the 2nd is? Open 10

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