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I am looking for item creation recepies?

In the game i found an interesting magic device that says it can allow me to make magical equipment does any one have any recepies for required materials and what you get out of this process. please let me know?

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heavyarmoire answered:

Some useful ones you should remember involve Khyber and Siberys Dragonshards.
Siberys Dragonshards x 100 = 1 Flawed Eberron Dragonshard (a low-level character feat exchange token)
10 Flawed Eberron Dragonshard = 1 Imperfect Eberron Dragonshard (a higher level token)

An item that isn't bound to your character can be bound by adding Khyber Dragonshards and goes roughly as follows
Item + Khyber Dragonshards (amount needed is: minimum level of the item squared, so 2, 4, 9, 16, 25... etc)

Binding keeps the item from taking permanent damage (from being worn and repaired), but the real gem of it is that you can now use it to add even more abilities to it.
These recepies are out there on the internet, but are fairly complicated.
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madmax444 answered:

If what your talking about is called the Stone of change the guide is here:

If it's one of the other ones find it on this page near the bottom:
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