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Name: Death 2000 (a.k.a "Doggeru")
Version: 1.0
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Topic: Alpha Centauri War Guide

Chapter 1: Picking Your Faction
I. What I Said Up There.

Chapter 2: Deciding War
I. What I Said Up There.

Chapter 3: War
I. Early War
II. Middle War
III. Late War
IV. Planet Busters (And Extra War Tips!)

Chapter 4: Thanx, Legal Stuff...
I. What I said up there!

                        THERE'S MORE INSIDE! (The Cootees)
-----------------------(Picking Your Faction)-----------------------

(Note From Death 2000: Use The FIND Feature if you have it to find what 
you are looking for because the Extra War Tips (BIG) is in no order and 
will take a while to go through so just FIND the word you want K)

One of the most important things of Alpha Centauri is to pick the right 
faction. If you want war dont be Morgan or Deidre. Here's A Faction List 
to help you pick.

The Lord's Believers: Sister Miriam Godwinson

+1 Probe
+25% Bonus To Attacking Due To Fanatics.

-2 Research
-1 Planet
Accumulates No Research Points Till 2110 (10 Turns)
Cannot Use Research Values.

Best War Faction but is almost impossible to become a Morgan or a 
University. With its Probe Bonus you can steal tech easier from your 
enemies. But with your horrible research back-downs you wont be getting 
your Weapon's upgraded for a long time without the use of probe teams, 
Your 25% Bonus does nothing when your up against the wall and your enemy 
has unleashed its new Singularity Hovertank at your Capitol since its 
for ATTACKING only! Just remember that so you dont think your Scout Is 
the best Defense during 2180!

War Rating: **** (Out Of 5)

Gaia's Stepdaughters: Lady Deidre Skye

+1 Planet
+2 Efficeincy
+1 Nutrients in Fungus Squares

-1 Morale
-1 Police
Cannot Use Free Market Economics

The Worst Faction to use for war. The Morale & Police Downgrades are bad 
to use for an army, They're Mind Worms do get a bonus due to the Planet 
upgrade but that doesnt mean you can go on a full scale war with those 
critters. Your Mind Worms Wont Do ANYTHING to a Hypnotic Tranced Scout 
Trooper! So PSI can be avoided rather easy with that. Just dont use this 
faction for world dominance UNLESS you have about 30 Planet Busters in 

War Rating: * (Out Of 5)

Human Hive: Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang (Yang as in Yong)

+1 Growth
+1 Industry
Perimeter Defense At Each Base for free
"With The Alpha Centauri Upgrade On The SMAC Web Site"
Police State Has NO Minuses for The Hive

-2 Economy
Cannot Use Democratic Politics

This is a all around good War Faction. It's Growth & Industry allow many 
units but its horrible economy can hinder its budget severly. Their 
Police State give good bonuses for Support & Police, The Support bonus 
allows a huge army & the police allow totalitarian control over your 
faction. Build Many Bases & A Huge Army to suceed.

War Rating: ***1/2 (Out of 5)

Morgan Industries: CEO Nwabudike Morgan (Or Just Morgan)

+1 Economy
Starts With 100 Energy Credits Other than 10
Extra Commerce With Treaty/Pact & Loans

-1 Support
Need A Hab Complex To Exceed Size 4
Cannot Use Planned Economics

Very Bad War Faction. They're Support is bad and you'll be very tempted 
to go after Democracy & Wealth which will obliterate any war building 
you can think of. Dont Go to war, Just buy them off.

War Rating: *1/2 (Out of 5)

The Peacekeeping Forces: Commissioner Pravin Lal

Extra Talent For Every 4 citizens
2x Votes for Govenor and Supreme Leader
Can Exceed Hab complex population by 2

-1 Efficiency
Cannot Use Police State Politics

This Faction has NO Cons! that -1 is nothing when you go to democracy or 
something! But this faction isnt a war faction as you may think. 
Democracy lowers support by 2 which will lower your unit budget and even 
though erratic Brother Lal doesnt usually win wars with big factions. 
Your Better Of With The Hive or Spartans with a war.

War Rating: ** (Out of 5)

Spartan Federation: Colonal Corazon Santiago (Weird Name)

+2 Morale
+1 Police
No Extra Cost for Prototypes

-1 Industry
Cannot Use Wealth Values

Good War Faction with great moral bonuses. They're Industry Slows down 
construction of your army and Wealth cannot be choson so there goes any 
industry bonuses untill later. But with no prototype costs and great 
morale and police you can build that army you want.

War Rating: ***1/2 (Out of 5)

University Of Planet: Academician Prokhor Zakharov (Weird Name also, 

+2 Research
Extra Tech at beginning of the game
Free Network Node at each base

-2 Probe
Extra drone for every 4 citizens
Cannot use Fundamentalist Politics

Ugh... The Horrible Cons... The Probe and the opposite of the 
peacekeepers pro... That seems bad but do you see any -Support or -
Morale? No. And that HUGE research bonus you can get high tech weaponry 
and build an army but you'll have to deal with drone riots alot.

War Rating: ***1/2 (Out of 5)

-------------------------------(Deciding War)----------------------
Yeah you need to have a good reason to start war most of the time.
Here's your choices.

Great Idea:

They Have Started war With you (Which is unavoidable)
You have NO territory due to your enemy has took up all of it around you

Good Idea:

Your Enemy Has Opposite Social Choices
Your Enemy is your opposite
Your Enemy Has Been Harrasing You
Your Enemy has been Probe Teaming you alot

Ok Idea:

You Know You can win
Planet Buster

Bad Idea:

Just For Fun
Your Not ready and you started war because you wanted to
Your Enemy Is Your Pact Brother
Your Enemy Is Has Surrenderd to You

*If you are playing for conquest only.
DO NOT DO ANY OF THE BAD IDEAS! Those will really hinder any friendships 
you have made and will lower your rep & is a waste of resources.

So Your At War, Im gonna tell you how to win in the 3 time zones.

Early War:

Ok. First off make sure your Army can use Rovers, Laser & The Lowest 
Armor. (Synthmetal) And have at least 3 bases with one of those with a 
high mineral output. With your highest mineral base building Laser 
Rovers with no armor for scouting terrain and use your Synthmetal Laser 
Soldiers for your main attack force. Once you found your enemy make 
(Censor) sure you dont goto war right now. First check your enemies base 
amount and know every little thing about your enemy (Lets Say Now your 
enemy is The Believers) Know your enemies weakness. Make sure you know 
how big they're army is (Lets say they got 2 Scouts in each base & they 
have 4 Bases) Well if they're that big we're gonna need to be bigger. 
Lets make about 4 SLS's & 2 Laser Rovers and attack they're first base 
with a SLS. You should easily defeat they're scouts and be able to take 
they're first base and now that you have they're territory load this 
base you took with your army and prepare to attack New Jerusalem 
(They're Capitol) Let's say they have 2 SS's (Sythmetal Soldiers Hand 
Guns) and they got a Observer Tower (+25% Defense). Now your gonna want 
to attack them in one turn due to the fact that they'll reinforce the 
capitol if its attacked so move ALL your forces next to the Capitol and 
begin your attack. You might lose a few units due to the Tower but 
here's the thing. Befor the attack send a rover out and pillage the 
Tower and other useful terrain enhancments that'll starve them and ruin 
they're bonus which will save you units. Afterwards the capitol should 
be yours and that leaves 2 bases remaining for the believers which they 
WONT probably ask you for a surrender pact due to they're overwhelming 
beliefs... Finish Them... If you have Restart Opponets your screwed... 
Since they'll blast off in a colony pod and re-build they're faction 
over and over and over ect... TURN THAT OFF!

Now My Example is very unlikely due to the enemy will build an army as 
well but thats why you MUST use sneakyness to your advantage. Did 
Germany have control of europe by telling everyone "Hey im starting a 
war! PREPARE!" NO! Even though Hitler lost and Germany is now practicaly 
a third world nation thats not the point Germany Did The "Lighting War" 
attack on Poland and other countries which they were unprepared for and 
Germany was victorious exept that they were fighting the world (Hence 
World War) and they were outnumbered and outgunned. You better not make 
the same mistake Germany did in WW2 or your faction will be but a 
mermory. Thats A Good Example.

War is a Pro and Con. If Victorious you will have complete control of 
any bases stolen and any tech you found but the resources you wasted on 
war that you could have used on Building Infrastructure and Building 
Bases which will have you win in the long run. War is good if your 
"Powerful" and if you "Know Your Enemy". Look in the Datalinks or an 
your Book and look up the opposing faction (Lets Say Spartans). The 
Spartans seem to be a powerful faction BUT they're -1 industry in the 
beginning is only worsenned by "Power Values" which lowers it by 2! USE 
THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Out Number The Spartans! They will take longer 
to build and they wont go changing over to wealth or planned econmics to 
fix it either! Outnumber them by 4 to 1 and you'll easily eliminate 
they're moral bonus. But if You Lose or surrendered to your enemy your 
basicaly screwed. You lost the game and your just a pawn of a now 
greater faction. Thats why your listening to me.

Lets Start With A War With... Boats... Chaos Guns... Plasma Steel Armor 
& 2 opposing factions.

Middle War:

Well If You Read The Last 2 Paragraphs then you'll know what To Do & 
What not to do. First lets set up a few calculations.

Your Lets say the Spartans & Your Enemy Is The Morganites.

Spartan Data:

Bases: 8 (1 in water)
Cash: 100 Energy Credits
Units: 1 Plasma Armored Hand gun wielding Soldier in each base. 4 
Synthmetal Chaos Rovers. 5 Plasma-Chaos Soldiers & 4 Plasma-Chaos Foil 

Morgan Data:

Bases: 12 (1 in water)
Cash: 300 Energy Credits
Units: 1 No Armor-Chaos Soldier in each base. 2 SC rovers & 3 PC Foils.

Well As you see in my data that you outnumber Morgan but he has more 
bases and cash. Cash plays a useful role in war. You Must rush buy as 
many soldiers as possible due to war is about "How Fast You Can Make 
Them & How Fast You Can Use Them" First of all lets begin a stratagy.

First of all lets say You both are on the same island as each other but 
are divided by an other faction inbetween or around the are of you 2.

Diplomacy plays a good role in war. You need allies in order to win or 
the world will go against you. Lets Try to get them under are control

First of all lets go off and butter up are little 3rd person shall we?
Give the person (Lets Say University) a little cash (25 Credits Should 
do) and give them a tech if they dont got one. Now lets ask for a pact 
of brotherhood and if they say no then butter them up some more and try 
again. If yes ask them to declare war on the Morganites and give them a 
tech or cash in return (IF you have something or enough dont blow all 
your cash on this) lets say the do so.

Now that Zakharov is on your side you should be able to begin your 

Now lets build a probe team and probe morgans smallest base (Which will 
be the nearest) and get some credits. Dont bother about framing people 
since your at war, WHO CARES? Lets say you drain a good 20 credits from 
them which will lower them to about 280. Now send the same harden probe 
team at them again and knock out a structure. It doesnt matter which one 
lets just cause a little ruckus there. Lets say you destroyed they're 
Energy bank which will lower they're cash flow.

Now lets begin by sending 2 SC Rovers at the smallest base.

First Destroy all terrain enhancments around the base to ensure your 
victory. Now attack. You shouldnt lose any units and have control of 
this base.

Spartan Data:

Bases: 9 (1 in water)
Cash: 130 (Due to end of turns) Energy Credits
Same amount of units.

Morgan Data:

Bases: 11 (1 in water)
Cash: 295 (Due to end of turns) Energy Credits
1 less defensive unit.

Didnt Think that made an impact? Wrong. You have Morgan territory which 
mean you can reload and build right on the enemy grounds. now lets move 
are mobile forces to this base and prepare for an attack against the 
second largest city.

Now before we attack pillage. Now lets think about the attack.
They will have defense with other bases of course but we must "Surround" 
the base we are attacking so we can destroy any in-coming 
retaliation. now lets attack. We will probably lose a unit due to this 
base is large and it probably has a perimeter defense on it.

Spartan Data:

Bases: 10 (1 in water)
Cash: 140 Energy Credits
1 less PC Soldier.

Morgan Data:

Bases: 10 (1 in water)
Cash: 310 Energy Credits
1 less defensive unit.

Now before the attack of Morgan Industries (They're Capitol) lets knock 
that water base out to be able to bombard the capitol.

Water War is different due to you cant use Infantry or Rovers in it 
unless you happen to have Amphibious Pods Ability that'll allow you to 
attack from a boat.

Now lets send are whole fleet towards the enemy water base.

They should begin to retaliate with some PC Foils which your 4 Highly 
trained PC Foils should have no match with. Lets say you sunk all the 
boats and they sunk 1 and really damaged an other.

Lets take the base. Your PC Foil is no match for a wussy infantry.

Now repair your boat and rush over to the nearest shore to Morgan 

First Lets Bombard them with your 3 boats and hurt they're base units 
(Which are Plasma-Handgun units... About 4)

Lets say they have a Perimeter Defense and have a Observatory Tower. 
Lets Pillage the enhancments. Once the pillaging is completed lets 
attack. Use Your PC Soldiers to soften them, Make sure not to lose many 
units since you got massive drawback in industry being Spartans. then 
use a Probe Team and wipe out a structure hopeing its they're perimeter 
defense and then launch an other probe team and this time infect the 
population. If your caught who cares your a war faction.

By now you should have control of the capitol now. Zakharov should be 
conquering the now weakened morganites & You should be bombarding them 
for your ships untill they surrender or die.

Have You Learned anything yet? Lets Recap.

1.DONT ever attack before your ready.
2.Use Sneakyness to your advantage.
3.Pillage Enemy Enhancments.
4.Bombard From Afar to weaken.
5.Outnumber Your Enemy.
6.Use Diplomacy to your advantage.
7.Use Advantages to the Most and Use your enemy's Disadvantages to the 
8.Bribe Factions to help you.
9.Out Tech your enemies.
10.Have A good Reason to go into war.

Those are some of the important ones.

Middle War is harder than Early but easier than Late. Try to win during 
that time or earlier.

I Am A Fair War Guru Arnt I? Even Though My Favorite Faction Is The 
Morganites! I Aint Black Or Anything But His Free Market And His Cash 
Rulz. I never goto war with Morgan. I Have Played War With Most faction 
and won each time (How Can I Lose If I Know This Much! :P) Anyways i 
have been playing these games since Civilization I.

Late War:

Here You Got Most Techs and you got a bunch of bases as do your multiple 
enemies. Your The Hive Here.

I wont use any stats here since doing that will take WAY too long and im 
not getting paid am i? if you guys gave me a good $20 i'd do it (Not 20 
yen! AMERICAN!) but untill the year 12000 i aint gonna do that.

Well First... Let's Say You Are All on different islands within a Delta 
Shape. You Are The Hive in the up'est island and your enemies the 
Believer's on the left island and the university on the right side.

Now this is a 3 Way Battle in which everyone is at war with everyone.

Now I Should give you a list of avalible Unit Types.

Infantry: PROS: +25% At Attacking Bases. CONS: 1 Move Per Turn.

Rover: PROS: +25% In Open Terrain, 2 Moves Per Turn. CONS: Infantry 
Attack Bases Better Than this.

Foil: PROS: Sea Movement, 3 Moves Per Turn (?). CONS: Only Sea, Cruiser 
Breakfast, Can only take Sea Bases

Cruiser: PROS: Sea Movement, 5 Moves Per Turn (?). CONS: Only Sea, Can 
Only Take Sea Bases.

Needlejet: PROS: Air Movment, 12 moves per turn (2 turns before crash) 
(?). CONS: Can Be Shot Down By SAM & ECM Units. Cannot Take Base.

Hovertank: PROS: Heavytank, 2 Moves Per Turn (?). CONS: Kinda Slow for a 
future tank, Can't hover over water.

Gravship: PROS: Can Go Anywhere without Fuel, 12 moves per turn (?). 
CONS: Can be shot down by SAM & ECM Units.

Missle's: See Planet Buster.

Mind Worm: PROS: +25% PSI on any unit, Fungus Movement. CONS: Many 
different ways of keeping these at bay.

Isle Of the Deep: PROS: +25% PSI on any unit, Carries units depending on 
morale level. CONS: Cannot take land base, Many ways of keeping these at 

Locust Of Chiron: PROS: +25% PSI on any unit, 6 moves per turn (?), No 
Fuel. CONS: Many ways of keeping these at bay.

Ok now you should be able to understand what im talking about now.

Now lets say you got like 4 Cruiser's with Probility Sheath & Fusion Gun 
on all 4, And 14 Foils with the same equipment.

First send them in seperate platoons (2 Cruiser's, 7 Foil's) to each The 
Believers and The University, You shouldn't have that much to deal with, 
Once you gain control over all their sea bases use them as Repair Depo's 
and repair your ships.

Now Develop some Infantry with drop pods, probility sheath & fusion gun.

Now to cripple them, first make 2 transports and fill them with 5 probe 
teams in each one (Or the max which evers right) and send them to drain 
energy tokens and steal techs (If any) then knock out the infrastructure 
on capitol and the nearest bases around it for each faction, Then you 
should drop your soldiers in (After Bombarding) and then take the 
Capitol of each faction and with any surviving units try to take a few 
other bases around the Capitol (You did probe them right?) afterwards 
check if they wanna sign a blood-truce (Cease-Fire)
if they do say NO if you know you can handle them say YES if your a 
sorry little wimp (Which if your reading this you aint) if they ask now 
say NO and if they wanna surrender say YES they become a under-state to 
you and they will most of the time give you ANYTHING (Tech, Cash, Maybe 
Even Bases!) they will become your personal lackey and thats what its 
all about... The Capitol is the mainstay of their empire, Where would 
America be without The White House? Russia Without The Kremlin? British 
Without Their Capitol Building? Thing im saying is that you take 
Washington D.C. or Moscow or London and you got a huge advantage and 
that'll pay handsomely.

Well that raps up The Late Game and everything in between, You should be 
able to attack your enemy nicely, Also when moving your troops DO NOT 
MOVE THEM ON THE SAME TILE! Then if the leader dies usually the rest do 
and thats a major loss since this aint Civilization Call To Power isit!?

-----------------------------(Planet Busters)--------------------------
Now for a weapon that deserves it's own section the Planet Buster.
O.k this isnt just for it, This is for other such stuff so read on!

The Planet Buster is the only weapon with that alone can eliminate a 
empire to a huge crater. Exept with it's major flaw... It really really 
really really really really hurts planet! Once i tried to do a HUGE Rush 
buy of planet busters with all my bases (Which equaled about 35) and 
tried to hurt them but the worst thing happened... The Mind Worms began 
a revelution, They destroyed everything with their swarms... Reminded me 
of StarCraft... Damn Zerg...

Well to use these right you only use these on Bases FAR FAR FAR AWAY 
from you... The Worst thing that can happen is that your own planet 
buster kills off your capitol just because your neighbors with your 

Also lets talk a little about formation and such.

You should never place your units on the same tile unless your in a base 
or a bunker.

When attacking a base swarm around it to block off any reinforcements 
and to hit them hard since they will have a hard time hurting eight 
different units in the same turn.

Use Mind Worms, They always get a advatage against non-psi units (unless 
they got hypnotic transe) and can grow huge quick and are very cheap.

Normal Missiles are best in HUGE groups targeted at a incoming force and 
a base that just wont give up, one alone will do jack...

Planet Busters also have a bad flaw, The Bigger the reactor the bigger 
the explosion which can REALLY hurt the planet and maybe even hit you 
(It aint funny when you got your HQ that holds all your Secret Projects 
in it blown to nothingness!)

Rovers are best in the open, Use them to hit a incoming infantry force 
cause they'll get a good 25% bonus AND if they're higher than them an 
extra bonus!

Artillery even though it doesnt hurt that bad is great at hurts an 
incoming force and a base, Would The brotherhood of Nod (TS) be anything 
without it? NO! (C&C gave them a better advantage, NUKE)

Dont think the Morganites, University, Peacekeepers, Gaians are easy to 
beat just cause they got flaws, They got one thing the Hive, Believers, 
Spartans dont got and thats Cash & Production, They can outnumeber you 
very fast and even though their pacifists they can still outnumeber you 
and thats what counts most.

Morgan has a bad flaw, -Support, To get out of that bad curse is to mind 
control an enemy base (THEY GOT CASH!) and send a force to that base and 
then switch the soldiers to that bases upkeep (Homebase) and then attack 
the nearest towns doing the same over and over, That usually does work 
and goes around that lowering of production and due to you probably got 
free market economics that'll take care of that pacifist problem.

Gaians got a bad flaw, Pacifist, Horrible Morale & Police is not the way 
to win a war, To get out of that use mindworms, They require Planet for 
their morale and that'll usually be a big number (Green Economics) and 
if you have alot of doctors (Or your equalvent) you should be able to 
have a huge army of psi warriors.

Try to own a island or continent for having no neighbors is better than 
having any, And Terraform the ground to your likeing (THERMAL BOREHOLE!) 
and always use Sensor Arrays in Forests (Once you got Hybrid Forest 
Structure BUILD IT and grow ALOT of Forests! It brings in alot of Food, 
Energy & Minerals!)

Probe Teams are the spy's of the future, They can check up on an enemy 
base and poisen them (Lowers Population, Atrocity), Steal tech (If any) 
steal cash (If any) Mind Control (If enough cash) and Thought Control 
(If enough cash). Use them wisely.

Many people wonder whats the difference between Mind Control & Thought 
Control, Mind control hurts your rep as the latter doesnt but costs 
more, If you're a Pacifist then use Thought Control, if not the latter. 
Your Choice.

Needlejet's are best for quick air strikes against other forces and 
bases, They can be shot down by a SAM-ECM Soldier but they have great 

Gravships are the mother of war, They can move anywhere and without any 
fuel, Once you get these obsolete EVERY Needlejet you got and replace 
them with this, The only thing that stands in the way of a Sigularity 
Laser, Sigularity Reactor, Stasis generator Gravship is a Mind Worms and 
that can be dealt with even with this thing since it would have what 40 
HP? HAH! Kill everything with 4 of these!

'Chopper's are very good, put a strong weapon on this with a good 
reactor and send it over to a base and attack attack attack then send 
some weak unit in for the takeover, These things got fuel and if their 
not in a base when they run out of fuel they'll be dealt damage and will 
sooner or later break all by itself. You've been warned.

Upgrade Units when you get new technology, You Dont Want To Forget and 
then end up having only Scout Infantry Guarding your Capitol! It's 
Happend to me way to often (I Am An Aristocrat... "Acts All Snobby") 
Also Upgrade Your Reactor Everytime you get a new one DONT FORGET, A 
Reactor add's to movement and HP! A Singularity Reactor is 4x better 
than a Fission!

This'll be updated every now and then like when i discover a good 
stratagy to put in here... Just remember look here for new stuff the 
other stuff probably wont be updated... (Im a very busy man!)

Myself for doing this of course!
My "family" for food and love i guess...?
Jesus for being my God and such.
My Personal Friend Jeff Rash who i share not only my time but my own 
internet with!
The Nice People On IRC who either dont annoy me or end up getting 
virtualy killed!
Sid Meier for starting Civilization I and a legacy.
Firaxis Games' Brian Reynolds for designing Alpha Centauri.
Firaxis Games itself for creating this game.
And You For Reading This!
--------------------------------(Legal Stuff)--------------------------
I am very protective of my stuff (All my stuff has "0wned By Death 2000" 
on it) and i do not want anyone useing my faq for themselves. I will not 
allow any illegal post of my faq, My Faq is to be used on Gamefaqs.com 
or anyone else who follow's my rule. If you don't tell me of your using 
of my faq and i find it on your site i will sue you for up to 
$250,000,000,000 in cash and i cannot lose do to this being stated. You 
Must Tell me of your posting and tell me of the site you own and give me 
the address and the location of this faq if you fail even one of these 
you wont be getting it.

(C)Death 2000 Copyrighted, 2000 to Infinity-Forever.
----------------------------------(War Document Ended)-----------------