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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the Serial Number for the game?

Does anyone know the serial number to play this game? I need it to play this game... please tell me...

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the serial number is BUYT-HEOF-FICIAL-GAME

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dont listen to him now if you have RELODED version you have a patch and a key gen after it shows you automatik or manual go manual first copy your hardware ID and go to key gen put your id and it'll give you a serial № go back to automatick activation in the game and put the number and bingo i had the same problem too

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"Working Key Gen by RELOADED!
1-after you install, do the auto update to version 1.01
2-Game will ask to register "automatic" or Manually" click MANUALLY
3-You will get a "Hardware ID"
4-Place this Hardware ID into the into the RELOADED KEY GEN and click "generate" "

Link for download is:
(Delete www. if it doesn't work)
password: tooth

Site where I found it (Trusted site, ESPECIALLY trusted user)

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what if I just copied the game using an usb,how do I activate the game?

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I will try to tell what i know

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