Question from eljhei

Asked: 5 years ago

Where do i get a plum in gardening opportunities?

Please help me
i can't finish this opportunity because in needed me to deliver a excelent or higher quality of plum in the supermarket but i dont know where to get a plum

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Excellent suggests that you would have to go back home and plant a normal/nice/very nice and grow better quality plums, then come back with the Excellent (or higher) plums in your inventory.

Need to know what city you are in to tell you where the plum trees are, though. Generally, you can find them on other sims' lots and you just harvest them.

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Plum sold in China and i think its the easiest way. Because if you dont have a collection helper it too hard to find those tiny seeds.

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In addition to being sold in china there is a few trees in the top of the map (over the river) that have both plums and pomegranates growing. you will still need to plant it at home for a high enough quality though.

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