Answered Questions

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Ending? 1
What does CEDA stand for? 1

Other Help Answers
Ability to see Infected or Special Infected aura cheat? 2
Achievement Campaign Question? 4
Can I play this single-player? 1
Can my computer run this game? 2
Can you play as the witch? 1
Caricter {- (misspelled) voice option? 1
Cheats aren't working in single player? 2
Console? 1
Developers Console? 2
Do you have to pay to play online? 1
GET ON THE BOAT!!?(voicespam help) 2
How can i use the infected?? 1
How can i using STEAM? 1
How come the AWP Sniper, the Scout Sniper, and the Rifle was cut from the game? 2
How do i kick player? 1
How do i turn a zombie in single player? 5
How do you get the CL0WND achievement? 3
How to change my name? 2
How to change Steam to non Steam? 1
How to fix lagging on l4d2? 1
How to get a combat knife in the console? 1
How to play as Tank? 3
I can't seem to find "Still Alive" on the jukebox. Where is it? 1
I saw some videos on youtube where people messed with the characters? 2
Infected Choice? 1
Infected Selection Mods? 4
Is my game really Left 4 Dead 2? 1
Is there a haggard? 11
Is there tank in this game? 3
Left 4 Dead 2 non steam properties? 1
Multiplayer and console? 1
Mutation problem? 1
Non steam l4d2 problem? 1
Offline? 1
On expert, if the server crashes mid campaign, does it still count towards the achievement? 2
Realism? 1
Rescue closet 2 ? 2
Roachelle's official photo? 2
Subtitles? 2
Voice commands? 1
What are the controls for the game? 1
What is Add-Ons Campaign ? 1
What types of special infected, and uncommon infected are there? 4
Why does this game keep telling me no permissions to run left4dead2? 1

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