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What Wizard Spells don't appear on Scrolls?

What wizard spells don't appear on scrolls? Or, if they all appear on scrolls, what wizard spells don't appear on scrolls you can buy from a Vendor?


heavyarmoire answered:

I believe that all Wizard spells (arcane spells) appear on scrolls. I don't know what scrolls vendors sell, but I'd have to say they only sell a small portion.
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xanaq answered:

This web page answers this question...
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xanaq answered:

That site is down now. Did anyone save that information?
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Kellan42 answered: the wiki is back up and is listed.
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xanaq answered:

Arcane scrolls not available from vendors:

Level 1; Acid Spray, Master's Touch, Merfolk's Blessing.

Level 2; Electric Loop, Snowball Swarm.

Level 3; Acid Blast, Chain Missiles, Frost Lance.

Level 4; Solid Fog, Dimension Door, Symbol of Flame, Wall of Fire.

Level 5; Cloudkill, Protection from Elements, Repair Light Wounds Mass, Symbol of Pain.

Level 6; Acid Fog, Create Undead, Repair Moderate Wounds Mass, Symbol of Fear, Symbol of Persuasion.

Level 7; Delayed Blast Fireball, Otto's Sphere of Dancing, Prismatic Spray, Protection from Elements Mass, Repair Serious Wounds Mass, Symbol of Weakness.

Level 8; All of them.

Level 9; All of them.
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