Question from darkaura171996

Where can I find (the best weapon armor necklace boots and gloves possible)?

I only know of legendary the vanguard, legendary mage's bane, legendary terrifying visage, legendary enduring victory, legendary ironband,and branston'sbnawtee ring of bling.What else is there?


Ace1299 answered:

The best weapon is legendary elphame sword if you want to duel wield second weapon shoul be legendary cyber sword.The best armor is legendary elphame armor.
There is no best necklace. But the boots are legendary elphame boots
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voldemortDE answered:

Legendary ancestral footsteps - boots 404,
Gloves: Legendary The Raker
Axe: Legendary Curse of Mourning
Legendary Barrow Bite (Sword 68-256 Fast)
Legendary Cunning Lance Of Mim (Spear 68-304 Normal)
Legendary Deathbite (Bow 112-260 Fast)
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