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Event Bosses (World Bosses)

These are the bosses that are no instanced, meaning their greatest ability is "lag". This page will contain all the names, locations, closest way point, and details about the medals they drop.

Note: The stat values will varie slightly, as more information is gathered this page will be updated with ranges for each of them. For now it will give a basic idea of what each event boss will drop.


Location: Chapter 1: Crumbling Brownstones

Waypoint: Chapter 1: S.H.I.E.L.D Rooftop Checkpoint

Medal Stats

3% chance to deal extra energy damage when you hit
Required Level: None


Location: Chapter 2: Storage Yard

Waypoint: Chapter 2: Storage Yard

Medal Stats

+49 health
When you drop below 50% health, deal +25 damage and gain +33 to all defenses for 5 seconds"
Required Level: 3


Location: Chapter 2: Construction Site

Waypoint: Chapter 2: Crab Trap Restaurant

Medal Stats

6-10% chance to knock target down when you hit
Required Level: 5


Location: Chapter 3: Bamboo Forest

Waypoint: Chapter 3: Bamboo Forest

Medal Stats

Reveals enemies on minimap within a range of 1157
4% chance to petrify (stun) target when you hit
Required Level: 8

Madam Hydra (Viper)

Location: Chapter 3: Lowtown

Waypoint: Chapter 3: Lowtown

Medal Stats

5% change to make teammates invulnerable for 3 seconds when you are hit (20 sec cooldown)
Regenerate 2 spirit when you defeat an enemy
Required Level: 7

Green Goblin

Location: Chapter 4: Lower East Side

Waypoint: Chapter 4: Lower East Side

Medal Stats

3%-6% chance to create a poison cloud dealing 11-18 damage per second when you hit
Required Level: 9


Location: Chapter 4: Upper East Side

Waypoint: Chapter 4: Upper East Side

Medal Stats

Coming Soon - Need more details.

Blob & Toad

Location: Chapter 6: Training Camp

Waypoint: Chapter 6: Training Camp

Medal Stats

11-19% chance to slow the target for 5 seconds when you hit
While above 95% health, gain 75 physical defense
Required Level: 13


Location: Chapter 7: Mutate Marsh

Waypoint: Chapter 7: Mutate Marsh

Medal Stats

+650 Health per minute.
Required Level: 15
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