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Why does my game not load past the first black screen?

When I go to load a new game everythings fine until the first black screen (when your a baby and you have to pick your name and stuff) then it shuts down and windows just says fallout 3 is shutting down help please.

gordonfreeman34 provided additional details:

I also forgot to mention it don't show the intro either.

gordonfreeman34 provided additional details:

Now it wont even open when i press play and windows says it cant open wtf?.

gordonfreeman34 provided additional details:

OK I downloaded sp2(service pack 2) and internet explorer 8 and its still not working but it works at my nans house??????


costinlionte answered:

Do you have all the requirements that the game needs, check again because alot of kids have this problem even i do, and i am preaty sure its because of the videocard so you better check that
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