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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I unlock Drow & Warforged Races?

I was told that there was a way to unlock these specific races on a server by server basis without using points from the shop.
I'd like to know the general areas where the quests are located and a general idea of what level I should be to unlock them.

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From: madmax444 5 years ago

To get a drow you can:
1. Get 400 overall favor on a single character. Doing it this way only unlocks on that server
2. Buy from the DDO store. This will unlock it on every server.

To get Warforged:
1. Become a VIP player. It's $15 a month. If you go back to F2P, you will not be able to play them unless you do option 2.
2. Buy from DDO store. Once again this will unlock it on all servers.

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The only way I know of to unlock those is to get the points and buy them.

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If you gain 400 favour, you unlock the drow race, afterwards you probably will have the opportunity to unlock warforged with more favour gained.

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Drow are unlocked when you get 400 favor, warforged must be bought.

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