Question from remy17live

The samurai?

When you find him along with the cowboy, ancorage guy, and spacedude. Should I kill them to get there clothes or just wait?

remy17live provided additional details:

can they help now so I can kill them later???

Accepted Answer

glenwii answered:

I killed all of them the cow boy samuri and ancorage guy and i didnt matter. i still managed to complete it as they dont really help at all. best thing to do is kill them when they unfreeze and take there clothing the samuri outfit is the best but there all unique...
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DarkPadwan answered:

Yes, as there is no karma drop. Do not kill the ancorage guy as you will need him later.
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iamnamtab answered:

You should just kill paulson because he has one of the most unique weapons because his magnum has no scope
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