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Subject: Walkthrough: Pool Of Darkness (SSI)
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As requested, here's the Pool of Darkness walkthrough.  I think the
page-width got a bit stuffed up somewhere - sorry, but that's the way
I got it!

                              Pools of Darkness
                           Hints and Mini Walkthrough
                                by Matt Haag
  Published in the DIRTY LITTLE HELPER October 1996 with kind

                              Table of Contents

                           Part I: Getting Started

                           Part II: The Sundering
                               Taydome's Keep
                               Dragonhorn Gap
                           Manshoon & Zhentil Keep
                                Myth Drannor

                         Part III: The Road to Bane
                            Thorne & the Dragons
                       Marcus, the Red Tower & Tanetal
                      Zhentil Keep, the Drow & Kalistes
                        Mulmaster, Arcam & Gothmenes

                          Part IV: Dave's Challenge


                           Part I: Getting Started

Pools of Darkness (or POD for short) is somewhat atypical for a gold
game. In particular, where the usual AD&D product pretty much leads
you by
the nose so you have no trouble staying on track, POD goes in the
direction, not giving you much help at all in deciding what to do or
to go next. Sometimes, even when you think you know where to visit,
seems to be happening there (or at least, nothing of much importance).
In addition, there are several set-ups in the game that you need to
about so you can survive the experiences. A lot of damage gets tossed
your party, and knowing when it's coming can help your people stay
If you are creating a party from scratch (instead of bringing one over
Secret of the Silver Blades, which is better than making a new one),
don't want non-humans unless you plan on bringing them in as thieves
or as a
multi-class something/thief. A thief is the only class where
non-humans can
max out (unlimited advancement) in; as anything else there is a level
restriction after which the character will no longer gain experience.

My own party consisted of one human paladin, one human cleric
(neutral), one
dwarven thief, one human mage, one human ranger/mage and one half-elf
fighter/mage/thief. The paladin was especially important, since having
in the party let me control the various NPC's who joined us for
periods of time.

The other characters were to balance everything out. Since the cleric
neutral, he could cast both versions of healing spells (i.e. cure
wounds and cause light wounds, etc.). The ranger/mage started as a
mage who
changed class right away so that I would have another fighter in the
but still have the spell casting abilities of a 14th level mage when
gained enough experience to become a 15th level ranger. The
fighter/mage/thief was for the extra punch of a fireball spell, the
abilities of a fighter and the thief component was so that he would
gaining experience after he maxed out in his other classes.

Another important trick in defeating the game is "sharing" equipment.
This a
rather simple concept. If one player has Plate Mail +5, why shouldn't
the other characters? What you need to do is to load your saved game
at the
main menu when you have the option of adding and removing characters.
this is done, your next step varies based on who has the item. If a
in your party has the item, remove him from the party and when the
game asks
if you wish to update this character, say yes.

Next, add the character back into the game. View the character's items
trade whatever you want other characters to have to the next party
Remove the first character, but this time don't update the character.
game will ask you for a new filename. Hit escape to clear the field.
remove the second character (the one with the new armour and stuff)
update him. Add both members back into the party and repeat the


The game begins with the heroes on the docks in Phlan. Visit the
council and
accept Sasha's mission. Rest and memorize spells before leaving Phlan.
the party leaves town with Sasha's retinue, Bane appears and causes
the sky
to cloud over, destroying the cities and effectively capturing the
Elminster then transports you to Limbo and explains what happened.

                           Part II: The Sundering


After that, the party gets teleported near the crater of Melvaunt, on
Northern edge of the Moonsea. Go East into the crater and join Priam
investigating the temple of Tyr. Upon entering the public worship area
the temple, a figure will run upstairs. Pursue the figure. Upstairs
you will
run into a Vampire and some of his minions. Defeat them and record
what the
journal entry you are given says (this will be important later). If
explore the top floor you will find four unlit, iron braziers that you
seem to light, a belfry and a study where you can rest.

After resting in the study, go back down to the first floor. Go past
entrance and downstairs to the first basement. This floor is dedicated
acolytes cells and the temple kitchen. Continue down to the second
This floor is the temple's crypt. Go into the room where two bodies
lie on
the floor next to a coffin. A ghost, Brimwulf, will appear and ask if
will be tested. Agree and pass behind him.

Upon entering the hallway behind the coffin room, you will notice an
indentation in the wall. Walk into it and perform the ritual of
correctly. Go to the door. Get the Vessel of Purity with Torm's Symbol
on it
from the earth elemental. Then continue on to the room with Ilmater's
on the floor. Defeat the fire elemental there and the Spirit Flame
will jump
into the bowl. Continue on and take the Lamp of Vigilance and go back
up to
the top floor of the tower.

Light the braziers with the Lamp and then go and ring the bell in the
of the belfry. Brimwulf and his lover are reunited and you are
finished with
the temple. Go back downstairs and make your exit.

                               Taydome's Keep

Go into the "stockade manned by giants and ogres" directly to the
north of
Melvaunt. Upon entering, a group of giants will greet you with steel.
Destroy them and proceed north into the heart of the keep. You will
a guard from Phlan who claims to have been with Sasha. He is really
in disguise. Refuse his help (but be prepared to defend yourself).
defeating the giants summoned by Kimarr, go west and then north into a
where 2 Phlanarian guards are being interrogated by giants. Kill the
and rescue the guards.

Return to where you met Roulin, then go north to a fork in the path
where a
note suddenly materializes. Go east here, following the tunnel as it
south further on. Find Kimarr and his giant guards. Defeat them and
the keep of evil.

                               Dragonhorn Gap

Enter the steading near Dragonhorn gap and you will be confronted by
Talk to them and they will let you pass. Proceed further and some
giants will ask you who let you in. Your choice here is unimportant
for purposes of deciding who goes first in the combat that follows.

After killing the giants, go either east or west into the hallways
off from the main courtyard where you came in. Go down either hallway
where you find a set of doors which have signs saying "Private! Keep
Out" on
them. Enter one of the rooms, claim the room as your own and beat the
monsters there. You now have a convenient resting place.

Go back into the main courtyard and proceed north. A pitched battle
giants and ogres is taking place. The best option is to duck so that
side kills the other before they turn on you. Defeat them and train
characters you need to in the training hall to the west.

When you are finished clearing the "private" rooms, proceed into the
Horn, and inn directly across from the training hall. Approach a man
eyes you and speak to him, then defeat the cloud giants in the room to
south. If you used a lot of magic during the battle, go back to your
point and save your game; this will be your last opportunity for a

Walk in front of the main gate in the second courtyard, which the inn
onto. Giants will pull you through the gate for an audience with the
Giant Shaman. They tell you to go to the Northeast corner of the
but to get there you must go north and west into the northwest corner
then go more or less due east to the other side. When you enter the
room, be prepared for a battle against an overwhelming number of
When you've defeated the giants, pick the lock to the treasure vault
to the
north and then proceed to the northeast to enter the Fire Giant's

After entering the cave, go north until you reach a crossroads. Make
you are in Area view, as you will spin about in the centre of the road
in an
effort to make you lose your sense of direction. Proceed east, where
=46ire Giant Mage thanks you for killing the Hill Giant and pays you

Continue into the cave, into a hallway on the far south of the map.
entering the east bound tunnel, the world will get a little blurry and
will notice that you can't use your map anymore. You will also notice
skull on the ground which will disappear. Walk east and keep going
until the
skull reappears in the middle of the path, this time with a ring
embedded in

Take the ring out of the skull and throw it to destroy it and break
enchantment. Continue on to the end of the tunnel, and proceed north.
you can, go to the west, then to the north. Go as far northwest as
by taking the long hallway that goes from the northeast end of the
cave to
the western part of it. Search for a secret door a couple steps from
western end.

Go through the door and into the Fire Giant's secret area. Make sure
rested in the last 'quiet' room before this, as there are several
battles coming up. When you go south, a Fire Knife Assassin approaches
to talk on the Mage's behalf. Hear him out and agree to join the mage.
you encounter the mage again, attack her and the retinue in the room
her (about 15 fire giants in all).

After killing all the enemies, continue through the room to an
where 2 red dragons and a green dragon are preparing to take off.
them, rest and exit the fortress through the tunnels on the north end
of the


Upon entering the cave surmounted with the symbol of the Silver
Blades, talk
to a hill giant and have him lead you to Vala. Vala will give you a
shield and join your party. Since there are many undead enemies in the
be sure your cleric is of a level so that he can cast Restoration, the
opposite of the vampire's Energy Drain. After Vala joins your party,
go to
the east, then proceed south. Upon entering a room with coffins in it,
search them to find the Lindenwood staff, the first item needed to
the elementals. After taking the staff, a lich, some skeletons and
wraiths will spring from the coffins and attack you. After defeating
undead, explore the three doors in the room and rest in one of them.

Exit the room with the coffins and go to the south into a room with
roots growing out of all the walls and the ceiling. Search the room
and take
the Oakroot staff. Upon taking the staff, five earth elementals will
Kill them and then exit the room. Rest again in the quiet room.

Go north past where you entered the cave and continue on. Up at the
top of
the map, fight three hill giants that were fighting over a pretty
This is the Worldstone, which is used with the Oakroot staff. From
there go
south into a room across the hall and get the Crucible of Flame from
fire elementals.

After collecting all the artifacts, proceed to the main chamber in the
centre of the map. Be prepared for a tough fight. As soon as you
Vaasans will break through a breach in the wall along with some
Vala will take the artifacts and seal the breach in the wall by
the elementals. She leaves you to deal with the Vaasan army. Cast
and destroy the mages first, then work on killing the Vaasan warriors.
you have defeated them, leave the cave.

                           Manshoon & Zhentil Keep

Enter Zhentil Keep and go to the south, to the training hall and bribe
man at the desk if you need to train. After training, go north and
rest in
the Purple Plume Tavern. After resting, cross the road by going
east and finding a man in the shadows of the building. Say that you
opposed to Bane, and Mabril introduces himself. He tells you of a
Traned, who is trapped under Manshoon's temple, and tells you of a way
get into the building without having to go through the main entrance
the clerics examine you.

Proceed through the secret door into the southeastern part of the
temple. Go
around the courtyard and walk right up to the main (north) gate of the
temple. Kill the guards and enter the gate. You notice a hallway with
on both sides lining the walls. Go through the east wall and then
back to the north. Go west, then north again and enter a hallway
to both sides of you. Since the tower is circular, it doesn't matter
way you go. Upon finding the purple door, go through it and up to
level 2.

On level 2, go north into a room where Manshoon's fanatics scream at
Kill them and then go into the next room, which is a gloomy room with
a high
ceiling. Go right through the other door, but be prepared for an
attack by
spiders rappelling down upon you. Defeat them and proceed through the
Go to the north, through the next door and into the main hallway. Find
purple door to level 3.

You will be in a hallway where it makes a corner. You are then
with a gate and two doors, one on each side. If you go through the
gate, you will be ambushed by dragons. The other doors both empty into
room with the dragons, however you will not be in the middle of the
groups of dragons.

After killing the dragons, go through the gate to the north, where
Manshoon's adjutant, a beholder orders monsters to destroy the party.
the beholder first, without using magic because it is magic resistant,
worry about the other minor monsters. Go through either of the doors,
and go
through the main door to the north and into the main hallway of level

When you enter the hallway, go to the west (though it is a circle,
this is
the shortest route). Manshoon speaks to you, telling you that the Gelt
been released. This is a beast that is really a watchdog, but with
vision that hurts you if you get too close. So to pass the Gelt, you
must go
down the hallway that it is guarding so that it can't see you. You
have three options: make your party invisible by, blind the Gelt or
put on
rings of invisibility. If your magic-user knows Power Word Blind, just
into the hallway and the game will ask you if you want to cast the
spell. Go
up the stairs to level 4.

Once you've passed the Gelt and gotten to level 4, you will discover
level 4 is simply one room, with a necklace in the middle. Avoid the
necklace to get to level 5, Manshoon's private chambers. However, if
wish to avoid another battle, simply walk over the necklace. If you
foolish enough to venture up the stairs, Manshoon will be casting, and
you do anything but charge he will gesture and hidden enemies will
you. If you charge, you fall through a trap door to the level below
and land
on the necklace, triggering a trap.

The trap is rather simple (Manshoon was never known for being
intelligent): a crystal prism surrounds the party, which happens to be
in the middle of a conjuring circle, a circle of dust which keeps
monsters confined. Manshoon gloats over your stupidity, and summons a
Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know the creature's name, and the
offers to allow one of your party out to attack Manshoon for her, as
circle prevents her. It doesn't matter who you choose, because the
member who is chosen gets freed from the crystal prism and steps on
conjuring circle, scuffing the band of sand.

The Harpy goes nuts, attacking Manshoon, destroying the room and
causing the
ceiling to fall in on you. Since the party is now freed, go back down
level 3, where you are no longer damaged by falling debris. Exit the
through the main entrance, where Manshoon's clerical guards would have
had they not fled when he died.

                                Myth Drannor

Enter the promenade of Myth Drannor and Nacacia, elven princess meets
and begs that you aid her in the retaking of Myth Drannor. It seems
of knights sent in to scout never return. Agree to go with her, take
treasure she gives you and enter the ruins.

In the southern part of the ruins in a room where a rakasha is bending
a knight with a glowing ball. The knight screams as his life is sucked
the ball. Kill the rakashas there, using your weapons since they are
resistant creatures. After killing them, rest in a dusty room to the
Go west from there into the southwest corner of the ruins and kill the
Banite clerics and their new rakasha disciples.

>From there go northward into the northwest portion of Myth Drannor.
Go east
through one of the narrow passages and find a lone rakasha. Threaten
him and
he will talk about the rakasha's plans: to re-animate Tyranthraxus,
pet of
Bane. Go north from there, and then west into a dusty room. Rest here,
the biggest battle is about to happen.

Go back east into the room to the south which you passed on your way
rest. Inside are many rakashas, all with globes of light. Tyranthraxus
rising from the floor, only a shadow but becoming more solid by the
Of the choices presented you, choose to Dispel Evil, putting
out of commission by destroying the glass balls. Kill the many
rakashas in
the room, and quest to reclaim Myth Drannor is complete, except for
the many
basilisks that still roam around the ruins. Exit Myth Drannor, and
promises to have master bards sing songs about you!

                         Part III: The Road to Bane

                            Thorne & the Dragons

Return to Dragonhorn gap where you defeated the Hill Giant Shaman, but
rather than entering the steading, go north up to the Crater of
Go due west and enter the ground where you see a dragon swoop into a
hole. A horde of dragons will be waiting for you inside, so make sure
saved outside the cave. Defeat them, cross the hall and follow a robed
figure through a door to the east. Take the scroll that was dropped,
and go
west to the other side to rest. After exiting and moving north, you
enter the main chamber, where a robed is figure reading from a scroll.
dragons, a blue and black are engaged in mortal combat. The black will
the blue and the gathering will depart.

You will notice six doors around the hall; two on the west side, two
on the
east and two on the north (besides the two behind you). For now we'll
concentrate on the doors on the east and west. The order which you
the dragons' lairs behind the doors is not important, so long as you
complete them all. It is also a good idea to rest whenever you have
chance in here because both the random and planned encounters are

The southwest door contains the Blue Dragon lair. Explore the lair to
find a
treasure horde and continue south until you come across a gathering of
blues. Kill the five dragons and take the blue steel key. Go back to
main hall.

The northwest door contains the lair of the White Dragons. Upon
entering the
main room, you will battle 9 Zhentil mages and 3 white dragons. Take
silver key and exit to the main chamber.

The Black Dragon lair is in the northeast corner of the main chamber.
entering the main room there, you will see 4 black dragons worshipping
black who killed the blue dragon earlier. Kill them to receive the
iron key
and exit to the main chamber.

The final lair is that of the Green Dragons. When you go through the
southeast door, the greenish air will have an edge of chlorine to it.
Proceed south from the entrance, and search the rooms for a secret
door. Go
through the secret door and enter a room where a green dragon is
Modthryth a vial of vampire's blood. Modthryth leaves and four green
attack you. Kill them, loot the treasure trove (in a room full of
bones) and
go back to the main chamber.

After collecting all four keys, go north through the main doors in the
antechamber and you will be in a smaller room. Go through the
northeast door
and burn the preserved corpses of dragons that lie there to gain
Live dragons will attack immediately after this. Kill them, and then
go to
the western side of the smaller room. Go through the door and rest in
room to the south.

Go through the gate to the northwest and you will discover Modthryth
He will summon snakes to fight you. Defeat the snakes and continue
until you discover a room with 2 doors, with 4 keyholes apiece. Save
game and use the keys to unlock the doors.

On the other side of the doors, Modthryth is waiting for you. He
attacks as
you walk in the door with his personal bodyguard, 2 Dragoliches, which
immune to magic. Kill them all, then go through the portal to the

You will reappear in Elminster's camp in Limbo. Deposit you items (as
they'll be destroyed if you take them with you), train characters that
to be trained, and memorize spells. Generally, just get your party as
as it can be.

Have Elminster transport you to Thorne. Upon entering this area on
other plane, 2 red dragons will attack you. Defeat them and keep
going. An
important note: you will not have a place to rest for a little while.
through the east door, then go north into a hallway. If you go west,
will discover a room with treasure in it, along with a Ki-rin's

Go back to the east and rescue the prisoners. A woman who has a
look about her' will approach you. Raziel offers to join you party in
for all the loot she can carry. Agree to her offer because where
going you'll need an extra pair of hands (besides, there is plenty of
treasure for everyone).

Continue east into a hall with two exits. The south exit leads to a
with a red dragon busy hiding it's horde. Defeat the red dragon and
everything you can carry. Continue through the room by going towards
door to the north, where a patrol of human rogues will accost you; you
beat them easily and take their weapons and armour. The other door in
hallway bypasses this room, but it is not a great idea as you need to
you characters with some sort of protection.

In any case, continue on. Raziel will suggest that you go to the south
hopes of finding treasure. Agree to her suggestion and go south. You
enter a room with a door on each wall. The door of the western wall
has a
golden light seeping out from underneath it. A Ki-rin is here,
providing you
a safe place to rest and relax.

During my adventure here, I didn't find any treasure horde--only
worms and an empty room. Go back the way you came in and go north.
suggests you go east for more treasure, but this time proceed north,
the Horn of Doom will sound again. Continue north and west searching
for a
secret door. When you go through the door, several dragons who are
responding to the call of the horn will attack you. Defeat the rush of
2 red
and 2 green dragons and continue down the passage.

Upon turning south, you will notice the hallway ends with doors on the
west and south walls. The door on the west wall leads to a room which
has a
Ki-rin in it and a place where you can rest and save. This step is
particularly important, as there are several tough battles ahead. When
are rested and rememorised, go south through the door into an
where a small guard of red dragons awaits. Kill them and then go back
where the Ki-rin is to rest so you are in top shape to battle Thorne.

Go back to where you killed the red dragons and go south through the
doors, where Thorne is preparing to blow the Horn of Doom for the
time, signalling the beginning of the war on the Forgotten Realms. He
you if you want to throw you life away like that Ki-rin. Yes is the
answer, of course, so a battle begins.

Seven red dragons are spread out around the room, along with Thorne,
who is
magic resistant and has an Armour Class of -11. Concentrate on killing
other dragons first with Delayed Blast Fireballs and then work on
The trick is to minimize the number of dragons living with fireballs
so they
don't get the chance to breathe fire on you. After killing Thorne, the
Ki-rin will appear and explain how Thorne happened upon the Horn of
Raziel takes all the treasure she can and bids the party farewell.
Loot the
remaining horde and then, after resting, take the horn with you and
the cave by backtracking.

                       Marcus, the Red Tower & Tanetal

Upon entering the Red Tower in the middle of the Elven Court, you will
be in
the garden. Go to the west initially, up and around the main structure
the tower, avoiding the main entrance, as it is a trap. At the
corner of the tower you will find a back door. Pass through the door
inside a room where there is a mosaic of a hand on the floor and
hundreds of
eyes are glaring at you. Go eastward into the hallway.

>From the hallway, go south and then west into a closet where you
Phlanarian guards. They seek Shal, a fighting mage of Phlan. Agree to
search for her and exit the closet. Go north and then east down a
flight of

>From where you enter the basement, you will notice a large walled
area to
the west. This is Phlan, trapped under the Red Tower. The citizens of
will not allow you to enter the city, but they beg you to help find
=46ollow the city wall northward, and when the path makes a second
intersection, go to the east. When you are given the option of which
way to
go again, head north into the dungeon. Defeat the guards, rescue Shal
proceed back up to Level 1, the straight west up the stairs to Level

>From this point, all the party has to do is find the way up the
however there are several encounters that must be taken care of before
making it to the top floor. On Level 3, the party runs into some Drow.
some reason, they don't attack right away. If you decide to talk to
they will explain that they oppose Marcus also, because when he
Phlan, it just happened to land on a Drow city. They go on to say that
woman mage, Petra, is aiding him and they want to kill her. The game
asks you if you want to tell the Drow about Shal. If you tell them
her, they attack, mistaking her for Petra, after which you gain some
background information about Shal and Petra (which I got later on
If you don't share any information, you avoid the battle entirely.
The next major encounter occurs once you reach Level 7. At one point
will enter a hallway and hear mages coming from both directions--1
group in
front of and 1 behind you. Out of all the choices the game gives you
the best choice is to move. Immediately duck into the door on your
(which turns out to be a closet) and wait there. The mages proceed to
each other, saving you the trouble of killing them.

On the next level is the Circle of Moander, which in reality is a big
where Moander Cultists have hung themselves from vines as sacrifices
Moander. As much as you might like to leave them there to die, you
must cut
them down, for which they attack you. After killing them, proceed to
next floor.

A short while later, you will enter the Majestic Loft. Go into the
rooms on
the sides of the loft and kill all the Black Circle Mages that are in
(you can rest inside the rooms after the battles). From there, go into
temple adjacent to the loft and kill the Banite clerics animating
pieces of
Moander. When you exit the temple, you discover that the Black
what is left of it--has formed to kill you.

After destroying the Black Circle, rest and then proceed into the
Loft where the Red Wizards reside. One is saying to two others that if
rival coven of wizards is planning on attacking the speaker's coven to
on his door and say 'red'. When he leaves for his room, enter the loft
kill the two wizards you surprise there. Then knock on the first
door and when he responds, say 'red'. He charges out of his room,
his coven and attacks another, killing everybody involved (but leaving
unharmed). Keep going up the tower.

The next level is where Marcus is. But before you can visit Marcus,
make a
stop in the Manufactory of Moander. The Manufactory of Moander more or
covers the entire floor, so you must wander around killing Banite
mages and Bits o' Moander (with the exception of the people in the
Temple of
Transformation). Kill the Banite Clerics and mages and the Bits o'
then go to visit Marcus.

When you get into Marcus' chamber, a spectral servant will appear. The
servant will tell you one of two things. Either that Marcus is not
nor is lady Petra, and they are visiting either (a) the Manufactory of
Moander, (b) the Black Circle,   the Wizard Loft or (d) the Circle of
Moander. This means that before you can meet Marcus you must go and
eliminate all the people living in the places he could visit. If
successfully eliminated everybody, then the servant tells you that
awaits, then proceeds to attack you.

The servant, who happens to be a banshee, attacks with a number of
When they've been defeated, the second wave of attackers, hidden
Cultists, Banite Clerics and Red Mages spring forward. After that
threat has
been eliminated, Minions of Bane, Banite Clerics and Moander Cultists
forth. When the third wave is retired, you finally get to fight
Marcus. Of
course, his personal bodyguard of Minions of Bane and Black Mages is
too, but they shouldn't present a problem.

When Marcus is killed, Shal and Petra face off. Petra raises her hands
cast a spell, Shal tosses her sword down and then they run into each
Shal comes out as one being instead of her two respective parts. As
influence is destroyed, the Red Tower begins to fall apart. Run into
Temple of Transformation and up to the Vessel of Moander (Shal will
join you
later). Jump onto the vessel and watch as the Tower falls apart
beneath you.
Inside the Vessel is a Pool of Darkness, which the party should take

Elminster fills you in on the next bit of your quest--to go to
body, which is sealed in another dimension and kill Tanetal, the
of Bane staying there. From here, Elminster will teleport you to

Once you arrive in Moander's dimension, you will need to go two
places. You
will need to visit the shoulder and the heart. Everything else is
but remember that you have no weapons or armour, either. So if you go
Moander's left foot you will find fanatical Moander Cultists who try
forcibly impress you into their faith. One way to get weapons and
armour is
to kill them and steal their armour.

>From the foot, proceed to the other end of the body and enter
Moander's Tear
Duct, which is on the right side of the god's right eye. Kill the
mages inside and look into the globes that they are installing in
brain. This will show you what recently to Moander (i.e. an army of
teleported here with a huge arrow, and were eliminated once they
entered the
heart). That's all there is to see there, so exit the brain and go
Moander's ear.

You must corner the hermit who lives there and talk to him. He tells
about Moander, and tells you to talk to Agehweat, who lives in
shoulder. He also lets you train and rest here. From here visit
and clear his home of the minions of Tanetal sacking Moander's
shoulder (the
hardest bit of this entire segment of the game). Upon successful
of the task, he gives you two potions which you need to get into

Leave Agehweat and the shoulder and go to the hole in Moander's side.
will pass through a couple of chambers and into the area outside
heart. The game prompts you to try to enter into Moander's heart.
Spread the
potions on the cell wall and cut through.

You can easily follow the arteries around the heart, but most of the
action happens in the muscle tissue. The first item the party needs
to recover is the Golden Cornucopia, which is in the muscle tissue
the two exits to the heart in the north most part of the heart, or
area 1 on
the map to the left. The next thing the party needs to get is a cache
weapons and weapon making tools, belonging to Tanetal, near the left
(2). Take it and get back into the artery. After this point, if you
run into
the Watcher she will suggest that you mix Agehweat's potions together
might get rid of the annoying slimy things that are clinging to you.

>From there, go south to (3) near the left ventricle in the muscle
tissue and
find the mouth, which is a piece of muscle that initially falls from
cell wall. Talk to it. It says that it is hungry, so make sure to feed
It then allows you to take it. After taking the mouth, I had it snap
at me,
then demand to be fed again. I did this, basically because it is
and also because it also warns you when the heart is about to beat.

Once you've collected these three items, go to the Arrow (4), which is
of the right atrium and fashion weapons out of the remnants of the
You can make four weapons before the Arrow starts to shock you. From
arrow, go straight east through an artery and into the muscle tissue
to find
the Watcher (5). She is struggling with bits of Moander, who wrest the
Unguent from her, then run off. The Watcher thanks you, then says that
Moander is getting restless, and must put him back to sleep or you
won't be
able to kill Tanetal. She says that she's lost the Golden Cornucopia,
necessary component in putting Moander back to sleep. Give her the
Cornucopia. She begins to weave a magic spell and the invites you to
her. She then gives you further instructions and a tuning fork and

>From here, go to (6), where the Pulmonary artery branches off to the
and west. Follow the east branch and you will run into a group of iron
golems. You weapons are instantly pulled from your hands and cling to
golems, because these golems are magnetic. Use the tuning fork to
the magnetism and retrieve your weapons (resulting in damage to you,
that's life I guess), then defeat the golems. Your weapons are now

Continue east under the left atrium to an area where you find bits of
Moander with a small vial (7). Take the vial from them and leave
since they shrink from your metallic weapons. At this point you want
proceed to the left ventricle (8), where Tanetal waits, but before you
that, find the Watcher first. She rubs your weapons together along
your arm,
and you receive a shock. She then hints that you might give Tanetal a
surprise if you did the same thing when you meet him. When you find
he won't notice you, as his back is turned, so rub your weapons
against the wall. Moander's heart receives a shock, causing it to beat
suddenly and pumping everybody out of the heart, and causing Tanetal
to drop
the Talisman of Bane.

You must find Tanetal again. This time he's on the east side of the
ventricle inside the muscle tissue (9). Find him again and he will
flee to
the right ventricle (10). Find the Watcher again and go to the right
ventricle and corner Tanetal. Some bits of Moander attack him, but
disintegrate. Suddenly Tanetal clutches his chest and drops to the
The Watcher checks his pulse and you discover that you ran him to
death. The
Talisman of Bane appears, which the Watcher picks up. Unbeknownst to
Watcher, Tanetal sits up, and before you can shout a warning, stabs
Watcher in the back and grabs the Talisman. Tanetal calls his minions,
you battle him for the final time. When he is defeated, take the
Talisman of
Bane and leave the heart.

>From here return to Elminster. When you tell him of your adventures
and show
him the Talisman of Bane, his eyes light up and says that the
resistance may
have a chance! Rest and train here, then go back to the Realms.

                      Zhentil Keep, the Drow & Kalistes

After defeating Marcus, return to Zhentil Keep. Go into the Keep, and
the chamber where the wagons pushed by Drow disappear. In the
most corner is a path leading down into the Drow city beneath Zhentil
>From the archway where you are standing, you will notice a room ahead
of you
and another smaller room to the northeast which contains a dark well
by a green dot on the map). These represent points where it is safe
for the
party to rest. You can avoid the battle in the room to the east (1) by
through the door to the south and east out into the main hallway.

Once you enter the hallway, you will be confronted by a royal coach
(2), the coachman occupied by the horses. If the party gets in the
coach, a prince and princess of the Drow jump in and you accompany
them to
the Central Hall (4) where you are paid to let them free. If you try
sneak by the coach, the horses will spook carrying the carriage down
hallway. You just have to walk to the Central Hall.

Since the Hall is heavily guarded by Drow guards, go around and enter
through a doorway to the west of the hall. Proceed east from the
doorway and
meet Traned, the halfling (3). She offers to join the party. Allow her
join, then proceed into the Central Hall, surprising the guards

After defeating the guards in the Central Hall, you will want to go
and east, around some Drow guards guarding a door on the east wall. Go
the north and through another door, avoiding the guards entirely, and
east. A Drow abbess and her clerics are in the passage (5). She
herself, and sends her clerics to attack you. Immediately after
the clerics, the abbess attacks you with the remainder of her retinue.
Defeat them and proceed south to the stairway leading down to level 2

>From the stairway, enter the Drow barracks (6) from the west and
defeat the
Drow ambush inside. Stop in the room to the northeast containing the
well to rest if you need to replenish spells. Exit the barracks to the
and follow the hallway south and down the stairs to level 3 (D).

You are standing in a long hallway. As you walk north, you will notice
room full of unguarded slaves on your right (7). Traned offers to go
the room because something doesn't seem right; the Drow don't usually
slaves unguarded. If you allow Traned into the room, whispers tell her
get down so the ambush isn't foiled. Traned barks a command and the
drop to the ground revealing the armed Drow. They shoot her with an
and then the party falls on them. If you just charge into the room,
commands the same thing of the slaves, and still takes the arrow. In
event, the party surprises the Drow.

When the Drow have been vanquished, the poisoned Traned offers to take
prisoners out of the stronghold. Allow her to do this; you'll catch up
her again later. One prisoner approaches you and says that you must
if you are going to rescue the beautiful slaves or the majority of
them. You
can actually rescue all of them, but you must rescue the beautiful

Rest yourself in the dark well to the south, and go east into the
Go south down the stairs (E) and then to the east, through the door,
another chamber and down another set of stairs (F). Upon reaching
level 5,
go north, then east through the room with the statue of the Drow king,
south down the passage. Continue east when the path curves and into a
with numerous umber hulks await you. Defeat the umber hulks, then go
through the room. The southern door contains a dark well where the
party can
rest and rememorise spells. The northern door contains a stairway (G)
take you to the first Drow temple.

Upon entering you will notice the walls are no longer made of rock,
but of hewn stone. Go east from the entryway and north around the
island in the centre of the main courtyard. Enter the door on the east
of the stone structure and go into the central room (9). Here you
a Drow woman with a silver streak in her black hair. Approach her, and
introduces herself as Silk, a renegade Drow and leader of the
Swanmays. Silk
implores you to help her free her companions, who are prisoners in the
dungeon to the east, and joins the party. But first rest in the room
as it
is safe, and will be your only resting point for a while.

Leave the central structure and go east across the courtyard, through
Drow guard post (defeating the guards) and then south to the guardroom
Defeat the guards sitting around the table playing dice and read the
that was left by the captain. Go back into the main chamber and north
the guard station, killing a patrol of jail guards and taking their
keys on
you way to the Swanmays cell (11). The cell you are looking for is the
one in the long row of cells on either side of the hallway.

Upon rescuing the Swanmays, Silk sends one of them to free the
remainder of
the prisoners trapped there. When the Swanmay returns with the
Silk bids you farewell, giving you advice as to how to handle some of
traps on this level. She also gives you a cache of weapons, and tells
you of
a secret door. Then the Swanmays guide the prisoners out, leaving you
deal with the Drow.

Proceed north along the line of cells, and follow the corridor to the
Just after the hallway turns again to the south, you will notice a
door on
the east wall. Upon entering the party discovers an Alchemist's
(12). Inside the laboratory is a Zhent woman, being strapped into a
and a cap with wires attached to it fitted to her head while Drow and
of Kalistes watch in anticipation. No matter what you do, the party
will end
up fighting everybody in the room.

After killing the people in the laboratory, talk to the woman in the
She will tell you that the Drow use the Essence of Pure Light and the
of Night to make Pets of Kalistes. She will also tell you that if the
Essence and the Fire are mixed, that they will destroy one another. In
case, from the laboratory go through the door to the south and into
second storage area (13). In the northern half of the room the party
find many vials of the Essence of Pure Light. Take the vials; you will
them later. Go back the way you came and into the main courtyard. Rest
the area where you met Silk if you need to replenish spells.

>From here go north to the main gate of the temple. Upon stepping up
to the
door, you discover a Drow ambush. When the Drow are defeated and the
enters the building, you will discover a room with black robes hanging
and hear chanting in the distance. Upon moving into the adjacent room,
chanting grows louder. When you step through the north door into the
temple (14), you discover the source of the chanting: Drow priests and
spider. They won't notice you, if you just decide to wait and watch
perform the ritual over the spider. However, it won't matter, as you
fight them later, but in the interim the spider will become a Pet of

>From the temple, go through the northwesternmost door into a small
On the other side of the hallway you will discover a room filled with
arches, and lightning dancing between them (15). The correct path
the arches is illustrated on the map. Upon reaching the other door, go
into the room full of the pit of spikes (16). When any one of the
members tries to cross it, a bright light flashes from below and the
character attempting to cross falls for about 20 points of damage.
That is
unless you have talked to Silk and covered you eyes as you crossed.

Upon reaching the other side, you will enter a room with glowing red
on the floor (17). When you step on certain runes, you are teleported
various places in the room. Your first step (a) will teleport you to
Immediately turn 180 degrees around and walk to the west (c). Once you
on this rune, you will be teleported to the other door (d), but you
will be
facing the door from which you initially entered the room. Turn around
proceed to the next room.

The next room contains a large iron golem (18). It perks up as soon as
enter the room, noticing the party. Since the party has to traverse
the room
anyway, you must enter the room and defeat it. A very difficult
battle. The
next room (19), is a room which has a fountain in the centre, from
pours black liquid. If you didn't kill the priests and the spider in
temple (14), you will be forced to fight them here.

You will notice that lightning dances across the surface of the black
liquid. Take the vials of the Essence of Pure Light and pour them into
black liquid, which turns out to be the Fire of Night. As you pour
more and
more of the vials into the liquid, the lightning weakens and as the
last of
the Essence combines with the Fire of Night the fountain begins to
forth clear water.

Cross the room and you will find the secret door that Silk spoke of on
east wall. You will enter the inner sanctum of the Drow, the area
surrounding the Temple of Kalistes. In all the rooms are Drow awaiting
a big
ceremony, where the Night Spawn will swarm down upon the Realms. If
you go
up to the main doors you will be turned away, the guard saying it is
time yet. Your party must venture into all the rooms and either
destroy all
the Drow in there or free the slaves (or both). In the northeast
corner is a
room with Drow inside it shining their blades. This should be one of
first stops, because when the Drow have been defeated you can rest in
room without interruption. You should encounter Traned again somewhere
here. Allow her to join the party again, as usual.

Once all the slaves have been freed and all the Drow in the room
proceed to the southern edge of the temple grounds and go into the
room in
the centre. A Drow priest is announcing guests and boasting about the
spectacle to come. From there go into the central grounds of the
where a huge statue of Kalistes governs the room. The Drow discover
you and
the audience in the chamber empties, allowing the Drow to eliminate

After killing the Drow in the chamber, turn your attention to the
Three of it's hands point at portals on the opposite wall, showing
Thar and Hillsfar. The Night Spawn were going to invade through these
portals. The slaves charge into the temple, and run through the gates,
leaving the temple. Traned joins them. You look at the statue, trying
decide what to do. You remember what the Oracle said: there is a
part of the statue you need to destroy. Type 'hands' when given the
As you destroy the hands, the portals fade. The Realms are saved!

Go to the north and through a Pool of Darkness to Elminster's camp in
Elminster will congratulate you on your thrashing of the Drow, but
tells you that you must venture to Kalistes' realm. Deposit you items
teleport to her realm.

Upon arrival, you will be attacked by a room filled with spiders
there are no Pets of Kalistes present). Currently, you are in the
ruins of a
Drow temple. There's nothing of interest or value here (aside from the
of Darkness). To leave, go south of your current position and through
a door
into the room in the southeast corner. There's a gate to get out of
fortress in that direction.

You will see the entirety of Kalistes Land upon exiting the temple.
the depression in the path, as it is the main road of the realm. Try
to run
from all the random encounters with the Drow patrols and roaming
because you can't rest anywhere (yet). If you look closely at the map,
will notice a huge lava flow in the northwest corner. To the east is a
mountain range. If you follow the range southward with your eye, you
see that it stops before connecting with a smaller line of mountains,
forming a convenient passage between the cliffs. Go through the area
and you will come across some iron gates, which swing open at your
daring you to enter.

After entering the gates, you will find yourself in a Drow fortress,
in reality, is the Drow testing area (where you test to become a full
fledged Drow or something like that). Anyway, you will encounter
upon entering the gates. Defeat the Drow guards and proceed to either
north or the south. You will come to a protrusion into the pathway,
turns out to contain a door. The door is guarded by two Drow. Have
thief character try to sneak up on the Drow and kill them quietly. If
character fails, you simply get attacked by guards.

Once the Drow guarding the door are dead, go into the room. Inside
there are
a lot of driders. They say that if you try to fight them you will be
but they offer to help you. They share a hint (which doesn't make a
lot of
sense right now) with you and then disappear. There are four areas
like this
around the keep, which you must visit before testing to become a Drow.
Another note is that this is your one chance to rest and rememorise
Pick any of the four corner rooms, kill the Drow inside and rest just
the door.

Next, proceed to the room in the northwest corner of the keep and
listen to
the conversation of two Drow. If you follow the two Drow out, they
will go
into another building to the east, where you will see another elf give
a man
a dagger, then exit. If you go east into the next room of this
building, you
will enter a room where there are both a clear basin and a wand. If
touch either, you will incur Kalistes wrath, and guards will attack

To test to become a Drow, go to the southern part of the map right in
centre of the fortress. You will see a pathway leading north into the
of the keep. Go down this pathway. Your party should notice that the
wall is 'odd.' When the game asks you what you want to do, select
Enter the hidden door into the room with an eerie glow, which is the
beginning of the Drow testing grounds.

The testing grounds wind around the fortress in a counter clockwise
so just continue from one room to the next until you complete the
tests. The
first test is a question of strength. Your characters will face a
solid wall
where they must "be strong for Shest." Select your strongest character
have him break through the wall. From here go east through a door and
into the main hall. You will be filled with a strong sense of dread,
as if
Bane is watching you. Simply push forward through the wall of fear and
party will gain experience.

Your party will encounter a number of derider in the next room, which
must defeat to continue with the tests. The next room contains Drow
which must be eliminated to keep going (nothing new here). The next
test is
a riddle, about who is the most cunning and fearsome, yet little known
something to that effect. The answer is, of course, Bane. Next you
encounter a wall of heat. Think back to what the derider in the areas
the keep said about illusions....simple press onward through the wall
heat, which turns out to be pretty real, as you take damage.

The wall of heat does disappear, though, allowing you to pass. In the
passage you will come upon a young elf with an amulet, who turns into
derider and attacks you with a number of his brethren. This was the
test. In the next room is a treasure of several daggers, along with
amulets to protect you from many of the random encounters. Of course,
aren't quite finished with this segment of the game yet.

Continue north into the altar room where a number of the initiates
along with Locaste and some guards. Fight the guards, and the Drow
move into
the next room. Upon entering, Daris has a battle wills against a
spider and
turns into a derider amidst a lot of screaming. Take the Ward of
Shest, a Pet of Kalistes appears, and attacks. After defeating him,
take the
Ward again and leave for the Parlour of Kalistes.

The Parlour of Kalistes isn't very well marked. Follow the road across
main river of lava and to the main castle in the northeast corner. The
castle doesn't have an entrance so you can forget going in through the
entrance. On the other hand, there is always the back way.

In this case, you'll go in through the village that's just off the
side of
the road on the way to Kalistes fortress. Upon entering the village,
appear in the room in the southwestern corner. Go north and into the
of the village enclosed by the "legs" of the spider. It's midway up
the map
and due east from the far left edge of the map. You'll come across an
unbroken wall of gossamer, which is the entrance into Kalistes'

Locaste will come with her escort and approach the wall. Her derider
skittish and much of her escort leaves. She commands the wall of
apart with the wand and calls upon the spiders that appear to devour
her. In
any event, you should try to enter the parlour. The Ward will drive
off the
spiders that would normally try to attack you here. You will enter the
portion of the foyer, where Pets of Kalistes wait, but don't attack
you are protected by the Ward.

>From the parlour, go north through the room you emerged into, which
is the
centre of the southern portion of your map. If you need to rest, go
into the
southeast corner and kill the Drow inside, after which you can rest.
This is
a good idea anyway, since this is your last opportunity to do so for a

After resting, go north to the next room, which is more or less in the
centre of the map on the far east edge. Inside, the room is draped
webs, and contains a Drow servant. He doesn't call the guards, but
addresses you saying that you wish to kill Kalistes, a task which he
help with. He beckons you to look into a bowl filled with a black
which you should recognize. It is a scrying bowl, allowing you to see

The servant then directs you to the kitchen. The kitchen is in the
corner of Kalistes parlour. Inside is an ogre cook, ready to kill a
girl to feed to the Hell spawn of Kalistes. Rescue the dwarf, Arta,
and she
explains that prisoners are butchered for food here, then dropped down
trapdoor to the larder to feed the Hell spawn. If you ask for more
information about the trap door, she'll tell you that you're standing
on it.
Open the trapdoor and go down to the larder.

Inside the larder (1) are many prisoners chained to the walls, and
they begin to cry out when you enter the room. If you try to rescue
them, they say you might as well not because they won't be free until
Kalistes is dead anyway. Go east into a room directly across the
from the larder (2). This room contains a number of women whom Arta
captive with. She begs you to free them. Just as you are doing this,
guards return. Once the guards are defeated, the women agree to wait
Kalistes is dead before leaving.

The next room to the east contains a group of men (3), in the same
as the women, except without the guards. If you continue east, you
find a
room (4) with gold inside, but it is guarded by derider. From here go
where you will find an intersection with four room on each side of it
These are torture chambers. All of the chambers are unoccupied, except
one in the southwest corner.

If you continue south, you will enter the holding area (6) for Pets of
Kalistes. They will avoid you initially because of your amulet, but
will mass and eventually attack. There's nothing important here,
unless you
are looking for experience. The main area is to the west, which is
Kalistes' eggs are (7). Upon entering the chamber you will notice the
gelatinous eggs lining the walls, pulsing with light. Destroy the eggs
gain experience and incur the wrath of Kalistes, who appears and

The battle is not that difficult; your magic users must disable the
Drow and
Pets of Kalistes before they have a chance to destroy you with their
Though my party survived their repeated magical attacks (due in part
to my
failure to cast a haste spell before battle), it is generally not
recommended that you do this. Once Kalistes has been defeated, you
will gain
the Crystal Ring she used to keep the sunlight away from the Realms,
is a major blow to Bane. Before leaving, simply rest inside the egg
then venture out the way you came in.

On the way out you will notice that the slaves have fled, and once you
the fortress, you will also notice that the Drow training grounds have
abandoned. But that is not your task. Your task is to go to the
corner, into the ruins of the Drow temple, and take the Pool of
back to Elminster's camp in Limbo. From here you should return to the

                  Mulmaster, Arcam, Bane's Land & Gothmenes

>From Zhentil Keep, travel to the Black City of Mulmaster in the
corner of the map. You must defeat the monsters in the arena to gain
to Arcam. The first wave is two black dragons; the second is Purple
and displacer beasts, and the third wave (which attacks maybe one time
ten) consists of salamanders and pyro snakes.

A beholder will come up to you. It says that you have earned an
interview with Arcam. Will you go? Agree and follow the beast out of
the arena and into the tunnels below. You need to proceed south,
Arcam's Hall of Victory (1). In the next chamber is the chancellor of
If you come to the chancellor before this point in the game, he will
you a task (eliminating other allies, like Marcus, Manshoon or
offer to pay you for it, and have margoyles escort you out exit A). At
point, he decides that you are becoming too dangerous and orders the
inside the chamber against you.

Defeat the chancellor and the many margoyles and you will see Arcam
out of view to the south. Follow him south and west, looping back
around to
the east where you are confronted by a red mage saying that Arcam
wishes to
parley. He offers a bag of gems in return. If you attack him, he
utters a
command word and fire elementals jump out. After defeating them and
continuing east you will run into a dungeon (3) off to the north.
Rescue the
prisoner in the northeast corner, then go down to level 2 (B).

Upon arrival in level 2, you discover that you are on the outskirts of
Hall of the Dead. If you step into the hall, you are attacked by
(obviously). You can either use exit C or D to go down to level 3,
if you go directly south to exit C you will be ambushed by more
Looping around to the west and doubling back is much more effective.

When you arrive on level 3, go down the hallway. You will notice a
door on
the south wall, which leads into the Labyrinth. Think back to the
chant that
the Banites were using, if you happened to run into them. In any
you'll have to wander around until you find the exit, or you can
follow these directions. From just inside the entrance (4), take one
step to
the east. Turn south, take three steps, then turn around without
This is the exit, which will take you to the room immediately to the

Go north from here into the next room where some of Arcam's allies are
trying to set up and ambush. They won't be prepared for you however,
and as
you engage them in battle Arcam floats off north. Follow him north
into a
large square room (6). This is Arcam's chamber, which contains
resistance. After defeating the group of monsters guarding the door,
will be informed that the room is full of odd ornaments and
which are good hiding places for defenders (or, in other words, if you
too much you get attacked).

Proceed to the northwest corner of the room where Arcam finally faces
Arcam, who turns out to be a beholder is accompanied by another of his
Don't bother with magic; you have to go right to the jugular because
both of
the monsters are magic resistant. The ladder to the next level is
immediately to the west (F), but if you go to the southwest corner of
Arcam's chamber and go west through the arches to the southwest
corner, you
will discover the treasure trove of Arcam (7).

When you reach level 4, you will enter a room to the east with a lone,
sentinel inside it, in the shape of a dragon (8). When you try to walk
it, it senses the Horn of Doom, and calls its dragon allies from the
who swoop down on you and attack. Once they're defeated, you can rest
in the
room to the north. Proceed east to the next room (9), which contains a
statue, this time of a spider with a thousand eyes looking down upon

You guessed it, when you try to walk by, the spider senses the Crystal
and calls spiders from the room in the north to attack you. Once you
them go to the east into the next room (10). Inside this room, the
will notice a giant black hand jutting from the far wall. The hand is
in the
shape of a clenched fist. When you approach it, it senses Bane's
the fingers spread out revealing a portal, from which Bits o Moander
walking trees attack you from.

Once you defeat them, go through the portal inside the hand and
teleport to
Elminster's camp in Limbo. He congratulates you on getting this far,
says that he's going to send you into Bane's Land. When you arrive in
Land, you will see several Drow dragging Sasha out of a door. One
dragging her, the others turn and attack you. Once the Drow are dead,
can rest here.

Upon leaving, you will be swept along with a rushing tide of monsters
to an
open are where an announcement is being made. As it turns out, the
form of one of Phlan's ex-councilmen, Porphrys Cadorna, announces to
citizens of Dark Phlan that he intends to marry Sasha. The only real
you have is to listen to the rest of the announcement, since the other
choices involve you fight a mass of monsters (trying to leave will
monsters, who in turn attack you). Cadorna then retreats into the town
and the crowd disperses.

Once you begin to adventure around, you will notice the layout of the
is just like the Phlan of the Realms, only here there are roaming
Go to where the Sunrise inn used to be and rest there. Then go into
the town
hall. Minions of Bane demand that you leave, so you have to defeat
them to
get to Cadorna, who is in the main chambers to the west. Cadorna
that you will not spoil his wedding plans, then orders his minions on
and leaves through a secret door.

Defeat the minions, and go back the way you came. You will notice 2
one to your north and one to the south as you exit the chamber. The
door contains the town's treasury, but it is guarded by vampires.
reminds me, don't bother trying to turn undead with you clerics at
point; the evil is so great that with my 40th level cleric he was only
moderately successful in turning basic skeletons (sometimes it didn't
at all). Through the south door is Gragnak Ulfim, who tells you his
which is really just a sidelight.

Rest and relax in the inn if you need to, then go to the south of the
council chambers into a room with a number of female Drow into it.
They are
enchanting a black wedding dress for Sasha, placing a powerful charm
on it
so that she will obey Cadorna's commands. They notice you, then
attack. Once
you defeat the Drow, you should burn the dress. Go west into the next
building where Cadorna is undergoing an intricate ritual supervised by
Banites. He leaves, and turns the Banites on you . You obviously need
defeat them, but afterward you are given the option of plundering the

>From here, go north (rest if you need to) to the room in the
corner of the map. Enter the room and you will hear Gothmenes' voice
chanting part of a ceremony. Go around the corner to the west, and you
see Gothmenes standing at a twisted altar. A malicious smile plays
his face as Sasha is forced down the aisle by some Drow. Sasha is
forced to
kneel in front of the alter. She starts to scream, but then stops,
since it
would be rather pointless. Gothmenes begins the ceremony, and Cadorna

Now the game asks you if you will rescue Sasha. Once you interrupt the
ceremony, Gothmenes bellows his wrath at Cadorna, accusing him of his
inability to rule, even while Cadorna is directly supervised by
He demands that Cadorna take care of you, of suffer his wrath.
then files off, blowing up a cloud of dust.

Then Cadorna attacks you with the remainder of his minions. After
him and his followers, Sasha comes up to you, thanks you and opens a
presenting the party with two rings. Then she takes her leave. You
follow her out, and then go west through the gates.

This is where the city differs from Phlan. There is only a huge iron
which radiates black magic and saps your strength. When you approach
wall, the game asks you what you want to do. You must blow the Horn of
here. Upon putting the horn to your lips, Gothmenes appears, saying
death will be swift and terrible and that he will take you to the
Abyss if
you blow the horn. Then his minions attack as he flies away. Once you
the minions, the party trudges through the carnage left by the
minions, and
the game asks you if you want to go to blow the Horn now. Say yes,
then type
6 when the game asks you the number of times you wish to blow it.

The iron wall comes crashing down with the sound of a thousand
tormented souls shrieking. Once you enter the Palace of Gothmenes,
you will notice that the area map feature is sorely missing. The map
to the
left is an accurate rendering of the Palace. You appear in the
corner (1). It doesn't matter if you move north or east, as the palace
more or less symmetrical. You need to go to the one of the exits of
room, which appears to be a dead end.

In reality, both dead ends contain secret doors. To find the secret
make sure you either look when you are in the corner or are searching.
However, if you use your search ability while you are in the palace,
game will tell you that you have three items of power: Bane's
Talisman, the
Crystal Ring and the Horn of Doom. It then asks who you want to give
items to. Right now it doesn't matter who has what item, just so long
three members of the party have the items. Go down the hallways that
lead into. If you chose north, you will have to turn right when the

Either way you emerge into the main courtyard. You should hear a
voice, or
rather, the person with the Horn of Doom will hear a voice. The voice
another if the second (Gothmenes) won't send for the minions of Bane
protect himself from you. Gothmenes replies that he's studied you and
you're weaklings and easily dealt with.

Continue through the courtyard. If you wander in the courtyard long
you will hear the voices a second time. This time they are a bit
Gothmenes says to Xoham (the first voice) that he should invite
Mashavad for
tea and to greet their 'guests.' Upon passing over the main
intersection of
the courtyard (2), you will be confronted by Sasha leading a group of
Phlanarians. This should immediately seem very fishy because you just
rescued her (or if you haven't then that all the more reason for you
suspect this entourage).

Well, 'Sasha' claims to have heard that Elminster has been captured,
asks where he is so that she can rescue him. Of course this is a lie,
you shouldn't tell her. She begins to get angry, and demands to know
location. If you deny her again, her rage transforms her and her band
rakashas, and they spread out to attack.

After defeating the rakashas, you will notice two doors before you,
one on
the north wall and one on the east wall. You can rest outside the
doors, and
in fact is almost necessary that you do so, for there is a huge battle
the opposite side of each door. Once you step through the door, you
will be
surrounded by enemies, who wait to see what you will do.
If you had stepped through the north door, you would have been
confronted by
minions of Bane and Pets of Kalistes (3); the east door hides all
manner of
dragons and some Dragoliches (4). In any event, if you move you will
attacked. What you must do first is to use the look option to get the
to tell you that you have three items of power. It then asks you to
distribute them, and then asks you if you want to use them.

In order to really win the battle, you must use the artifact that you
from either group of monsters against them. So, if you walked through
north door, have one member of the party brandish the Talisman of
Bane; if
you are facing dragons, have another member blow the Horn of Doom. The
creatures facing you will reel in dismay or terror, granting you a
where you are free to attack them while they stand around and watch or
to reorganize themselves. You must spend this round eliminating most
of the
monsters, generally with delayed blast fireballs. The second round
works as
normal, but you should have the advantage since many of the enemies
already dead.

You will notice a path leading between the two rooms; don't use it
you want to fight another battle right away. In my opinion, the fight
the minions of Bane was easier, but then you miss the treasure room
(5) that
you can only reach by fighting the dragons and crossing that room to
southeast. In the northeast corner of the minions' room, on the other
is a lair filled with beholders. You probably don't want to go in

The choice is up to you; both rooms lead to the inner palace of
which is impeccably wrought in the finest materials, the design of a
architect. An important note: rest here and save the game. Then cast
your protective spells, because you are going to fight several major
back to back and this is your last chance to save and protect
yourself. As
soon as you leave the passage and enter the main room, a dark fog
pouring from the arches to the right. Suddenly, in a flash of light, a
figure appears. It is Elminster. He offers to join your party. This is
sort of strange, since Elminster is supposed to stay in Limbo to
provide you
a gateway home, right?

Well, as it turns out, the game gives you a choice of what you want to
You can either let him join the party, or turn him down or kill him
battle. If he joins the party, he turns into Mahasvad the Rakasha and
easily kill the lone rakasha. If you turn him down, he asks if he
return to Limbo. If you say yes, Gothemenes knows where Elminster, the
being with enough power to face him single-handedly, is located. If
fight him, 'Elminster' becomes the rakasha and you kill him.

After the battle or slaughter--whichever you want to call it--is over,
will hear Gothmenes curse, saying that you didn't babble about
exact location (which makes him that much harder to find). However,
the world is big, Gothemenes says that he will return with Elminster.
asks fearfully what will happen if you come by. Well, Gothemenes says
he will wind the Tantalus clock, which is the countdown until he
Gears grind, the clock strikes one, Gothemenes teleports to Limbo, and
ripples hiss evilly in the dark pool beyond the arches (9).

The clock strikes about every two minutes game time; you have about 75
to wander around before he returns. You're supposed to be looking for
Crystal, so you can go to the northwest and see the immense book
Tanetal has amassed in his library (7), or to the museum (8) where he
many works of art. Both room contain minor treasures; nothing of any
You will be surprised that there are no monsters here, though.

The Crystal is really in the centre of the dark pool. This is where
selection of who holds what artifact becomes important. Whomever has
Crystal Ring should be wearing it, but more importantly, you must
choose who
wears it. The problem lies in the fact that whomever wears it stands a
chance of being killed. The best choice here is to select the
character whom
you can most afford to lose.

The person wearing the Crystal Ring must reach into the pool to
retrieve the
Crystal of Bane. That character's hand will be chilled, but they won't
suffer the 20 damage anyone else will upon touching the surface. The
character should take the Crystal, and upon touching it will notice
every evil-aligned monster in the Realms suddenly has their thoughts
on that character. Gothemenes notices this too, and rushes back with
Elminster, so that you only have until the clock strikes several more
before he returns.

Once he arrives, you are teleported against your will right next to
pool. Gothemenes holds Elminster at a wicked angle, tied up in his
flail. He
demands that you give him the Crystal, saying that if you don't
will die. If you give him the Crystal, he will use it to directly
Bane's power and will kill the entire party and Elminster instantly
with no
chance for escape. So you obviously turn down his request. Again he
it. Turn him down again. He loses his composure over being denied the
Crystal, and Elminster escapes.

Elminster and Gothemenes face off, human to balor, good to evil,
dancing in
a circle of death around the pool. Creatures begin to bubble from the
amassing and flocking to you. The person who has the Crystal of Bane
presented with the option of using the Crystal to force the creatures
into the pool, but the game warns you it may be deadly to try this.
right (I had to fight the battle twice; the first time my magic user
lost 70
HP from trying this; the next time my paladin lost 182 of 183 HP
this). Anyway, it works. Most of the monsters retreat into the pool
Bane kills them for disobedience. Oh well, he saved you the trouble.
remaining monsters swarm forward as Xoham goads them on from behind.

Throw everything you've got against this wave; there are two more and
gets worse, however magic won't help you with those two. The best way
handle this wave is, as always, to use delayed blast fireballs. Once
wave is defeated, you glance at the battle between the two titans and
them tire. Then Xoham attacks you with his fellow beholders.

Your spells will fail against the beholders' magic resistance; don't
try casting. Spread your party out, but concentrate on killing one or
two at
a time. After all the quicker you can eliminate more monsters, the
Rather than hitting each one once, make sure one dies before moving on
the next, because though your attacks will disrupt their spell
casting, they
normally use their innate abilities anyway: flesh to stone, rays of
disintegration and death rays, among others. This is where your prayer
bless spells will come in handy--your characters must make all their
throws or they will not be able to help you in the next battle.

Once the beholders have been defeated, you turn to watch the battle
the Elminster and Gothemenes again. Suddenly, Elminster slips and
falls into
the pool of darkness. Gothemenes looks around at the carnage you've
left so
far, and a look of doubt over his ability to beat you crosses his
face. He
says, that "Perhaps you have earned the use of my gem. With it you can
the Realms. I will teach you the command word if you let me go." The
asks you if you agree to this. The obvious answer is no. Then he licks
lips and calls his loyal minions to himself. He gets scared and then
calls on Bane to protect his 'chosen one.' At first it seems as if
happens. Suddenly, a weird light seeps from the pool and you feel you
draining away.

Looks like you'll have to do it the hard way. Gothemenes attacks. If
haven't figured it out by this time, the bright blue minions of bane
you an electrical shock if you hit them with a melee weapon (i.e. a
axe, staff, etc.). You'll have to use bows and arrows, but to use
these you
must be at least 1 step away from all enemies (the idea is that if
closer you have to defend yourself against other attacks, which
doesn't work
too well with a bow & arrows). The first enemy you kill is Gothemenes,
followed by the minions of Bane, and finally Bits o Moander.

Once all the monsters have been destroyed, Gothemenes drags himself to
edge of the pool and calls out: "Bane! Save your faithful servant!"
But it
seems Bane doesn't hear, because the god eliminates those who fail
him. The
cold flame from the pool which burns Gothemenes alive is merciless.
Suddenly the Crystal of Bane turns to dust in your character's hand
Elminster reappears from the pool of darkness. He says that he has
Bane's realm and it is terrible, and all that fun stuff. A fog begins
descend upon you, but suddenly it vanishes from your eyes. Elminster
that only he and you will ever remember that this happened; the fog
make the rest of the Realms forget it. Then he transports you to

You are done with the game, in as much as saving the Forgotten Realms
You can wander around Phlan and talk to the people who you met on your
journeys; they've forgotten all about the attack on the Moonsea; it's
as if
it never happened, and they act as if they don't know you (though Shal
to recognize you from somewhere....). Sasha has cancelled her trip to
Thar to
inspect their forces there because it is such a peaceful time. Priam
you, but not as if you were any different than another passerby. Vala
to go to Vaasa and stir up trouble for you. Nothing has changed, or
has it?

>From here go to the boat docks. Elminster steps out from some crates
welcomes you. He explains exactly why nobody remembers anything about
attempt at conquest (it wasn't the fog after all!). When the greater
returned the cities, they also returned time as well--it's as if time
resumed right before the big catastrophe with the Moonsea and the
disappearance of the cities, only the nightmare that followed never

He goes on to say that you have passage on a boat to a realm far away
the Forgotten Realms, should you so choose to go and live the rest of
lives in that location (all the treasure you left with him in his
vault in
Limbo is in the cargo hold). He also says that a mysterious boat has
landed and has there should be one more challenge for you there should
wish to undertake it before leaving the Realms. He's going back to
Shadowdale. He leaves. Go east to the door to the docks, and Rolf will
what you want to do.

If you take the fine ship, he asks you if you really want to bid a
good-bye. If you say yes, you will pass from the Realms forever,
that by your hand the Realms where saved and that your deeds will
change the
face of the earth altogether.
On the other hand, if you take the other ship, complete with broken
mizzenmast, the captain explains that he met a man who loved
challenges--ones that involve death. Anyway, he asks if you are sure
want to go. If you say yes, he allows the party to encamp and save the
and rest beforehand. Afterward, he asks you to confirm your choice. If
still agree to go (knowing there is no turning back), you all board
the ship
and sail on calm seas for several days until you reach and island,

                          Part IV: Dave's Challenge

  Please Note: this portion of the walkthru is optional, and therefore
I am
 releasing the previous portion before the entire document is ready.
              pardon the disorder in the rest of the document.

This deserves to be in a whole section by itself. The map included and
directions should help you through Dave's Challenge itself (the area
feature is off in this segment too). The object of Dave's Challenge,
as Dave
himself will tell you after noting your deeds, is simple: Survival. To
achieve this end, you must recover four Bonds: the Fighter's Bond, the
Cleric's Bond, the Mage's Bond and the Thief's Bond, which are
throughout the fortress, and then escape.

To complicate matters, all the enemies in the fortress are more
powerful the
second time around, and have something in the neighborhood of two to
times as many hit points. However, their other attributes seem to
remain the
same. Good luck! You'll need it.

Upon entering the labyrinth, Dave speaks to you. In addition to what
tells you, there are a couple important notes. First of all, there is
one place where you can safely rest (29), and even so you can only
rest for
a limited period of time (the longer each rest is the less often you
can do
it). The best solution is to use the potions that you find and
spells, and to also try not to rest until you have recovered all 4
Also, the Rune will disappear after resting twice to regain spells
lost in
these three locations: 3, 13 and 34. A couple more notes. Turning
undead has
basically the same effect here as it did in Gothmenes palace: none.
bother wasting your attacks. You should also know that the wandering
monsters are packs of vampires. The only other place to rest other
than the
Rune is after the battle at 21. Off you go!

1. The entrance and a fight with Greater Basilisks and Carrion
2. Beholders will allow the party to talk with them 3 times to get
clues to
the challenge; after this they attack.
3. All memorized spells are lost.
4. A fight with about 6 Pets of Kalistes.
5. A fight with a number of human thieves.
6. Treasure: Money, minor swords & armor and potions.
7. A fight with Red, Green and White Dragons; The Fighter's Bond is
8. A fight with vampires, IF you go into the center of the room.
9. Another battle with wraiths, spectres, and wights.
10. Several liches and spectres guard the Cleric's Bond.
11. A fight with skeletons, after which you advance to another
with even more skeletons.
12. Treasure: Money, minor swords & armor and potions.
13. All clerical spells are lost.
14. A battle with a large force of vampires.
15. The Mage's Bond is here, along with a one way door.
16. There's an electric trap under the door, so go through the secret
to the south.
17. The Thief's Bond is here.
18. Treasure: Potions, money and minor weapons & armor.
19. The secret door here will only appear after all bonds have been
20. The next step you take will teleport you to 21; this is your last
to cast spells!
21. All spells are lost. In the final battle, the party must face 2
the first consists of Gothmenes, Tanetal, Blue Bane Minions and Red
Bits o
Moander. The second wave consists of Thorne, Kalistes, some Red
Dragons and
Pets of Kalistes.
22. Type "Oh, well" here and be transported to 23.
23. A safe spot, believe it or not (no pun intended)!
24. Drink from the fountain to gain experience points.
25. Train your characters.
26. There's a pool of water here; it has no visible effect either good
27. Treasure: 2 Vorpal Swords, 2 Girdles of Giant Strength, 3 Pairs of
of Speed, other good stuff.
28. You can be teleported back to Phlan (but might as well keep going
this point).
29. The Rune: the only place to rest (see notes above).
30. The clerics can destroy the altar.
31. One person must stand against fear.
32. Next is a fight with Blue Bane Minions, Bulettes, and Red Bits o
33. An encounter with Large Iron Golems.
34. All mage spells are lost.
35. The passageway is charged with electricity; searching would be a
idea right now!
36. Disarm the trap on the secret door or you will take damage.

Dracons are demi-dragonian humanoids. They are fairly
large, stocky, scaled creatures with tough, armored
hides and tremendous strength.  Their hands and feet
are clawed.

Dracons are more like walking tanks than anything
else, being resistant to heat,flames,cold,high
altitude and almost anything else. They can swim
well,they can hold their breath for a long time and
can therefore navigate small bodies of water by
walking across the bottom.  Dracons tend to live in
volcanic caves where the air is warm. They are
typically intelligent creatures preferring themselves
and their hordes/minions for company.

Because of their draconian heritage, a dracon will
almost certainly be able to breathe something nasty,
either acid, fire, poison, or something equally
unpleasant. Typically, as a dracon ages and improves
physically, this ability also improves in both
strength and endurance.