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Does final fantasy xiv cost money on the pc? 1
Any clues as to how much the subscription fee will be? will there be a monthly fee, or just a one time price? 2
Is there a lifetime subscription? 1
Thaumaturge - Which elements? 2
PC requirements? 1
Why does the game lag so badly? 6
I was wondering if the 8500 gt series would be able to play the game? 2
how so I use Final Fantasy XIV Signature Generator? 1
How to quickly scroll through the chat or text history? 1
Connectivity Issue Game Error - 30002? 2
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
If I start the ffxiv 30 free days now and sign up for the 90 day subscription, will I be eligible for legacy campaign? 0
I have the old version of the game.. now how do i go about getting the new one for free? 0
Why can't I Talk To The NPC? 0
Can i do Hunt on a new GC? 0
Is FF14 pay to play on the PS3? 2
Is my computer capable of runing Final Fantasy 14? 3
"Final Fantasy XIV Has Stopped Working"? 6
How do I start any of the inn quest in order to use the inn in every city ?? 1
How much Connection speed Final fantasy XIV needs for playing online? 5
How Do I Fix The Lag? 2

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