Commandos 2: Men of Courage Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Enter the following code as your characters name "GONZOANDJON" to unlock the cheat mode

    Display Frame RateCTRL + [minus]
    InvisibilityCTRL + V
    Kill anything with 1 hitCTRL + SHIFT + X
    Level SkipCTRL + SHIFT + N
    TeleportSHIFT + X
    Win LevelCTRL + SHIFT + N

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt and ElFreakoKid.


  • Level Codes

    Enter GONZOANDJOHN while playing to enable cheat mode.

    Bridge over the River Kwai (Hard)NMWQ9
    Bridge over the River Kwai (Normal)3GHSL
    Bridge over the River Kwai (Very Hard)KJWJK
    Castle Colditz (Hard)SRCM8
    Castle Colditz (Normal)VAZ2P
    Castle Colditz (Very Hard)TRD78
    Das. Boot Silent Killers (Hard)JE5SH
    Das. Boot Silent Killers (Normal)WKUC4
    Das. Boot Silent Killers (Very Hard)SKDJF
    Is Paris Burning? (Hard)PAEN8
    Is Paris Burning? (Normal)9TT5W
    Is Paris Burning? (Very Hard)1LPQD
    Night of the Wolves (Hard)PLKUM
    Night of the Wolves (Normal)XHGDR
    Night of the Wolves (Very Hard)PVTSL
    Saving Private Smith (Hard)LPQ6T
    Saving Private Smith (Normal)UN63A
    Saving Private Smith (Very Hard)TRIB4
    Target Burma (Hard)K9D3H
    Target Burma (Normal)B7D8F
    Target Burma (Very Hard)9BG3S
    The Giant in Haiphong (Hard)WL3CZ
    The Giant in Haiphong (Normal)JAHSG
    The Giant in Haiphong (Very Hard)ZX78Y
    The Guns of Savo Island (Hard)16G3L
    The Guns of Savo Island (Normal)AZLM1
    The Guns of Savo Island (Very Hard)E2J7H
    White Death (Hard)DFY3B
    White Death (Normal)YSM51
    White Death (Very Hard)3DYNG

    Contributed By: Tom Kazansky.

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Cheats


  • Enter your name as SOYINCAPAZ

    During the game hold CTRL and type SOYINCAPAZ then enter one of the cheats below

    Destroy all enemy soldiersCTRL + SHIFT + X
    God modeCTRL + I
    InvisibilityCTRL + V
    Shov frame rateCTRL + (-)
    Teleport to the position of the mouse pointerSHIFT + X
    Win missionCTRL +SHIFT +N

    Contributed By: xRixGamerx.

Commandos Strike Force Cheats


  • Mission Select

    When selecting a profile name, enter the following to unlock all missions.

    Unlock all missionsTRUCO

    Contributed By: Mikeaspike.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Cheats


  • Cheats

    Type 1982gonzo, then press:

    Destroy everything[Ctrl] + [Shift] + X
    Invincibility[Ctrl] + I
    Mission skip[Ctrl] + [Shift] + N
    Move the player to current cursor's positionShift + X
    Trace user[Shift] + V
    Unlimited ammunition, except for bombs[Alt] + Y

    Contributed By: CGorman, IcEbOy16, and WhatsUp164.


  • Level Passwords

    Enter the password for the appropriate language setting:

    02 (English)4JJXB
    02 (French)YS2B7
    02 (German)4JJXB
    03 (English)ZDD1T
    03 (French)4MD1T
    03 (German)ZDD1T
    04 (English)RFF1J
    04 (French)4GF1J
    04 (German)RFF1J
    05 (English)K4TCG
    05 (French)24TCG
    05 (German)K4TCG
    06 (English)DT1WN
    06 (French)QT1WN
    06 (German)MIR4M
    07 (English)IH3W1
    07 (French)1QVJV
    07 (German)7QVJV
    08 (English)52WJ7
    08 (French)P99XC
    08 (German)K99XC
    09 (English)924BF
    09 (French)J1PBF
    09 (German)AAAX1
    10 (English)PSGPW
    10 (French)NU6PD
    10 (German)JSGPW
    11 (English)JF0P3
    11 (French)ND0PW
    11 (German)CMODD
    12 (English)4MB4D
    12 (French)NMB4M
    12 (German)JGHD3
    13 (English)BJK4Y
    13 (French)JBK4V
    13 (German)PUUWW
    14 (English)TI8D1
    14 (French)EL34V
    14 (German)WT348
    15 (English)XQWDC
    15 (French)69WDN
    15 (German)139P0
    16 (French)EQIPY
    16 (German)L9IPV
    17 (French)R40JF
    17 (German)5LIMV
    18 (French)9DGJ7
    18 (German)YJOJG
    19 (French)7FV48
    19 (German)YFCWJ
    20 (French)Q8U4V
    20 (German)GDKWT

    Contributed By: CGorman and Hammerite Heretic.

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty Cheats


  • Codes

    During Gameplay type gonzoopera then enter the following code:

    Debug InfoCtrl + F9
    Destroy EverythingCtrl + Shift + X
    Edit MissionShift + E
    InvincibilityCtrl + L
    InvisibilityCtrl + I
    Picte InterfaceAlt + I
    Pointer on Selected CommandosShift + X
    Skip Current MissionCtrl + Shift + N
    Terrain InfoF9
    User TracesShift + V
    View Video Mode 1Shift + F1
    View Video Mode 2Shift + F2
    View Video Mode 3Shift + F3
    View Video Mode 4Shift + F4
    Write Info in "memlin.dat"Alt + Shift + L

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Mission Passwords

    01 - The Ashphalt JungleH239Z
    02 - Dropped Out of The SkyIR291
    03 - Thor's HammerNGAY7
    04 - Guess Who's Coming Tonight6S5TL
    05 - Eagles NestVND2R
    06 - The Great EscapeBUK2L
    07 - Dangerous FriendshipsLL42X

    Contributed By: falsehead.

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