Question from g0Abby

Can my computer play FF14?

Hi, please help me out. Thanks.

Win XP Pro, Service Pack 3
Pentium D, 3.2 GHz
GeForce 9500 GT, 1 Gb VRam
3 Gb Ram

g0Abby provided additional details:

I closed all programs, ran the FF14 benchmark today and got a 800 score. I thought I should be able to run at low settings? Is it my graphic card? I have a Asus P5LD2 Deluxe board, can anyone recommend a new graphic card? Thanks.


Rickster747 answered:

Yes. Low settings.
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skypryer answered:

You'll need a new processor and a new graphics card. Here's a link for the minimum requirements:

Your graphics card is just one series below the minimum; just because the memory on the card is more than 512MB, doesn't necessarily mean its better. As far as recommending a card, it depends; do you have a PCI-E slot, or AGP? Either way you should be able to get one fairly cheaply. Try or . I use NVIDIA (GTS 250), which wasn't expensive.

However, the main culprit is probably your processor. The minimum requirements state a dual core. If your mother board supports one, you can get a decent one for less than a hundred dollars.
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