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"Bad rats are bad indeed"

This is a short review as their is not much to talk about this game. It's simply badly designed that makes what should be simple puzzles into trials that test your patience. I got this in the Indie Gala 5 bundle but I would never want to pay for this and I'll tell you why.

Game play:

Bad Rats is a 2D physic puzzle solving game where the objective is to make the ball hit an object to kill the cat before the time runs out..You have a few objects and different types of rats to get the job done. It's an easy to learn and master type. There are three difficulties which include Tutorial that walks you through the game, Easy that can give you a solution, and Expert which gives you no solutions. Are rather simple to figure out but the challenge is executing it. This can be tricky as game is particular on how objects are balanced. For example, if you made a make shift see-saw and had a fat rat land on it, the slightest difference in height can have a drastic affect how the ball will act. Physics are randomized to so clicking play can give you a different action each time. This merely adds frustration to a game that expects perfections when it comes to getting the in-game achievements.

Things like extremely sensitive manual rotation, difficultly getting rats to attach to objects, fake hints. and automatic placement act both as time wasters and obstacles to setting up. One of the fake hints suggested that you use a tractor as a timer but there was no use for it in a level. Unless I took a shortcut in solving the puzzle, it was misleading and was throwing me off. Combine with the lack of ability to restart a level to complete an achievement makes this a perfectionist's and OCD gamers nightmare. Their is not much diversity in the items you can which can limit some of your creativity. The only real fun gimmick is the gore when killing a cat. Otherwise, there are much better physics puzzle games out there.

Graphics / Sound:

Technical wise, this game looks like a cheap discount game that came out in 2000. Character models have blurry textures and look like they come from an Low-res N64 or PS1 game. Back round textures are dull and uninspired looking. It works but it's has nothing that stands out. It also has technical bugs were the game will reset to 1024x840 resolution and turn of stencil shadows every time you restart the game. It even has 5 second loading times from changing maps to going to the menu screen when you start up. That is just lazy programing especially from a cheap game. The game has very little music other then one or two generic hip-hop and disco music that sounds like it came from the 90's. It's uninspired and boring to listen too.


Simply, don't buy this game. All it has going for it is the of gimmick murdering cats in a gory manner. It's a simple game but the way the game is designed makes what should be simple puzzles into annoyances. Add to challenges with no way of replaying a map makes it frustrating for perfectionists, OCD gamers, and people who want to replay a level. There are better physics puzzle games out there like Crazy Machines that don't suffer the technical annoyances or dullness this game is.

Reviewer's Score: 3/10 | Originally Posted: 08/07/12

Game Release: Bad Rats: The Rats Revenge (US, 07/20/09)

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