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What do I gain if I become a V.I.P. that F2P doesn't offer?

My only guess is that I can go higher than lvl.20 with my characters, is this true? Also, I understand that


jasam01 answered:

Level cap remains the same.
Monk Class
Warforged Race.
All Adventure Packs.
10 chracter slots.
Can create a guild without a guild charter(AKA for free)
Free shared bank access

After your subscription runs out, you will be premium free to play, and no-longer have access to monk, warforged, most adventure packs and shared bank. You will need to re-continue the subscription, or buy monk/warfordged to continue playing as one, buy adventure packs to play most of them, and shared bank becomes withdrawal only.

It is possable however to use Free to Play to earn Turbine Points via in game favour, which you could use to buy things. If you do this on enough charcters, you can in theory get everything for free.
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