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How do I get cursed by a mummy?

The quest I'm trying to complete is telling me to get cursed by a mummy but I can't find one as I've completed the tombs already and where there were mummies there aren't any more. Can anyone tell me how to find one and then how to get cursed? Thanks.


RoseLawliet answered:

There is a cheat object available at mod the sims, a cursed dive well, made just for this problem.

I hope that helps
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Soymilk132 answered:

Maybe you can go sleep in the cursed sarcophagus of the kings?
Idn. Maybe that will work w/o patches
If you can't find one: cheat menu: testingcheatsenabled on
Then buydebug on
go 2 ? symbol and buy it for an amazingly ludicrous price of 1$ [really ancient egypt?]
Sleep in it.
Hope it helps.
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