• Console Codes

    Press Ctrl+Shift+~ This will bring up the Cheat Console, which will appear as a question mark on the lower left third of the screen. Once it's open, just start typing some of the codes below, and you'll see the text appear next to the question mark. Once you've entered the desired cheat (only one at a time), just hit enter to execute the command.

    Adds 1000 fame points to your characterFame
    Adds 500,000 GoldGold
    Adds 5000 experience points to your characterExperience
    allows the game to display red blood (normally, you see star particles instead)Blood
    Ascends a "#" of levels (remove quotes and replace # with the number of levels to ascend)Ascend "#"
    Completely reveals the current dungeon level.Discoverall
    Creates a fountain that will replenish both your health and your manaFountain of Wellness
    Creates a fountain that will replenish your healthFountain of Health
    Creates a fountain that will replenish your manaFountain of Mana
    Creates a fountain that will replenish your staminaFountain of Stamina
    Creates a Shrine that will randomly give either positive or negative effects to a character's statsShrine of Learning
    Creates a statue that, when activated, will either give a unique monster, or 2 random gemsFate Statue
    Creates a text description of the current map to a maze.txt file, which can be found in the game's installation folder.Dumpmap
    Creates an Anvil that will randomly imbue either a positive or negative magical effect on an itemMagic Anvil
    Descends a "#" of levels (remove quotes and replace # with the number of levels to descend)Descend "#"
    Gives you one experience level; after typing the cheat, press 0 and any number you like to level up by that much.Levelup"0#"
    Infinite Healthgod
    Input the number of levels you want to raise, and you will go up that many levels...Don't make the number too high or you could crash the gameLevelup "#"
    Replaces red blood with star particles (this is the default)Noblood
    Restores all of your healthHeal
    Summons a large chest with nothing in itLarge Chest
    Summons the given creature.[Creature Name]
    Summons the given item name.[Item Name]


  • Steam Achievements

    All for one, one for allAll of them must reach their FATE. Races of the kingdom await.
    Creature WhispererA lot of allies you can find, summoning them with the spells you have.
    Death ConquerorDon´t think that your soul is lost, three choices to resurrect you got.
    Different PathsTo find the end of the road, all of the races should come out.
    ElphamousTo be the greatest warrior of all, the Elphame Equipment you must recall.
    Glorious and DivineDivine gems you must collect; all of them, you won´t regret.
    Iron HandNo less… no more… beating your Nemesis will be hardcore.
    Slay them allTons of enemies, hidden in the dark. Slay as many, as you can.
    The One and OnlyThere are many unique gems they say; find them all, it would be great.
    Thrill SkillNot one, but all of the skills. That will make you the King of the hill.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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