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Why does the game always lag? 1
Where can I find the black lightsaber crystal? 1
Anybody knows what to input on the input screen? 2
  • Total Answered Questions: 3
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Costume Crash? 0
Sound issue? 0
The game crashes at certain potin? 0
I can't uninstall this game and I have no clue what to do at this point? 0
Screen problems? 0
Where is the Hoth level the Tatooine level & the Jedi Temple? 0
Multiplayer online Duelling? 0
Raxus Prime Junkyard: First screen, how do you get all three holocrons? 0
with in seconds of combat the game starts lagging how do I fix this? 0
Load failed. This save game appears to be damaged and cannot be used? 2

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