Question from win543

Where can I find mummitomium?

Its the one in Egypt where you have collect two of it to bribe some big evil company. I found one but not the other

win543 provided additional details:

I have looked everywhere
The first one was easy to find because it had a massive blue thing on top of it saying here i am

Accepted Answer

Ludovico47 answered:

Mummitomium appears randomly and is exceedingly rare. There's a good chance there isn't even one more piece in the area. Zoom out to world view and see if there's any on the map. If there's not, you just need to give it some time. Go do some shopping or search a different tomb and hope some appears before you get sent home.
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Tempohyeah answered:

mummitonium is spawned randomly in Eygpt, just pause your game and look around, eventually you'll find it, maybe
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justme332 answered:

You have to look in the mountains, i found the second one there!!
its somewhere above the oases of the farao.. you can see a broken wheelbarrow and there is some copper and silver too..
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lalaatje answered:

If you have that butterfly that helps you find gems and stones use that but first get the quest where you need it and then you can see on the map where you can find mummitomium. But mummitomium is really rare you can always look for it in the shop.
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DaFront answered:

its RARE
if u cant find it try again in the next trip thats what i did
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