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Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2011

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Video Walkthrough
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Chapter One: Introductions
  004b. Chapter Two: The Job
  004c. Chapter Three: Grumble in the Jungle
  004d. Chapter Four: Hair of the Dog
  004e. Chapter Five: On a Molecular Level
  004f. Chapter Six: Jasmine DANGER!
  004g. Chapter Seven: Jasmine Help
  004h. Chapter Eight: Suspects
  004i. Chapter Nine: Cosmetological Caper
  004j. Chapter Ten: Belly of the Beast
  004k. Chapter Eleven: Salon Horror
  004l. Chapter Twelve: Nicking off the Top
  004m. Chapter Thirteen: Furnace Room
  004n. Chapter Fourteen: Ivy's League
  004o. Chapter Fifteen: Missing Cassidy
  004p. Chapter Sixteen: Little Blue Doggy
  004q. Chapter Seventeen: Gossip Detective
  004r. Chapter Eighteen: Ticking Away
  004s. Chapter Nineteen: Garden of Delights
  004t. Chapter Twenty: Reception Ruins
  004u. Chapter Twenty-One: Mad Scientist
  004v. Chapter Twenty-Two: Who Could It Be Now?
  004w. Guest Room
  004x. Ivory Room
  004y. Laboratory
  004z. Waste Room
  004aa. Zen Zone
  004bb. Chapter Twenty-Five: Mingling Mingles
  004cc. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Safe Doggy
  004dd. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Tunnels of Danger
  004ee. Chapter Thirty: Endgame Sequence
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew Dossier: 
Resorting to Danger. It's a hidden object casual game in which 
Nancy solves the mystery surrounding a series of bombings in a 
You can contact me at if you want 
to point out a mistake in my guide, put the guide on your 
website, or something like that. 


Nancy Drew: Our hero, who has solved many mysteries over the 
course of her lifetime. She has been hired to solve the mystery 
of the Redondo.

Helfdan Helgason: The biochemist at the Redondo. He is 
overworked, and he wants to leave the Redondo to market his own 
line of beauty products.

Joanna Brown: The janitor at the Redondo. She has a large 
collection of rats.

Mrs. Montague: One of the rich patrons of the Redondo. She is 
quite bossy, and she is fond of her dog, Mr. Mingles.

Mr. Mingles: Mrs. Montague's pet dog. Mr. Mingles is a 
Pomeranian, and he generally runs around the Redondo, getting 
into trouble.

Nick Bleski: The manager of the Redondo. He likes to boss Nancy 
around, but then again, that's his job.

Cassidy Jones: The receptionist at the Redondo. Cassidy seems to 
not care much about anything.

Jasmine Ivy: An actress, who has come to the Redondo for unknown 
reasons. It seems she has been getting death threats.

George Fayne: Nancy's best friend, who has made a bomb detector 
for her. She appears in the opening scene.

Bess Marvin: Nancy's other best friend, who also appears in the 
opening scene. She is George's cousin.

Hippocrates Bell: The original owner of the Redondo. Back then, 
it was a mansion, not a spa.

Eda Brooks: Jasmine Ivy's sister. She was the culprit in Nancy 
Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! She gets mentioned in this 
game, but never seen.

003-Video Walkthrough

I made a video walkthrough for this game, so if you want, you 
can see me solve the puzzles here:

The walkthrough comes complete with my audio commentary. Each 
video covers one chapter.


The Redondo is a spa for rich and famous people, but for some 
unknown reason, a person has started bombing it. The manager, 
Nick Bleski, has brought Nancy in to investigate. Nancy's 
friends, Bess and George, have developed a bomb-detection device 
which will definitely help her during this case.

004a-Chapter One: Introductions

Nancy starts by going to the Reception Area, where she meets 
Cassidy Jones, the receptionist. He wants you to clean a few 
things up around here, in a basic tutorial.

The tutorial teaches you how to find items and use items. For 
example, you highlight the flowers to select them. Then 
highlight the case to put the flowers in the vase.

Now try it for yourself. There are papers that need to be put 
somewhere. Where? The folder on Cassidy's desk.

The folder is still highlighted, which means it can be used 
somewhere else. Where does the folder go? In the filing cabinet 
in the lower left.

The filing cabinet is closed. You can pick one of four action 
buttons--press, pull, turn or scratch--and use them on any 
object. Which one should you use on the drawer? Obviously, you 
want to PULL the drawer open, then use the folder on the drawer.

You can also pick up items for use in your inventory. Try this 
by picking up the letter opener on Cassidy's desk. See how the 
item joins the inventory, next to the four action icons?

You can use inventory icons on items in the game. Try this out 
by using the letter opener in your inventory on the letter near 
the fishbowl.

Click on the letter to read it. The little eye that pops up on 
the cursor tells you that you can look at something in more 
detail. (This basically replaces the LOOK action button in the 
previous Nancy Drew Dossier game). Click "OK" when you're 
finished looking at something.

There is one last thing in the tutorial: the number in the 
bottom/right tells you how many things there are on the screen 
for you to interact with.

The tutorial ends, and you're now on your own! Good luck, 


Start by picking up the task list on Cassidy's desk. He wants 
you to restock the shelves, dust the lights and clean the 
display case.

The shelves are along the right-hand side of the screen, and the 
two boxes are on the floor. There are two empty shelves, so each 
shelf goes with a box.

The upper box has shampoo. The upper shelf needs shampoo. Use 
the upper box on the upper shelf. The lower box has nail polish. 
The lower shelf needs nail polish. Use the lower box on the 
lower shelf. Makes sense, right?

Now for dusting the lights. Grab the feather duster that is 
leaning against Cassidy's desk, and use it on the lights above 
Cassidy's desk.

Finally, let's clean the harmonica display case (in the 
lower/right). Use the cleaning tools on Cassidy's desk on the 
display case to clean it.

Hey, there's something suspicious about that harmonica! LIFT the 
display case (with an action button) to get a better look. It's 
hiding a piece of paper! We'll have to get it out and read what 
it says.

There is a drawer above the recycling bin at the reception desk. 
PULL open this drawer (with an action button) to find a 
screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the harmonica to find a 

Click on the note to read it. It's from someone named 
Hippocrates Bell.

004b-Chapter Two: The Job

Nancy talks with Cassidy about Hippocrates Bell, and then she 
goes to the Manager's Office to meet her boss, Nick Bleski.

Conversation Mode begins. You need to pick the right answers 
during the conversations in order to proceed. If you pick a 
wrong answer, guess again. (You get less points if you pick 
wrong answers).

For example, during the first break in the conversation, Nancy 
has four options.

She is here because she's supposed to...

1. Run the place for a while.
2. Pretend she works for a tabloid.
3. Take over for the receptionist.
4. Investigate the bombings.

The correct answer is #4, investigate the bombings.

Nick reminds Nancy that no one is supposed to know about the 
bombings, especially not the customers. Instead, he calls them 
"construction accidents". Nick also says that Nancy is going to 
pose as the new general assistant, so no one will suspect she's 
really a detective.

Cassidy interrupts and says there are towels that need folding. 
You get to pick another piece of conversation.

Do you want me to...

1. Go home now?
2. See if any movie stars are around?
3. Go out there and fold towels?
4. Interrogate Mr. Jones?

The answer is 3, go out there and fold towels. Nick tells Nancy 
that "folding towels at reception" is code for "locate a bomb". 
You see, the mad bomber leaves a note, right before he or she 
sets off a bomb. Your job is to decode the note, then locate the 
bomb and defuse it before it explodes.

This is actually a minigame! You need to form complete letters 
by swapping tiles. You can only make a swap if it results in a 
match, and you can only swap two tiles if they are touching each 
other horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

In the top/left, you have help icons. One will switch around all 
the tiles on the board, which is helpful in case you get stuck. 
The other one will highlight a swap that can be made, which is 
also helpful in case you get stuck.

Every time you make a match, the meters on the right-hand side 
fill up. Since this is the first time you're playing the 
minigame, it only takes four matches to fill up a meter. So make 
four matches each for each of the five letters, and you're done! 
You can make more than four matches, if you want to. The more 
matches you make, the more points you get!

Once you finish, the bomber's note is deciphered. The clue is "I 
hang out in the tropics", and the five letters are the ones from 
the note: S V N I E.

Switch the letters around to spell "VINES". That's the word that 
answers the clue.

Nancy then takes a look at her map, which Cassidy gave her. What 
room is "vines"? That would be the Jungle Room, which means 
that's where the bomb is. Click on the Jungle Room to go there.

004c-Chapter Three: Grumble in the Jungle

Nancy shows up in the Jungle Room, ready to look for the bomb. 
However, one of the guests in the room starts up a conversation 
with Nancy before any bomb-searching can take place.

This is Mrs. Montague, one of the richest guests here. She's not 
the nicest person ever, and in this chapter, she bosses you 
around a lot.

She starts up a conversation. When she asks for Mr. Mingles, 
respond that Nancy is the new...General Assistant.

Mrs. Montague demands that you scratch her nose. Select Mrs. 
Montague's nose, then the "scratch" button. 

Mrs. Montague demands that you adjust the heat of the mud bath. 
The game then teaches you how to use hints: by clicking the 
button in the lower/right. Confirm that you want to use a hint, 
and the hint reveals an item you can find in the scene.

You get two new hints every time you solve a chapter, and you 
can also get hints from minigames.

The hint reveals the compartment which is on the side of the mud 
bath. This compartment has a button. Use the "press" action on 
the button in order to press it. Then, use the "turn" action on 
the temperature knob to turn up the temperature.

Mrs. Montague is pleased. Now she wants you to water a plant. 
The watering can is on the right-hand side of the screen, to the 
left of the red roses. Pick it up, then use it on the base of 
the waterfall near the mud bath. That fills the watering can 
with water.

Now, use the watering can on the plant, which is on the right-
hand side of the screen, right of the red roses. Nancy will 
water the plant.

Mrs. Montague now demands that you read a tabloid article to 
her. See the brown table in between the brown chairs? Select the 
table, then use the "pull" action button to pull open the 

The article is in the drawer. Look at the drawer to see the 
article. It is about Jasmine Ivy, the actress. Rumor has it that 
she is going to the Redondo for plastic surgery. Interesting...

Mrs. Montague now demands that you make her some tea. Pick up 
the piece of paper on the table in the lower/right, which has 
the instructions on how to make tea. It says you need to use tea 
leaves from the refrigerator. You should NOT expose the leaves 
to water until they are in a strainer. The strainer goes in a 
teapot, and tea is served in a teacup.

Okay, let's see if we can follow these instructions. First 
things first, we need to get tea leaves from the fridge. The 
fridge is on the wall, to the right of the mud baths. Click on 
the fridge, then use the "pull" action icon to pull open the 
door. This gives us access to the tea leaves.

The tea leaves go in the strainer, which is on the table in the 
lower/right, with all the tea supplies. Select the strainer, 
then the tea leaves. Nancy will put the tea leaves in the 

The strainer goes in the teapot. Select the strainer, then the 
teapot. Nancy puts the tea leaves in the teapot. Now, you just 
need some water. The hot water disposal is on the left, on the 
bottom shelf. Use the teapot on the hot water disposal to fill 
it with water.

Almost done! Use the teapot on the teacup which is on the table. 
Then use the teacup on Mrs. Montague. Mrs. Montague becomes 
contented and falls asleep.

Time to find the bomb! Move your cursor all over the screen, 
trying to find which place creates the most beeping sounds. It's 
actually the shower head, so click on there.

Time to defuse the bomb! Nancy opens the emergency override 
panel. You can override a bomb by making a connection from one 
side of the board to the other. The tutorial teaches you how to 
play this minigame. Basically, all you do is swap pipes until 
the connection is finished.

If you run out of time, the game restarts. You can replay the 
puzzle as many times as you want. I find it easiest to run the 
game in windowed mode, then click outside of the game screen to 
"pause" the game, so I can look for good connections at my 

Once the puzzle is solved, the bomb is defused. Mrs. Montague 
wakes up and talks about Mr. Mingles. Ask her if Mr. Mingles is 
a dog, and she will say yes. She also says that Mr. Mingles is 
probably at the salon, so that's our next stop.

004d-Chapter 4: Hair of the Dog 

Now that you're getting the hang of how things work in this 
game, I'm going to simplify my descriptions in this guide. For 
example, instead of saying "use the 'press' action button on the 
elevator button", I'll just say "Press the elevator button".

Nancy goes to the salon to find Mr. Mingles. The game tells you 
about the "GOAL" button, which can give you more information on 
a certain puzzle. For this puzzle tells you that Mr. Mingles is 
trapped in the walls.

Specifically, Mr. Mingles is inside the dumbwaiter in the 
corner. Click on the dumbwaiter, and Nancy reads the clue that 
opens the dumbwaiter. The pillar is the key...

The pillar is to the left of the door, on the right hand side. 
There's a display on the pillar, almost level with the doorknob. 
Click on it.

The pillar has a puzzle! Match the various items in groups of 
two. The matches are rope and knot, cloud and rain, tree and 
leaf, bird and feather, and constellation and star. Make all 
five matches to open up a tube.

Click on the tube. It has a letter about opening the dumbwaiter. 
There are four puzzles in total. Each time you solve part of a 
puzzle, a light will turn on. One puzzle deals with the 
chandelier, another with the pantry shelf in the supply closet, 
one with the pillars, and one with the drain. 

Use the tweezers from the desk on the doorknob to open the 
supply closet. This gives you a jewel, which should hang from 
the chandelier light chain. The note says the order is blue, 
yellow, purple, orange. Pull on the chandelier chains in that 
order: pull the blue one, then the yellow one, then the purple 
one, then the orange one. That's one puzzle solved!

Pull open the door to the supply closet. Here, we have the 
pantry shelf, which is another puzzle. You need to put 15 ounces 
of things onto the shelf, using the various bottles. There are 
multiple combinations that work; the one I used involves every 
bottle, except the red one, and the half-full blue bottle. 
That's a second puzzle solved!

The third puzzle is about the drain. Lift the drain to get a 
key. This key opens the cabinet under the mosaic on the far 
wall.  Flip the switch in the cabinet. That's the third puzzle 

The fourth puzzle is unriddling the pillars. We have three 
pillars in this room, each with a puzzle on it.

The pillar on the left has four items, which you must select in 
the proper order.

1. A rose, which is red with passion but cannot bleed.
2. Cherries, which hide stones within. 
3. A heart, which can be broken but won't shatter.
4. A wine glass, which has a stem but never grows.

This gives you a tile for the left side of the mosaic.

The pillar on the middle has three times, which you must select 
in the proper order.

1. A piano, which has keys that open no locks.
2. A key, which has teeth that cannot chew.
3. A clock, which has no legs, but still can run.

This gives you a tile for the middle of the mosaic.

The pillar on the right has two items, which you must select in 
the proper order.

1. The moon, which mice don't like.
2. Cheese, which mice do like (and is sometimes blue).

This gives you a tile for the right-hand side of the mosaic.

When you put all three mosaic tiles in place, the final puzzle 
is solved. Mr. Mingles is then set free from the dumbwaiter, 
just in time to see his owner, Mrs. Montague.

Mrs. Montague starts a conversation with Nancy. She's mad, 
because the bomb made a green mess everywhere. You should say 

The mess came from...the shower head.
Helfdan is the...biochemist.

Nancy decides to take the green mess from the bomb to Helfdan. 
He's inside the laboratory, so that's your next destination.

004e-Chapter Five: On a Molecular Level 

Nancy's going to the lab, so click on the laboratory on the map. 
She then enters the lab and meets Helfdan.

Helfdan is a nice enough fellow, and he is THRILLED to learn 
that there is finally a new general assistant. He immediately 
puts Nancy to work with the molecule machine, which is a 

The tutorial explains this game. Click on a molecule to get it 
to rotate clockwise. Left-click to get it to rotate counter-
clockwise. If you ever get three colors, of three different 
molecules, to match each other, they disappear.

Make matches in the circles in order to solve the puzzle! This 
puzzle always takes me a very long time, but it's not difficult 
in theory. Just keep making match after match after match, with 
an eye for any possible matches within the red circles, and 
eventually, you finish.

Once the puzzle is over, a conversation starts with Helfdan.

Nancy thinks...the bomb was supposed to explode.

Helfdan investigated the bomb, but it wouldn't have exploded. 
Whoever made that gel bomb made it incorrect. That's odd.

Mr. Bleski calls on the intercom, saying there are more towels 
in reception. Nancy returns to reception, where Cassidy gives 
her the next note. Click on the note to start the letter-
matching minigame.

The minigame is the same as before, only this time, there are 
blank tiles. You can't use these tiles, unless the resulting 
swap ends in a match.

Also, you no longer get a lot of free powerups. Now, you have to 
get powerups by making matches with powerup tiles. Solve the 
puzzle _without_ using powerups, and you get bonus points.

Once you solve the minigame, you get another anagram.

Q: I am the common link between a polar bear and coconut meat.
A: White.

This refers to the Ivory Room, which is white. Select that as 
your next location.

004f-Chapter Six: Jasmine DANGER!

Nancy goes to the Ivory Room, looking for the bomb. However, 
before she can search for the bomb, an uppity guest forces her 
to do some facials.

This is another minigame, which the tutorial teaches you how to 
do. Simply make up the woman's face to look like the face in the 

For the first facial, make the face brown. Then cover up both 
eyes. Make the face yellow, then remove the kiwi slices over the 
eyes. Done!

For the second facial, make the face yellow. Cover up the mouth 
with an orange slice and cover up the right-hand side of the 
face with the half mask. Then make the face green, and remove 
the mask and orange slice.

For the third facial, cover up the nose. Make the face green. 
Cover up the bottom half of the face. Make the face blue. Put 
cherry paste on each cheek, then remove all the coverings on the 

For the final facial, make the face brown. Cover up both eyes. 
Then make the face yellow. Put the half-mask on the face, then 
make the face brown. Remove all coverings on the face.

The guest then leaves, satisfied. Nancy finds a note for 
Jasmine, which says "I will not be ignored." Interesting.

Time to find the bomb. It's inside the sensory deprivation unit 
on the far left. Click on the unit, then click on its blue 
display screen to learn how to open it.

Of course, there are four puzzles you have to solve before 
opening the unit. First, drain the pod. Then, refill it. Then, 
refill the salt. Then, change the UV light.

Pull open the cabinet which is left of the waterfall. Use this 
hose on the sink faucet and then use the hose on the hose spout 
at the bottom of the sensory deprivation unit.

There's a wheel on the side of the sensory deprivation unit. 
Turn it to drain the pod. Then, turn the handle on the sink 
faucet to refill the pod. Okay! We're halfway done!

Time to refill the salt. Press the button near the plant near 
the waterfall to open up a hidden cabinet with salt. Use the 
salt on the salt area (on the bottom of the sensory deprivation 
unit, under the handle you turned).

Take the UV bulb from the top of the hidden cabinet (the one 
that had salt) and use it on the left side of the sensory 
deprivation unit. The pod is all finished!

Now you have the bomb-disarming minigame again. This time, you 
have green tiles which you can't swap. Work around them, while 
trying to make a connection.

Once you disarm the bomb, Jasmine comes on. Oh my gosh! The note 
was for Jasmine Ivy, the actress! A conversation ensues, which 
Nancy says:

The note in the room...was threatening.

Jasmine takes the note and sends Nancy to her room to fix a 
hissing sound. Select the guest room, and the chapter ends.

004g. Chapter Seven: Jasmine Help

All right, time to find out what is making the hissing sound in 
Jasmine's room! Snooping while we're here certainly couldn't 
hurt, either...

Pull open the painting in Jasmine's closet to find a safe. Nancy 
needs the combination in order to open it. Also in this room, we 
have Jasmine's computer. Nancy needs the password in order to 
access it.

Examine the furnace-like thing to the right of Jasmine's bed. 
It's a puzzle, where you have to match numbers and words.

0 = freezing (0 is the freezing temperature of water)
1 = unicorn (1 horn on a unicorn)
2 = gemini (2 twins in gemini)
4 = clover (4 leaves on a clover)
5 = star (5 points on a star)
7 = wonders (7 wonders in the world)
8 = octopus (8 tentacles on an octopus)
10 = decade (10 years in a decade)

Solving the puzzle gives you a button. Press it to get Jasmine's 
cell phone, which is what was making noise.

Use the cell phone on the computer to read Jasmine's email. It 
turns out that Jasmine's sister is Eda Brooks, the culprit from 
the last Nancy Drew Dossier game.

Use the cell phone on the safe. This reveals a number of 
threatening notes that Jasmine has received.

004h. Chapter Eight: Suspects

Nancy returns to Nick Bleski's office and talks with him about 
what's happened so far.

Jasmine Ivy has...been getting threats.
Mrs. Montague was saved...from being covered with goo.
The bomb in the Jungle Room...was a dud.

Say all three of those answers, and the chapter ends with Mr. 
Bleski ordering you to investigate the lab.

004i. Chapter Nine: Cosmetological Caper

Nancy goes to the lab to investigate.

There is a monkey lunchbox, above the microwave. Use this on the 
monkey, and Nancy will open the lunchbox. Inside, you find a 
note from Helfdan's mom.

Behind this note, is a clue about a key. Put the test tubes in 
order, and the right key is fourth from the left. 

Examine the test tubes. You need to arrange them in the proper 
order, so that the two colors in the test tube, when mixed, 
match the color the beaker. For example, blue and yellow make 
green, so you put the blue and yellow tube in the green spot.

The solutions are as follows, from left to right:

White and yellow make pale yellow.
Red and blue make purple.
White and red make pink.
Yellow and blue make green.
Blue and black make dark blue.
Yellow and red make orange.

Now, pick out the correct key, which is the green one, the 
fourth from the left. We just need to figure out how to get it 
out of the test tube. If you select the test tube, Nancy figures 
that melting the jelly will do the trick.

Okay, so let's get the Bunsen burner working! Use the Bunsen 
burner on the nearby hose to get the Bunsen burner working, then 
use the Bunsen burner on the test tubes to get the key.

Use the key on the bottom drawer of the table that holds the 
Bunsen burner. It's not too far from the test tubes. Then, look 
in the drawer to find a piece of paper about Compound X.

Let's make some Compound X! All we need is gray powder, blue 
fluid and purple fluid. Mix them in a flask of red fluid and 
pour into a petri dish.

First, let's get that flask of red fluid. The red fluid 
dispenser doesn't work right now, so shake the lab coat in the 
corner. The handle to the dispenser falls out. Use the handle on 
the red fluid machine, then use the flask on the trolley on the 
red fluid machine.

Now, we need the gray powder, which is on the desk. Use it on 
the scale to get five ounces of it, then use the gray powder on 
the flask.

Use the 500 mL container on the blue fluid, and then pour it in 
the flask. Use the 1000 mL container on the purple fluid, and 
then pour it in the flask.

Now, use the flask on the petri dish on the trolley.

While Nancy waits for Compound X to form, she does the molecule 
minigame again. This is the last time you have to play this 
particular minigame.

Once the minigame is over, Nancy checks up on Compound X. 
Unfortunately, Mr. Mingles runs in and steal the compound. Mr. 
Mingles! Mr. Bleski then checks in with Nancy and sends her to 
the furnace room.

004j-Chapter Ten: Belly of the Beast

Select the furnace room as your destination. Mr. Mingles should 
be here somewhere, with the Compound X.

When this chapter starts, there is a bonus round. Nancy has to 
catch rats and put them in their cage. Click on a rat, hold down 
the mouse button, then drag the rat to the rat cage, then let go 
of the mouse button to release it in the cage.

Try to catch as many rats as you can! The challenge lasts about 
forty-five seconds, and you get bonus points for each rat that 
is caught.

Once the rats are gone, it's time to find Mr. Mingles! He's 
hiding behind the green box, next to the red armchair. Click on 

Joanna Brown arrives. She's kind of creepy. A conversation 

Joanna is...the janitor.
She knows about...the construction accidents.

The rats belong to Joanna. She likes rats, and she also likes 
her brother Elwood, who is a writer. Few people at the Redondo 
Spa pay attention to her.

Joanna hints that Nick Bleski is up to no good. At this point, 
Nick interrupts and calls Nancy to reception. Joanna grabs Mr. 
Mingles--who swallows the Compound X--and all three characters 
in the furnace room leave.

Nancy goes to reception, where there's another note to decode. 
This time, there are locked tiles which can't be swapped. They 
can still be matched with other tiles, though.

There is also a plane tile, which can be swapped with any non-
locked tile on the board, as long as it results in a match. 

Make enough matches to fill the meters. The clue you get is "I 
am a pair, yet one object". The answer, of course, is SCISSORS.

Write out the word scissors, then select the salon as your next 

004k. Chapter Eleven: Salon Horror

Nancy goes to the salon to find the next bomb...but she's too 
late. The bomb explodes and cockroaches are everywhere.

This is another bonus round. Grab cockroaches and put them in 
the biohazard bin. Grab as many cockroaches as you can before 
the timer runs out in forty-five seconds.

004l. Chapter Twelve: Nicking off the Top

Nancy goes to see Nick Bleski, only he's not in his office. 
Joanna DID hint that Nick is up to no good, so let's see what 
he's been up to.

Check out the note on Nick's desk. It tells you how to solve the 
puzzles in this room. First, find the eyeballs!

Lift the corner of the carpet to find one eyeball. Examine the 
painting on the wall to find another eyeball. Use both eyeballs 
on the head-shaped design at the top of the cabinet.

The head opens its mouth to give you papers. The papers have 
clues for the locked cabinet. Solve both puzzles on the cabinet 
to open it.

One puzzle is determining the order of the animals, based off 
the clues on the piece of paper. The order is cat, frog, rabbit, 
dog and rat.

The other puzzle is moving tiles around so each row and column 
has one animal, one astrological symbol and one fruit. Oh, and 
the same color never appears more than once in a row or column.

There are a few solutions. One I got is this, which has the red 
tiles form a diagonal:

Purple symbol, yellow animal, red fruit
Yellow fruit, red symbol, purple animal
Red animal, purple fruit, yellow symbol

Solving both puzzles opens a drawer. In the drawer is an 
accounting sheet, which shows the Nick is embezzling money from 
the Redondo and the guests. Oh my!

Mrs. Montague then calls the office and demands that someone 
find Mr. Mingles, because Joanna lost him. Nancy decides this is 
a good time to snoop in Joanna's furnace room, so pick that as 
your next destination.

004m. Chapter Thirteen: Furnace Room

There's a bomb in the furnace room! That's not good. It's behind 
the furnace, so click on the furnace to find it.

It's dangerous to open a working furnace, obviously, so let's 
turn it off first. Lift the cover of the control box, on the 
left side of the furnace (near the ground).

The control box needs a crank. A crank is sticking out the wall 
on the right, near the pipes. Use a broom on the crank to get it 
down, then use the crank on the furnace control box. Turn the 
crank, and the furnace turns off.

Open up the furnace and deactivate the bomb by solving the bomb 
minigame again. Nancy saves a small piece of paper that was 
found in the bomb.

Once the bomb is defused, it's time to investigate. Joanna has a 
locked chest, so let's unlock it and see what's inside. First, 
we'll have to find both keys for the chest.

In the trash can in the lower/left is a screwdriver without a 
handle. Use the handle from the mop container on the screwdriver 
to make a makeshift screwdriver. Use this on the top of the 
furnace to find the first key.

The second key needs to be forged, believe it or not. 

Examine the book on the bookshelf. Behind this book, you'll find 
rat treats. Use the rat treats on a rat to get an ingot of 

Lift the drain to get a crucible. Use the ingot of metal on the 
crucible, then use the crucible on the kiln to melt the metal.

Pull the lever on the side of the armchair to reveal a key mold. 
Use the metal in the crucible on the mold to forge the key.

The mold is in the middle of the floor. Use the towel above the 
rat cage to pick it up, because it's too dangerous to pick up 
the key with your bare hands. Use the key on the mop water to 
cool it down.

Now, use both keys on Joanna's chest to unlock it. Inside, we 
find a hate shrine for Jasmine Ivy. Read the article on the left 
side of the shrine, and Nancy decides that Jasmine's room is her 
next destination.

Pick the Guest Room as your next location.

004n. Chapter Fourteen: Ivy's League

Nancy goes to Jasmine's room. There are two things to look at. 
First, there is her to-do list, and second, there is her laptop. 
Darn, she changed her password!

Jasmine's phone is lost again, so let's find it and learn what 
her new password is. The way to do this is by finding all the 
pieces of Jasmine's business card. Jasmine's phone number is on 
her business card, and Nancy can call her phone to find where it 

One piece of the card is in the sofa, and another is under the 
chair, by the desk. One is inside the magazine on the coffee 
table, and one is on the note on the salad bowl.

Pull open the drawer on the coffee table to find another piece. 
Pull open the bathroom door, then lift the drain. Use tongs 
(near the sink in the room) to get the piece from the drain. 
Shake the sheet on the ironing board in the bathroom for another 

The eighth and final piece is under the bed. Look inside 
Jasmine's bathrobe to find tape, then use the tape on the 
business card pieces. Put the pieces together like a jigsaw 
puzzle to get the business card.

Use the business card on the phone in this room (near the 
bathroom door) to get Jasmine's cell phone to start ringing. 
It's coming from the TV cabinet.

Pull open the patio door to find the remote for the TV. Its 
batteries are dead. Use the batteries from Jasmine's bathrobe on 
the remote control, then push the button on the remote control. 
The TV pops up, and you find the cell phone.

Use the cell phone on the laptop to read an email from Jasmine 
Ivy's agent. Jasmine's agent wants her to publicize the 
threatening notes.

Jasmine Ivy comes in the room and starts a conversation.

The janitor has...a rat collection.
The latest rumor is that Jasmine...had plastic surgery.
Eda Brooks is Jasmine's...sister.

Jasmine Ivy is upset that the Tinsel Town Tattler falsely 
reported that she has undergone surgery, and she is upset at the 
insinuation that she and Eda Brooks are related. The two of them 
ARE sisters, but she still doesn't like it when someone mentions 
that fact.

Nick Bleski then calls Nancy to reception.

004o. Chapter Fifteen: Missing Cassidy

Cassidy has gone off somewhere, so Nancy needs to answer phone 
calls for him. Answer twenty calls in a row, without making five 
mistakes, and you solve this challenge.

It's easy enough to solve this challenge. Click on a call and 
hear what the person has to say. Then, drag the call to the room 
they want. For example, if the person says, "I'd like to talk to 
your boss", make that call go to the Manager's Office.

If you don't answer calls quickly enough, the caller hangs up 
and that counts as a dropped call.

Do this challenge over and over again, until you do it 
successfully. Once you're done, you get a phone call from 
someone who wants to know more about Jasmine Ivy, and you get a 
phone call from Jasmine herself. It seems that Jasmine and 
Cassidy are romantically involved.

Examine the magazine on the coffee table. Does it look familiar? 
The scrap of paper found inside the bomb, two chapters ago, 
belongs to this magazine! We have to open up recycling and find 
out who the magazine belongs to.

Examine the note on the desk to learn that Mr. Mingles hid the 
key. That crazy dog!

Pull open the cabinet drawer, on the right, under the shelves of 
shampoo-related products. Press the button to turn off the 
fountain. The fountain is the grayish rock thing on the left. 
Examine it to see that it is covered with stones.

There's a pencil scoop on the desk. Use it on the empty drawer, 
left of the recycling bin. This puts the pencils in the drawer. 
Use the scoop on the rocks at the fountain to find the keys.

The keys are too far for us to reach, though. Use the paper clip 
on the desk on the harp in this room to form a makeshift fishing 
hook. Use this hook on the keys to grab them.

Use the keys on the recycling bin, then look inside the bin to 
learn that the magazine belongs to Cassidy. Cassidy then enters 
the room and starts a conversation.

Why did she find...a magazine piece in the last bomb?
The magazine...practically declares war on the wealthy.

Cassidy explains that the magazine is sent to him for free, and 
anyone could have taken a piece of the magazine in order to 
frame him.

Nick then calls and orders Nancy to go to the Jungle Room to 
find Mr. Mingles.

004p. Chapter Sixteen: Little Blue Doggy

Mr. Mingles is in this room, covered with bubbles. Click to 
destroy bubbles and find Mr. Mingles.

Once you find and click on Mr. Mingles three times, the 
challenge ends.

Nick Bleski arrives and starts a conversation.

Mr. Mingles...swallowed an explosive compound.
Helfdan calls the compound...Compound X.

Nick knows all about Compound X, and he knows that it is 
completely non-toxic, which means Mr. Mingles will be okay after 
swallowing it. Nick sends Nancy to the salon.

004q. Chapter Seventeen: Gossip Detective

Nancy goes to the Salon. The first thing she does is perform a 
series of five facials, so do the facials minigame again.

Pull open the door to the supply closet. Your goal for this 
chapter is to get the machine in here working again. Examine the 
paper at the top of the machine to read the note which says how 
to get it working.

First, grab the window latch in the supply closet, near the 
ceiling. Use it on the ceiling window in this room. This opens 
the vacuum vents on the floor.

Sadly, the vacuum are all covered with hair. One by one, use the 
hair from each vent on the trash can in the supply closet, under 
the sink. A piece of paper was inside each vent, so pick all 
three of them up.

Examine the colored squares on the vacuum in the supply closet. 
Use the papers from the vent on squares. Press the squares, 
according to the numbers and colors on the pieces of paper.

The proper order to press the squares in is green green purple, 
green purple blue, blue purple blue. This reveals some fan parts 
with a stuck screw.

Use the tweezers from the table (in the lower/left corner) on 
the screw in the vacuum fan. Use the glue from the table on the 
vacuum fan to get its pieces into place.

There is a loose screw above the vacuum fan. Use the nail file 
from the table on the loose screw to tighten it. Then, press the 
red button on the vacuum to get it working.

The people in the Salon then talk about the Zen Zone. This is 
Nancy's next destination.

004r. Chapter Eighteen: Ticking Away

Nancy goes into the Zen Zone, where she has to do another series 
of facials. Perform four facials, and that will be the last time 
you do facials in this game.

Then, Nancy looks for the bomb. It's inside the cabinet. Of 
course, the cabinet is locked.

There are five knobs to the cabinet, lying around the room. 
Match the five knobs with the five drawers in the cabinet that 
need knobs.

The yellow knob is on a chair. The red knob is on the ground, 
right of the sand box. The green triangle knob is at the bottom 
of the display on the wall. The green cross knob is under the 
red chair. Finally, the white knob is on a shelf.

Once all four knobs are in place, we have an animal puzzle. 
Match the pairs of animals, according to the clues. The six 
pairs are these:

Boar and mouse
Snake and sheep
Tiger and monkey
Rooster and dragon
Dog and bull
Horse and rabbit

Solving the puzzle results in finding the next bomb. Do the bomb 
disarming minigame to find a note from Jasmine to Cassidy. 
They're in the garden right now!

004s. Chapter Nineteen: Garden of Delights

Nancy goes to the garden, but it is full of guests at the 
moment. Nancy will have to lead a few guests to the rejuvenation 
stations located in the maze.

Press the help button to see a map of the garden maze. The five 
rejuvenation stations are easily identified, due to their white 

Find a client and take her to the nearest rejuvenation station. 
Do this four times in a row to solve this challenge.

Now, Nancy needs to sneak up on Jasmine and Cassidy, who are on 
the right hand side of the screen. You want to reach them, 
without running into the rotating red block that circles them.

Once you get close enough to Jasmine and Cassidy, you overhear 
their conversation. The conversation is cut short by a bomb 
exploding in reception.

004t. Chapter Twenty: Reception Ruins

Nancy goes to reception, which was attacked by a bomb. Nick is 
understandably upset about this.

Tell Nick that Nancy was eavesdropping on someone. Nick then 
decides not to call the police, and he orders Nancy to find some 
evidence within the ruins of the reception room.

There is a puzzle board on the ground, which says there is 
another bomb in this room. Uh oh! Let's find the tiles to the 
puzzle board, quickly!

Pull open the cabinet drawer, under the shampoo products. Use 
the fish food on the fish. Use the fish net (above the harmonica 
display) on the fish bowl to get a tile from inside the fish 

Use the towel on the desk on the tile which is stuck in the 

A screwdriver is in the pencil scoop. Use this on the tile on 
the Redondo sign, and use it on the tile stuck in the front of 
the front desk.

The final tile is on a yellow cloth, too high for Nancy to 
reach. Use the branch from the case (close to the left-hand side 
of the screen, near the window) on the tile to grab it.

Once you have all five tiles, use them on the puzzle board. Move 
the letters around to spell "recycle". Pull open the recycling 
bin and do the bomb disarming minigame another time.

There's a letter to Nancy in the bin, along with an angry note 
from Helfdan. Nancy decides to visit Helfdan in the laboratory, 
so select the laboratory as your next location.

004u. Chapter Twenty-One: Mad Scientist

Helfdan isn't here right now. Grab the clipboard on the animal 
cages and read it.

Examine each animal cage. There's a piece of paper inside each 
cage! Nancy wants to get the pieces of paper, but first, she'll 
have to make the animals happy.

First, let's take care of the cat, from Nancy Drew Dossier: 
Lights, Camera Curses!. The cat needs gray paste. Fill the empty 
flask with water from the sink, then use the flask on the gray 
powder from the desk. Pull open the fridge to find some tuna. 
Give the tuna to the cat, then take the paper from the cat's 

Second, let's take care of the monkey, from Nancy Drew: Ransom 
of the Seven Ships. Use the aloe from the top shelf with the 
rolling pin on the trolley. Then, give the aloe gel to the 
monkey. Use the monkey chow from the trolley on the monkey, then 
take the paper from the monkey's cage.

Third, let's take care of Iggy the Iguana, from Nancy Drew: 
Legend of the Crystal Skull. Take the tea, which is inside a 
beaker on the trolley, and use it on the Bunsen burner. Put the 
tea in the ice cooler, then use the tea on Iggy the Iguana. 
Shake the lab coat in the corner to get a loquat, and give the 
loquat to Iggy. Then, click Iggy's cage to get a piece of paper.

Finally, we have Casper the Squirrel, from Nancy Drew: Warnings 
at Waverly Academy. Use the nuts on the trolley on Casper, then 
take the piece of paper from Casper. That was easy.

Now that Nancy has all four pieces of paper, put them together 
like a jigsaw puzzle. Helfdan then enters with Mrs. Montague. It 
seems that Helfdan plans on leaving the Redondo, because he 
wants to start his OWN private spa. He needs some funding from 
Mrs. Montague to finance this spa.

Nancy decides to report to Mr. Bleski. Go to the manager's 

004v. Chapter Twenty-Two: Who Could It Be Now?

Nancy goes to Mr. Bleski's office. He asks her to name someone 
as the prime suspect. Choose one of the six characters: Nick 
Bleski, Joanna Brown, Cassidy Jones, Helfdan Helgasson, Mrs. 
Montague or Jasmine Ivy.

The person you pick here will end up being the culprit at the 
end of the game. Choose carefully!

Over the next five chapters, you will visit five locations, 
including the garden. The order you visit the locations, as well 
as which locations you visit, depends on the culprit you pick. 
Here is the general information about the place:

If Nick is the culprit, you go to the Zen Zone first. You do not 
go to the laboratory.

If Cassidy is the culprit, you go to the Zen Zone first, and you 
do not go to the laboratory.

If Helfdan is the culprit, you go to the laboratory first, and 
you do not go to the Ivory Room.

If Mrs. Montague is the culprit, you go to the Ivory Room first, 
and you do not go to the Waste Room.

If Jasmine is the culprit, you go to the Guest Room first, and 
you do not go to the Zen Zone.

If Joanna is the culprit, you go to the Waste Room first, and 
you do not go to the Guest Room.

My guide will, of course, discuss what you do in all the 
possible locations. I decided to discuss them in alphabetical 
order, starting with the Guest Room.

004w. Guest Room

If there is a bomb that leads to the Guest Room, the clue is "I 
play a leading role in fooling my audience", and the answer to 
the clue is "actress". The bomb is inside the headboard to 
Jasmine's bed.

Nancy's goal in this chapter is to find some evidence belonging 
to Jasmine. That evidence is her diary, from inside her 

Pull open the drawer of the cabinet in the bathroom. Inside, 
there is information about Yorick, the octopus. He likes to eat 
food. If you look at Yorick, Nancy notes that he has a key in 
one of his tentacles. You'll have to distract him with food to 
get the key.

Pull open the fridge to get food for Yorick. Now, we just need a 
container for it. The cow container near the computer looks 
good, but it's full of candy right now. Use the cow container on 
the empty bowl in the pantry, and Nancy pours the candy in the 
empty bowl. Now that the cow container is empty, use the food in 
the fridge on the cow container. 

Pull the panel near the octopus and press the button inside. 
This opens up a food vent, at the top of the aquarium. Use the 
octopus food on the octopus, and the octopus puts the key at the 
top of the aquarium. Make sure to grab the key.

The other puzzle in this room is matching leaves. Use the leaf 
from the wall of the shower on the box on the coffee table, 
which has a leaf design. This gives you half of a key. Then, use 
the leaf from the window leading outside on the box on the desk. 
This gives you the second half of the key. Use the two halves of 
the key on each other to get a full key.

Use the black key to open Jasmine's suitcase, near her bathrobe. 
Use the gold key to open her diary. That's the evidence we're 
looking for!

004x. Ivory Room

If there is a bomb that leads to the Ivory Room, the clue is "If 
you fail, you'll have a mammoth problem on your hands". The 
answer is "elephant", and the bomb is inside some towels.

Your goal in this room is to find some evidence about Mrs. 
Montague, which she keeps in her large handbag. Sadly, both the 
handbag and Mr. Mingles get swept up in a pneumatic tube.

Look at the tube, which says the controls are in the floor. 
Then, look at the back of the chair, which has the manual for 
something called CAEMBADS. You have to activate the CAEMBADS 
machine to find the controls in the floor.

Examine the wall near the faucet to see a note. Then, examine 
the thing next to the note. It's a control panel, but you can't 
reach it. Pull open the microwave to find a tool. Use the tool 
on the control panel, then press the button on the control panel 
to make the chair lie flat.

Now that the chair is flat, pull open the door under the chair. 
Press the button behind the door, and the machine comes to life!

The machine is password protected, and the password has three 
parts. Examine all three fishbowls. The three fish names are the 
three parts of the password. Use the "Sh" fish on the computer, 
the "Ark" fish on the computer, then the "Bait" fish on the 
computer. "Sharkbait" is the password!

The arm joins in the machine aren't working. They need to be 
oiled. Use the grease (near the towels on the upper shelf) on 
both arm joints in turn.

Press the button on the left of the machine, the "I" button. 
Then, press the button on the right of the machine, the "L" 
button. The machine will highlight a part of the floor.

Use the tool in the microwave on the floor. The machine here is 
stuck. Use the glue from the surgical table (right of the chair) 
on the machine on the floor. Then, pull the level on the floor.

Mr. Mingles reappears, along with the handbag. Look at it to 
find the piece of evidence about Mrs. Montague.

004y. Laboratory

If there is a bomb that leads to the laboratory, the clue is 
"You should be examining the situation much more closely". The 
answer is "microscope", and the bomb is in the area near the top 
of the red machine.

Your goal in this area is to find the clue about Helfdan, which 
is locked in the cabinet.

Pick up the notepad on the desk and read it to learn about his 
laser. Let's activate the laser to get the key to the cabinet!

Examine the blueish machine near the back of the room. This is a 
gas-creating machine. Use the magnet on the beaker. Turn the 
Bunsen burner's knob. Use the yellow liquid on the blue liquid, 
and use the powder on the green liquid. This creates a lot of 
purple gas.

Shake the lab coat in the corner. This gives you a tube. Use the 
tube on the purple gas machine to fill the tube with purple gas.

Press the button on the laser machine, hanging from the ceiling. 
The top of the machine flips open. Use the tube on the open 
machine top. The laser is ready to go!

You just need to send the laser some commands from the computer. 
Look at the computer. It is locked by some questions about the 
animals. Take the animal information sheet, from the animal 
cages, and read about the animals to log onto the computer.

The answer to the computer questions are Casper, Bean, Iggy, 
Cat, Iggy and Bean. The laser then activates, and you get the 
key to the cabinet. Use the key on the cabinet to find evidence 
about Helfdan.

004z. Waste Room

If there is a bomb that leads to the waste room, the clue is 
"what you should do with bad hands and eggs". The answer is 
"discard", and the bomb is inside the basket of laundry.

Your goal in this area is to find a piece of evidence about 
Joanna, which is located inside the autoclave.

There is a message in the dryer. Pull it open, then use the wet 
towels (in the laundry basket) on the dryer. Press the button on 
the dryer and the steam makes the message clear. It's a series 
of numbers.

The machine on the left hand side of the screen is an autoclave. 
Read the manual, then read the computer screen. Apparently, 
someone printed something out on the special autoclave ink that 
only appears inside the autoclave.

The printer under the computer is stuck. Use a tool from the 
garbage in the lower/left corner on the printer, then look at 
the printer.

Check the monitor on the autoclave. It's password protected. Use 
the message from the dryer on the autoclave to get it working. 
Look at the autoclave monitor and push the button to open it.

Once the autoclave opens, twelve pieces of paper get spread over 
the room. Let's find all twelve pieces of paper.

1. On the red bags in the yellow bin.
2. Press the elevator button to open its doors. The paper is 
inside the elevator.
3. Under the green box on the stairs in the bottom/right.
4. On the red bags in the lower/left.
5. Under the printer.
6. Under the green autoclave machine.
7. On the white laundry basket.
8. Shake a bathrobe to get a piece of paper.
9. On the ground, left of the green laundry container.
10. On a shelf, left of the dryers.
11. On the lamp on the ceiling. It's too high up. Use the bent 
pipe (from the three red sacks near the stairs) on the air tank, 
then turn the air tank's valve to get the piece of paper.
12. Below the air tank.

Put the pieces of paper in the autoclave bin. Press the 
autoclave button, and then look at the piece of paper.

You have to put all twelve pieces together, like a jigsaw 
puzzle, to get some evidence about Joanna. Speaking of Joanna, 
here she is now! She starts a conversation.

Joanna's brother is...a writer.
The brother wrote...Mid-Break at Waverly.

Elwood, Joanna's brother, was very close to getting a movie 
deal, when someone rejected his script at the last minute. 
Joanna is very mad about this, and she is especially mad at the 
movie person who rejected the script.

004aa. Zen Zone

If a bomb leads to the Zen Zone, the clue is "Why don't you sit 
down and contemplate this one". The answer is "meditate", and 
the bomb is inside a bottle on top of the shelf.

Your goal in this room is to find some evidence about Cassidy 
(and Nick).

There's a piece of paper that you need to read in this room. It 
has the clues for the two puzzles in this room, so find the 
paper and read it.

The paper says you need to touch colors in the sky. The colors 
are red, yellow, black, green and white. Those are the colors of 
the lanterns on the ceiling. Click the lanterns in that order to 
get a lot of marbles.

Mr. Mingles made paw prints in the sand here. Look at the sand, 
and then use the nearby rake on the sand. This reveals more 
marbles. Click on the sand to pick up all the marbles, then look 
at the display in this room. Use the marbles on the display.

The clues appear onscreen. You need to put three marbles in each 
of the five spots: wood, metal, water, fire and earth. Five 
marbles are based off of senses, five are based off of 
directions, and five are based off of colors.

Wood is green, east and sight. 
Metal is white, west and smell. 
Water is black, north and hearing. 
Fire is red, south and taste. 
Earth is yellow, center and touch.

Once all marbles are in place, the sand in the sand garden 
disappears. A piece of evidence that is related to both Cassidy 
and Nick is found.

004bb. Chapter Twenty-Five: Mingling Mingles

Chapter Twenty-Five will always take place in the garden, where 
Nancy is trying to find Mr. Mingles. Simply chase after Mr. 
Mingles, and wait until he stops running. When this happens, run 
up to him, and he buries a piece of evidence.

Mr. Mingles has five pieces of evidence. Pick up all five of 
them, and then put the pieces of evidence together, like a 
jigsaw puzzle, to read what the evidence is. It is always the 
piece of evidence from the room that you don't visit; for 
example, if it is evidence about Helfdan, you don't go to the 
laboratory to find Helfdan's evidence.

004cc. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Safe Doggy

Chapter Twenty-Eight brings an end to the visiting of the 
various rooms, in order to find evidence. Now, Nancy goes to the 
reception area to find Mr. Mingles for once and for all.

Click on the gray thing behind the front desk. Lift it to find 
out that Mr. Mingles is locked in a safe. Really, Mr. Mingles? 
How did you get locked in a safe?

Let's unlock the safe. Examine the safe to learn that there is a 
computer program that unlocks the safe. Examine the computer, 
then click on the SafeStuf.exe program.

There are four parts to the safe combination: marine feed, reeds 
with rhythm, popular notes and Mary's birthday.

Look at the calendar to learn that Mary's birthday is March 6th. 
Therefore, the answer to that part of the combination is 3, 6.

Lift up the harmonica glass and read the engraving. It says the 
harmonica is too good to play forever. That's 2 good 2 play 4 
ever. Therefore, the answer to that part of the combination is 
2, 2, 4.

Pull open the drawer under the shampoo bottles, and look at the 
fish food. It fortifies your fish. That's 4 tify, so the answer 
to that part of the combination is 4.

Finally, let's find some popular notes. Lift up the music stool 
near the harp, then look at the sheet music. The music is "1, 2, 
3 to a Better Me". If the "to" in the title represents 2, that 
means this clue is 1, 2, 3, 2.

Enter all the answers into the computer program. The password is 
4 36 1232 224. Submit all four parts of the password, and the 
safe opens. Mr. Mingles is saved! Pick him up to end the 

004dd. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Tunnels of Danger

All six characters appear, and a long conversation ensues.

Mrs. Montague is upset...about the botched spinal manipulation.
Helfdan is...asking Mrs. Montague for funding.
It's against the rules...for staff members to date guests.
Jasmine upset...Joanna's brother.

Various plot points get discussed in the conversation. For one 
thing, Cassidy is secretly dating Jasmine Ivy. For another, 
Joanna is the one who has been sending threatening notes to 
Jasmine Ivy, in revenge for Jasmine rejecting the script written 
by Elwood, Joanna's brother.

Mrs. Montague is appalled when Joanna mentions the bombs at the 
Redondo. Helfdan is overjoyed, because bombs at the Redondo 
constitute dangerous working conditions. Dangerous working 
conditions is a violation of his contract, so he can finally 
stop working at the Redondo, like he wants to!

Everyone leaves and Nick orders Nancy to find the bomb.

The bomb detector goes off. That's odd. Use it to find that 
there is something in the stones by the fountain.

Examine this thing. It's a map, showing an underground bomb 
shelter. This must be the bomber's hideout! After all, the 
bomber handled this piece of paper at one point in time, which 
is why it set off the bomb detector.

Nancy enters the bomb shelter by means of the garden. The door 
here is locked with a really complicated lock.

Examine the stone pig in the corner. Nancy decides she needs to 
go to a place with many statues. Select the garden at this 

004ee. Chapter Thirty: Endgame Sequence

Ready for a difficult puzzle? Nancy needs to match clues to the 
statues in the garden!

For example, the clue on the pig reads "He wrote about 
Charybdis' whirlpool". Go to the statue in the middle of the 
garden (the one Nancy starts out by), which is of Homer. Homer 
is the one who wrote about Charybdis in "The Odyssey", and there 
are whirlpools by the statue of Homer, which lets you know this 
is the statue you want.

Use the pig on the statue. You get a coin and a hint for an 
upcoming puzzle. Take the coin.

Nancy gets a scroll from Homer. What statue does the scroll 
belong to?

The scroll belongs to Pythagoras, in the bottom/left hand corner 
of the maze. He has students sitting around him, which is how 
you know he gets the scroll.

You then get a lyre. Give this to the Hermes statue, against the 
left-hand wall, in the middle. Hermes invented the lyre, after 

Hermes gives you a snake. Give this to the Apollo statue, in the 
upper/right corner. He is near the laurel tree.

Apollo gives you a trident. Give this to the Poseidon statue, 
which is on the left hand side, in the bottom/right corner. He's 
on a fountain with dolphins.

Poseidon gives you an axe. Give this to Hephaestus, who is along 
the right hand side, in the middle. He is near a forge.

Hephaestus gives you a scale. Give this to Hippocrates, who is 
in the right hand side, upper half, in the middle. He has fire.

Hippocrates gives you some grapes. Give this to Aesop, who is is 
in the lower/right. He has animals near him.

Aesop gives you a feather. Give this to Athena, who is on the 
left hand side, in the middle/right. She has an owl.

Athena gives you a hound dog. Give this to Artemis, who is on 
the left hand side, on the island in the upper/left. She has a 
deer near her.

Artemis gives you a sextant. Give this to Hipparchus, who is on 
the right hand side, in the upper/left corner. He has lunar 
markings on the base of his statue.

Hipparchus gives you a compass. Give this to Euclid, who is on 
the left hand side, on the bottom, in the middle. He has books 
around his statue.

Okay, that's all twelve statues! Once you're done with a statue, 
sparkles appear around it.

Nancy returns to the complicated lock. In her notebook, she 
wrote down all twelve clues from all twelve statues. Match the 
clues with the pictures, with the twelve coins.

On the left-hand side, the pictures are of:

A triangle, belonging to Pythagoras (his theory is a trinity of 
A star, belonging to Hipparchus (never looked down)
A diamond, belonging to Euclid (his axioms were acute and 
A rabbit, belonging to Aesop (slow and steady wins the race)
A longboat, belonging to Homer (bow sternly on an epic journey)
A caduceus, belonging to Hippocrates (repeats his oath)

On the right-hand side, the pictures are of:

An owl, belonging to Athena (winged and wise)
The sun, belonging to Apollo (opposite to Artemis and Poseidon)
Some fish, belonging to Poseidon (schools' master)
A bow and arrow, belonging to Artemis (hunts only by moonlight)
Fire, belonging to Hephaestus (lights the night with his fire)
A winged sandal, belonging to Hermes (flighted messenger)

The door then opens, and Nancy goes into the bomber's lair. All 
right! We're almost done! Let's just find a definitive piece of 
evidence, which will prove who the bomber is, beyond a doubt!

This piece of evidence is the diary belonging to the bomber.

The light on the right is not turned on right now. There are two 
pieces of cord belonging to the light. Use them on each other to 
put them together. Use the soldering gun (on the same desk as 
the light) on the cords to get the light working again.

You can now look at the post-it notes, but they are blank for 
some reason.

Turn the crank on the fan against the far wall. Nancy sees 
something behind the grate, but she can't reach it. Let's make 
something that will grab this item. Use the wire cutters on 
wire, then use the tape from the other desk on the wire. A 
length of wire with tape on the end should work, right? Use this 
wire on the grate to get the small metallic item.

What IS this item? It belongs to the phonograph. Use it on the 
phonograph, then turn the phonograph crank. This opens up a 
cabinet with a purple light bulb inside.

Use this light bulb on the light on the right. Writing suddenly 
appears on the post-it notes. Look at the notes, then arrange 
them in the proper order.

The proper order reads "Once upon a time, a specialty, luxury 
spa was built in Northern California. Its clients were wealthy 
and beautiful, but they and the spa were rotting from the 

The numbers on the notes are 36353182.

Use the notes on the locked box on the shelf, on the left. This 
gives you the culprit's journal, which is blank. Use the journal 
on the light, to read the writing.

The person who you named as your main suspect in Chapter Twenty-
Two then appears. He or she is the bomber! And worse yet, the 
culprit just activated a massive bomb!

Pick the correct answer in the conversation with the culprit, 
then defuse the final bomb. The game the ends, and you see what 
happens afterwards. Congratulations! You just beat the game!


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