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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find smelted copper?

I have to do an adventure in China and the materials I need right now are 5 smelted coppers. Its for the "Maintenance on the Miniature Tomb" adventure in Shang Simla. I feel like I had smelted copper once, but I don't remember where I got it.

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From: Animal_Hugger_1 5 years ago

no it's smelted copper and you have to go to egypt and buy it raw from the relic merchant! or the easy way (if you have no money or plan to play the egypt tombs) check for adventures in egypt (if it is like your 1st time there and this persons will tell u to explore this tomb and then at the end u will find 7 bars of smelted copper!!! -finaly!!! -i jst did the whole thing myself... it didn't take too long! i actualy did it both ways i ended up w/ like 14 bars, so if you just want to collect the "rare" copper, you can do that! (And if you need money CTRL+SHIFT+C "motherlode" -see cheats for sims 3! HOPE I HELPED!!!

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Well if i can remember, I'm pretty sure you could press "M" to open up the map of China and just scroll around and you would find a picture of a rock pointing to a spot and you should right click on the rock and it should directly bring you to the copper. Hope i helped and don't be shy to respond if you still need help.

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