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help me out with the weird Sound Lag, Stuttering or Doubled Sound issues?

t.i messed with the config file in documents/battefield 3/settings/PROF_SAVE_profile.still nothing. the game overall is running smooth though with no graphic lag or issues, i am using Nvidia GTX 440 and realtek built-in sound card

mdj71 asked for clarification:

Without any info on which kinda speakers/soundcard and computer specs youre using its impossible to help you.
Also what audio settings are you using?

Wartapes is in my opinion the best audio setting, but i think its also one of the more taxing options.
Theres also a setting in the "Audio" menu (cant remember the exact name) which sits under the "War tapes" option - the name of it contains "Enhanced", that option should only be active if you dont have surround sound speakers or headphones.


Evan_Arrrr answered:

Without more details, we can't possibly know what your problem is. My first suggestion is that your CPU is probably underpowered.
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paulfunm answered:

To correct audio lag
press ~, (beside letter 1 on keyboard)type in
renderdevice.forcerenderaheadlimit 1
renderdevice.triplebufferingenable 0
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jjp9999 answered:

It's a problem with Nvidia drivers. It works if you switch Battlefield to run on just one core (through the Task Manager).

There's a tutorial here:
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